• Summary of textarea line breaking in HTML


    Recently, there is a question about whether the data can be stored by row in the textrea, which is summarized as follows: Problem Description:For example, to get data into a textarea, such as “AAA BBB”, you want to store the text in textarea by lines, rather than displaying it to be stored by lines (the […]

  • Handling line breaks and spaces in textarea


    When we use textarea to edit text in the foreground and submit it to the background in JS, space and line feed are the most important issues we need to consider. In textarea, spaces and newlines are saved as/sand/n, if the text input and displayed in the foreground are both in textarea, there is no […]

  • Solve blank line breaking in front end of golang in Web Development


    Question: When using golang for web development, sometimes the rendered template will appear some strange blank line wrapping when it is displayed in the foreground. The specific feature is to check the blank part of CSS style sheet that has no relevant definition. analysis: Check the source code of the page in question, copy the […]