• A digital factory should be built to reduce the order cycle by one third


    Introduction:Based on the open ability of low code platform, fidelity launched a set of digital factory. This digital factory helps them shorten the production cycle from 60 days to 40 days, directly improves the delivery capacity and performance ability of fidelity to international customers, and enhances the competitive strength of the enterprise. Zhejiang fudeli Wood […]

  • How to create a server


    catalogue Meet swoole for the first time Create server (Part 1) Creating a server (2) Asynchronous task Continuous update… 1. Create TCP server First, create a TCP server according to the document <?php //The create server parameters are //The address means to monitor the local machine, and means to monitor all addresses //You […]

  • Atlas team playbook | OKR


    The more confident you are in the future, the more patient you are in the present. The objectives and key results (okrs) approach encourages teams to go beyond the comfort zone and remove obstacles in the path. All teams can start okrs – not just leading the team! If you are on the red light […]

  • The extremum problem of graph similarity calculation


    The similarity calculation of data sets is widely used. Most of the existing underlying algorithms of artificial intelligence are based on the approximate calculation of probability (possibility), and then take the approximate value of maximum possibility. From root 2 to alphago https://ufqi.com/news/ulongpage.191.html )。 A visual proof that neural nets can compute any function ( http://neuralnetworksanddeeplearning.com/chap4.html […]

  • Talk about workshop, MVC, MVVM and FLUX (1)


    Chapter 1: This will be a series of articles, updated according to mood. Starting from the workshop, it will outline a series of problems encountered in front-end development and design patterns derived from solving similar problems, and see how these patterns solve the problems we encounter, as well as the corresponding advantages and disadvantages. Workshop […]