• Es5 common array methods


    The following array methods are sorted join() Push() and pop() Shift() and unshift() sort() reverse() concat() slice() splice() Indexof() and lastindexof() (new in Es5) Foreach () (new in Es5) Map () (new in Es5) Filter () (newly added in Es5) Every () (Es5 added) Some() (new in Es5) 1|0 join() Join is to convert an […]

  • The main functions of Apache rewrite are as follows:


    1. Main functions of Apache rewrite Is to realize the URL jump and hide the real address, which is based on the regular expression specification of Perl language. Usually help us achieve quasi static, quasi directory, domain name jump, prevent chain theft, etc 2. Configuration of Apache rewrite There are two main rewriting configurations under […]

  • Django test file


    Django test file problem: In the process of developing projects with Django, developers will inevitably test their own code during development. How to test a py file in Django alone and how to write a test script? answer: Django automatically creates test.py under the application when creating a project. This py file can be used […]

  • The problem of httprunner running error: base URL missed


    Running error report in httprunner Code writing:     When this segment of YML file is running, an error will appear     When this error occurs, base_ URL format error, just modify the base_ The location of the URL   Run the YML file after modifying the location     Run successfully  

  • Basic use of mybatis


    Welcome to the community markdown editor! Mybatis is a semi ORM persistence layer framework. Its advantage is that it can write native SQL statements in mapper. The effect is obvious. Developers can easily control the execution of SQL. They can write logical SQL through dynamic SQL tags. The writing of SQL is flexible and the […]

  • Introduction and application of swagger


    1. What is swagger Swagger is a normative and complete framework for generating, describing, invoking and visualizing restful style web services. The overall goal is to make the client and file system update at the same speed as the server. File methods, parameters and models are tightly integrated into the server-side code, allowing the API […]

  • Why do university teachers like to write constants to the left of = = operator


    Of course, writing constants on the left or right of = = operator has no effect on the operation itself. They are only two different writing styles. So I can guarantee that many people will not really change their inherent style just because they see some posts declaring that they should put constants on the […]

  • Vscode_ plug-in unit


    Autor: Palapple Date: 2020-03-06 Tag: Vscode,Git,JavaScript Vscade recommended plug-in Write front-end code with vscode, including common HTML5, CSS3, Vue and react. One reason for liking vscode is that it has good plug-in support for different frameworks, including syntax highlighting, automatic completion, automatic package introduction, syntax detection, etc. at the same time, it is deeply integrated […]

  • On the writing standard and order of CSS


    The specification and order of CSS writing is a hurdle that most front-end ers must overcome. If they do not write CSS code according to good CSS writing standards, it will affect the reading experience of the code. This paper summarizes a CSS writing specification and CSS writing order for your reference. These are summed […]

  • Markdown syntax and experience in GitHub pages


    The markdown interpreter of this version of Jekyll is kramdown-1.9, which may be a little different from other markdown interpreters grammar 1. Title Writing method:##、###+Space + content ##Headline ###Subtitle ####Supersubtitle Super title // equals sign below text === Title // same as super title — effect: PS: the space on the left side of the […]

  • Size the markdown image!


    For markdown articles, the processing of images is very simple. But when it’s converted to HTML,<img />Size without picture. So what’s the problem? When the browser does not load the image data, the browser does not know its sizeSo, the default size is 0 unless you passstyleSize setLater, when the image is loaded and the […]

  • Common markdown editor


    Common markdown editor Typesetting of text is always an important and difficult problem to solve. Markdown can make text entry and typesetting more comfortable. It only needs a very simple syntax to solve the common typesetting problem. At present, all major mainstream blog network wars and some frameworks (such as WordPress) for building personal blogs […]