• C# WPF uses D3D to render yuv video data


    WPF video rendering series Chapter 1 rendering video with hwndhost Chapter 2 video rendering using D3D (this chapter) Chapter 3 rendering dxva2 data with D3D Chapter 4 rendering video using writeablebitmap The fifth chapter uses ffmpeg (ffplay) to realize the player Article catalogue WPF video rendering series preface 1、 How? 1. Inherit d3dimage D39. Association […]

  • C # picture operation (picture reading, saving, conversion and transmission)


     Differences between JPG PNG GIF BMP picture formats: type advantage shortcoming Application scenario Same picture size comparison BMP lossless compression, the image quality is the best The file is too large fornetwork transmission 152K GIF Animation storage format 256 colors at most, poor image quality 53K PNG Can save pictures with transparent background Medium picture […]

  • C# WinForm recommends the waveform chart control scottplot


    Hello, I’m Xiao Wang. Since I recommended the scottplot control, many friends have left messages. I hope I have any recommended controls. Sunnyui, an open source free interface library that can be used in c# WinForm development program, is recommended to you today. I believe that many young partners who have just come into contact […]

  • Use c# to rub an earth


    previously on WPF 3D preliminary Use the keyboard to control the camera angle of view Control the camera angle with the mouse Make a 3D gallery for your second dimensional wives Source address:Use c# to rub an earth There seems to be no difficulty in mapping the image of a square to a square, so […]

  • Microsoft gave up WPF? Custom control libraries are promising


    Since Microsoft adopted WPF as a Net framework, the platform has become more and more popular among Windows developers. To my surprise, by 2015 Net 4.6, WPF has never been upgraded again. Recently, I have been looking for the main version of WPF and its progress so far. To my surprise, there are no resources […]

  • WinForm (I) introduction to WinForm and use of basic controls


    I Getting started with WinForm WinForm is the abbreviation of windows form, which is based on Net framework platform client (PC software) development technology, generally usedC#Programming. In vs2019, c# WinForm programming needs to create a “Windows Forms application” project. Windows Forms application is an important application of c# language and the most common application of […]

  • The whole process record of custom WPF paging control


    1、 Function description of paging control# To implement the paging control shown in the above figure, you need to implement the following functions: You can set the maximum number of columns that can be displayed per page (for example, 8 columns per page, 16 columns per page, and so on). When the total number of […]

  • Solution to the problem of slow startup of WPF application


    catalogue Scheme 1: change the startup item Scheme 2: disable CAS publisher policy of checking application Scheme 1: change the startup item The startup item of the problem app is the default setting. Check app g. CS file, you can see the automatically generated main entry function, as follows: [System.STAThreadAttribute()] [System.Diagnostics.DebuggerNonUserCodeAttribute()] [System.CodeDom.Compiler.GeneratedCodeAttribute(“PresentationBuildTasks”, “”)] public static […]

  • WPF implements the slide control to change the variable value after dragging


    The problem of changing the variable value after dragging the slide control in WPF was very simple at first, and many solutions have been seen on the Internet. First, the simplest and most direct solution is to customize a dependency property called finalvalue. The onthumbdragcompleted function is then overloaded to override finalvalue when the thumb […]

  • WPF passwordbox data binding method


    catalogue Problem description terms of settlement This article introduces the method of data binding with passwordbox. Refer to the link in this article. See GitHub for a complete sample program of this article. Problem description The password property of passwordbox is not a dependent property, so it cannot be data bound. terms of settlement There […]

  • WPF collection control implementation separator (itemscontrol separator)


    In the WPF collection control, it is often necessary to insert a separator style between each collection item, but the itemscontrol of WPF has no direct implementation of related functions, so we can only consider saving the country by curve. After research, we probably think of the following two implementation methods. Write firstItemsControlThe data template […]

  • Solution of overlaying controls on camera video in WPF


    Speaking of WPF, there must be many friends who don’t know what WPF is like Xiaobian. Today Xiaobian will simply popularize the basic concepts to everyone. WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is a Windows based user interface framework launched by Microsoft, which is part of. Net framework 3.0. It provides a unified programming model, language and […]