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  • Online matrix text effect generation tool


    Online matrix text effect generation tool Online matrix text effect generation tool Provide a batch of paragraph text separated by carriage return. The tool will randomly extract some paragraph text to show the text waterfall effect of the matrix. The paragraph length can be adjusted according to the actual situation. https://tooltt.com/txt-matrix/

  • Weekly canvas animation – Preface


    The weekly point canvas animation is a series of articles. This article does not introduce the canvas API too much. By default, you already know the basic canvas drawing API, and here I tell you how to use simple mathematical and physical knowledge to create cool animation. When it comes to physics and mathematics, do […]

  • Arrows for inputting text up and down in latex


    Right arrow In latex, you can enter the right arrow of the upper and lower text with\Xrightarrow [upper formula] {lower formula}Write it out, as shown in the figure below: x\xrightarrow[a]{b}y left arrow In latex, you can enter the right arrow of the upper and lower text with\Xleftarrow [formula above] {formula below}Write it out, as shown […]

  • Explore the implementation of CSS with single line text centered and multi line text left


    Original linkhttps://github.com/XboxYan/notes/issues/13 long ago Just entering the front-end meeting, the product manager put forward such a demand Can this text be judged in this way? When the text is less than one line, let it be displayed in the middle. When the text exceeds one line, let it be left. Otherwise, it is strange to […]

  • Cartoon translation and inlay AI, papers of the University of Tokyo were included by AAAI’21


    Content summary: a research on the automatic translation of cartoon characters has aroused heated discussion. The mantra team composed of two doctors from the University of Tokyo has released a paper, which has been included by AAAI 2021. The mantra project aims to provide automatic machine translation tools for Japanese comics. Original: hyperai hypernerve Key […]

  • Canvas animation of weekly points – text particles


    Code file At present, 12 articles of canvas animation series have been updated every Monday. Today I will send you a welfare. We use canvas to make a small effect. I saw this small effect from codepen. I modified and enhanced it and added some new functions. The UI interface is as shown in the […]

  • IOS development – Implementation of infinite rolling carousel map


    1、 Add control (1) , add Xib control Use constraints to control the position and height of the bottom text. (2) . add required dataHere, we save the pictures and text in plist (3) Create the model of the control // IWNews.h #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> @interface IWNews : NSObject @property (copy, nonatomic) NSString *title; @property (copy, […]

  • Simulated matrix effect 2 (canvas experiment)


    I saw the effect of a CSS and JS application and practiced it. The demonstration is as follows:This time I played with canvas, and I felt pretty good,GitHub portal:https://github.com/EchoLsx/hackerDemo address:http://codepen.io/echo_lsx/pen/ZOaOyZ <canvas id=”c”></canvas> <!– Open source CDN is recommended to select external JS to be referenced // – > <script></script> /*Javascript code snippet*/ var c = […]

  • Richtext of flutter widgets


    Note: without special instructions, the version of flutter and dart are as follows: Flutter version: 1.12.13 + hotfix. 5 Dart version: 2.7.0 Basic usage Applications cannot do without the display of text, so text typesetting is very important, usuallyTextComponent can fulfill most of the requirements. It can display different sizes of text, fonts, colors, etc. […]

  • Canvas particle text


    I saw it by accidentI’m still hereOfA little canvas every dayThe “particle text” section feels very good. I have studied it, because the original author has added several attributes to interact with the user, which can dynamically change the style of particle text animation, and the code is also relatively complete and scattered. For learners, […]

  • My blog building record – test article


    My blog theme – Cnblogs-Theme-SimpleMemory Test title 121212 var a = 1; document.write(123); The configuration involved in the current page of this topic includes: Blog skin Page custom CSS code Disable template default CSS Blog sidebar announcement HTML code for page footers option Options page: Test text public static function sign($dataStr, $privateKey) { $dataStr = […]

  • CSS graphic style (how to inherit line height)


    CSS Style body{ font-size:20px; line-height:30px; } p{ background:#ccc; font-size:16px; } html <body> <p>This is a passage</p> </body> Note:~~~~ If the line height in the body element is 30px; Then P element line height: 30px; If the line height in the body element is 1.5; Then P element line height: 24px( Font size of P element […]