• Pre-research on mock platform of front-end and back-end separated development mode


    Original address Introduce Mock (simulation): is an object/interface that is external to the project or not easily accessible in project testing.Simulate with a virtual object/interfaceFor testing. background Front and back end separation Front and back ends are programmed only through asynchronous interfaces (AJAX/JSONP) Each front and back end has its own development process, build tools, […]

  • Detailed workflow of Git tutorial


    Git workflow In this chapter, we will introduce Git’s workflow. The general workflow is as follows: 1. Clone Git resources as working directories. 2. Add or modify files on cloned resources. 3. If someone else changes it, you can update the resources. 4. Check the changes before submitting. 5. Submit amendments. 6. After the modification […]

  • Three modes of Apache work: Prefork, Worker, Event


    Apache’s three working modes (Prefork, Worker, Event) Web server Apache currently has three stable MPM (Multi-Processing Module) modes. They are prefork, worker and event, which also represent the evolution and development of Apache. The original text of this article is transferred from Mipu Blog: Apache’s three modes of work: Prefork, Worker, Event How do we […]

  • Code Out of Control and State Machine (Part I)


    Preface During a dinner with a classmate the other day, he talked about how painful it was to modify the code he wrote in an old project. He asked me if I felt the same way. I think this should be the voice of many programmed apes. There are roughly two main reasons for this. […]

  • How to Optimize Jupyter-based Analysis/Mining Test Projects


    For a programmer who has a foundation in software engineering projects, the most criticized problem of our “suspicious” DataScientist group is that the quality of due code is so worrying that it can cause people to collapse. In this article, I will introduce myself to you.python/Jupyter NotebookHow to optimize the code to make it more […]