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  • [TcaplusDB Knowledge Base] Introduction to TcaplusDB Backup and Rollback Mechanism


    [TcaplusDB Knowledge Base] Introduction to TcaplusDB Backup and Rollback Mechanism With the rapid development of e-commerce and online office, enterprises are more and more dependent on information systems, and the database plays an important role as the core of the information system. For databases, due to the huge amount of data and its importance, the […]

  • The solution to the crash of Rongyun's chat page in iOS14


    After upgrading Xcode12, the simulators are all iOS14, run your own project, and crash when you reach the chat page. The specific crash information is Thread 1: "-[_UIPageControlIndicatorContentView setImage:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance. From the perspective of the crash, it is guessed that the crash was caused by the lack of a certain method. […]

  • What might be the most popular ticket management software in 2020?


    The work order system is mainly divided into two categories: one is the system that communicates the work tasks of the internal departments of the enterprise; the other is a system specially used for after-sales installation and maintenance, which is a software that sends work orders to field personnel for door-to-door maintenance. Work order management […]

  • Webpack+serverless to solve node_ Modules is too big


    background To make a mobile browser plug-in, double-click to collect beautiful pictures. Serverless is used as the backend and leancloud as the database. When deploying serverless, it is found that the node is uploaded by default_ Modules, that’s too exaggerated. I can only install a few dependencies, and it will be 70m. This is no […]

  • Building the basic static page of Vue chat room


    design sketch HTML: <template>     <view>         <view>             <scroll-view scroll-y=”true”>                 <div> <!– Message notification — >                     <div>                         <div>2021-12-28 16:50:00</div> < div > XXX processed this work order < / div >                     </div> <!– Left — >                     <!– <div></div> –> <!– Right — >                     <!– <div></div> –>               </div>               <div>                 <div>                     <image src=”../../static/logo.png”>                     <div>                         <div>2021-12-28 16:50:00</div> < […]

  • How to quickly build a simple fixed asset management system


    background For the company, fixed assets are equivalent to material cornerstone. Through the management of fixed assets, managers can not only understand the overall situation of the company’s fixed assets and improve the use efficiency of the company’s assets, but also improve the office experience of employees. With the development of the Internet era, managers […]

  • Stop collaborating with the old cloud projex project. It’s time to upgrade


    Stop collaborating with the old cloud projex project. It’s time to upgrade. Cloud effectProjexSupport the old version of enterprises to upgrade to the new version. At present, the migration is mainly carried out by work order. You can submit the upgrade request through the work order system of cloud effect, and we will respond and […]

  • Powerdotnet platform software architecture design and implementation series (02): database management platform


    In order to reuse dB and simplify management, we extract and abstract DB modules that common applications rely on. Although some ORM can simplify DB development, we still need to improve and optimize. Otherwise, the more applications, the more chaotic the later management, operation and maintenance. According to common development needs, database connection string and […]

  • Deployment, operation and maintenance of cloud application delivery platform appstack


    Cloud application delivery platform appstackIt is a developer friendly cloud native application delivery platform with application as the core. It provides one-stop capabilities such as application orchestration, environment management, deployment and operation and maintenance, resource management and application release, helps enterprises establish an overall solution for continuous application delivery, accelerates the transformation of Enterprise Cloud […]

  • Terminal logistics system reconfiguration 1.0


    edition V1.0 – September 2017 – Li Wei summary On the current business model of terminal logistics system, the existing technical architecture is reconstructed in order to establish a stable, robust, high load and scalable terminal logistics platform system. The system includes:Real time data interface, ERP, APP data interface, WeChat official account platform, WeChat official […]

  • Release jar to Maven central warehouse


    Account registration First, we need to register the sonatype account and access the addresssonatypeYou can successfully register an account by entering the required content, but there are some special security requirements for the password. You can register correctly. Sonatype work order New work order Click the new button to select an itemopenQuestion type selectionnew projectJust […]

  • Learning path of gin project — simple work order system (1)


    1、 Project background In view of the similar requirements of the work order system being developed, and the refined personal technical requirements. Use go to reconstruct some Django functions, and use Vue custom component functions to enhance the understanding of Vue. 2、 Project structure design Basic functions required for the project: 1. JWT authentication and […]