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  • Unity-TextMeshPro


    Vector text will not become unclear due to zooming in and out; 1.TextAsset Window/TextMeshPro/Font Assets Creator Create textasset font; Sourcefont is Font in TTF format (there is a font in fontsettings format in unity that cannot be converted) Size picture word size, padding interval Packingmethod packaging format, the fastest and best, with clear impact; Atlas […]

  • Master the difference between BR and P tags through examples


    Use of newline marker < br >Line feed tag < br > is a tag with no end. As long as the < br > tag is used anywhere in the HTML file, when the file is displayed in the browser, the text after the location will be displayed on the next line, and the […]

  • The front-end development uses third-party fonts and is compressed with fontmin


    Use third party font files 1. First put the third-party font file into the project. 2. Create a font Less file, which specifies the font name and the third-party font file path through @ font face. // font.less @font-face { font-family: ‘AlibabaPuHuiTiB’; // Rename body name src: url(‘../fonts/Alibaba-PuHuiTi-Bold.ttf’); // Import font font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; […]

  • HTML web page picture tag


    Insert picture marker < img >The colorful web pages we see today are all due to the role of images. When you think about the past, all the web pages in the network are plain text, which is very boring. You know the importance of images in web design. Images can be inserted into HTML […]

  • Skillfully using blur to realize visual 3D effect


    This paper will introduce the skills of skillfully using blur to realize visual 3D effect. We all know that in normal visual effects, the closer we are, the clearer we usually see, while the farther away we are, the less clear we are~ We can useclearAndvagueTwo states are used to construct parallax effect. Like this: […]

  • HTML form markup tutorial (5): text field markup


    This tag is used to make a multi line text field in which you can enter more text. Basic grammar Grammatical interpretationThe meanings of these attributes are shown in the following table Attribute value of text field tag describe name Insert a text field into the page.01 <!– —————————— –>02 <!– Example of document: 11-17 […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 31 – # text block


    Text block Recall the last lesson Turn the page last time Last time, fix the screen position and move the cursor H – HeadMove to the top of the screen M – MiddleMove to the middle of the screen L – LowMove to the bottom of the screen Then fix the cursor and move the […]

  • Summary of Li Weiwei’s solutions


    “Force buckle” classification and problem solution catalogue (arranged according to the chapters of leetbook, and the chapters not included in leetbook after chapter 16) explain: the topic classification corresponds to my leetbook chapter. Chapter 1 time complexity This part introduces the concept of time complexity, which you can watch[explanation Video], completely free. There is no […]

  • [Yi Ben Tong 1683] barnyard field ah Qiu


    Title Description In fantasy Township, barnyard Tian Yi Nu is the family responsible for writing the origin of fantasy township. Due to the need to pass on the memory of fantasy Township from generation to generation, barnyard Tianyi adopted some special recording methods. For the same repeated text, tarda Yinv will replace it with a […]

  • Jetpack compose learning (2) — use of text


    Original text:Jetpack compose learning (2) — use of text | grocery nest of stars one For development, text is the most basic component. Let’s start with these two uses This article deals with the use of kotlin and DSL featuresIf you don’t understand it, it may make it difficult to read the codeMake sure you […]

  • How to use java to add text watermark to pictures?


    package com.fh.util;import java.awt.Color;import java.awt.Font;import java.awt.Graphics;import java.awt.Image;import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;import java.io.File;import javax.imageio.ImageIO;//import java.io.FileOutputStream;//import com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGCodec;//import com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGImageEncoder;/** explain:gameImage watermark processing class Author: FH admin from:www fhadmin org */ public class Watermark { private static String strFWATERM,strIWATERM; static{ strFWATERM = Tools. readTxtFile(Const.FWATERM); // Read text watermark configuration strIWATERM = Tools. readTxtFile(Const.IWATERM); // Read image watermark configuration } /** *Refresh */ public […]

  • Hongmeng learning toastdialog


    Toast dialog: provide toast dialog at the top of the window to inform simple feedback of the operation. The toast dialog box is not clickable and will automatically disappear. The essence is a dialog box (basedialog), which will disappear automatically after a few seconds. There is no difference between using the method and using the […]