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    Classification: ProgramWSHShell objectProgID Wscript.Shell File name: wshom.ocxCLSID F935DC22-1CF0-11d0-ADB9-00C04FD58A0B IID F935DC21-1CF0-11d0-ADB9-00C04FD58A0B The following table describes the properties related to the WSHShell object. Attribute descriptionEnvironment returns the wshenvironment collection object.Specialfolders uses the wshspecialfolders object to provide access to Windows shell folders, such as desktop folders, start menu folders, and personal documents folders. The following table describes the […]

  • How to share the experience of running and exec of wscript.shell object in VBScript


    Set exeRs = objws.Exec(“pscp -r -scp -pw ” & password & ” ” & loginid & “@” & host & “:” & data_path & fileName & ” ” & windows_path)But intestOfTimeWait, be torturedshellfishFile ratio ofrelativelyBig, copyLong shellfish timeOfTimeJust waitpresentcmdThe window is dead nomoveYes, directlycmdRun in windowpscpTortureshellfishThe same file will workjunctionBundle. I can’t find what it […]

  • Using wscript.shell object to hide the code of CMD command line running box


    1. Wscript.shell (Windows Script Host Runtime Library) is an object. The corresponding file is C: \ windows \ system32 \ wshome.ocx. Wscript.shell is a component used by the server system. Shell means “shell”. This object can perform common operations of the operating system shell, such as running programs, reading and writing registry, environment variables, etc. […]

  • WScript.Shell Object SpecialFolders Attribute Unpublished Document Sharing


    The special folder name is used to index the collection to retrieve the required special folders. The following special folders are listed in the document: AllUsersDesktop AllUsersStartMenu AllUsersPrograms AllUsersStartup Desktop Favorites Fonts MyDocuments NetHood PrintHood Programs Recent SendTo StartMenu Startup Templates However, when debugging VBS with Olly Dbg today, it was found that there was […]