• How can MAC system change our blog theme through WordPress background


    When we use Mac to log in to blog, WordPress is the blog system we often use. However, we sometimes feel that our blog theme is too monotonous or disliked. How can we change our blog theme? Today, I will teach you how to change our blog theme through WordPress background. Operation steps: 1. Open […]

  • Quick installation of WordPress with urlos


    brief introduction WordPress is a free and open-source blog software and content management system based on PHP and mysql. WordPress has plug-in architecture and template system. As of April 2018, more than 30.6% of the top 10 million websites use WordPress. WordPress is the most popular website content management system. WordPress is the most popular […]

  • How to make WordPress gadgets


    This article gives an example of how to make WordPress gadgets. To share with you for your reference, as follows: WordPress is a software with unparalleled scalability. Its sidebar gadgets are very convenient. But the default tools are not enough, or the styles are not enough. Today I’ll show you how to make a widget, […]

  • A detailed explanation of WordPress’s website in Chinese and English


    There are two ways to build a multi language switching website, one is in the form of sub domain name, the other is in the form of sub directory. The Chinese website and foreign website are independent websites, which is equivalent to two websites. The webmaster needs to set up and maintain these two websites. […]

  • WordPress language switching (for example, Chinese version and English version conversion)


    First, open thewp-config.php, and searchdefine(‘WPLANG’You can quickly navigate to the language settings For example, the simplified Chinese version defaults to: Copy code The code is as follows: define(‘WPLANG’, ‘zh_CN’); If you want to change it to English, just change it to: Copy code The code is as follows: define(‘WPLANG’, ”); It should be noted thatThe […]

  • SQL query statement arrangement of WordPress essential database


    Recently, Mingyue has deployed SSL certificates to both the blog and the main station, and thoroughly joined the ranks of HTTPS sites. During this period, SQL query statements are also used to replace the HTTP prefixes in the inner chain in batches. It’s very necessary to master some SQL statements, which is not found on […]

  • How to install WordPress locally


    Keyword Description: how to install the local WordPress download environment / / version of windows How to install WordPress in the last tutorial? The installation process of WordPress is finished. This time, I should explain the use of WordPress. But before we talk about the use of WordPress, let’s talk about how to install WordPress […]

  • How to install WordPress, WordPress installation process


    Keyword Description: how is the installation process WordPress & nbsp / / directory define file Preparations before WordPress installation. Now let’s start to install WordPress. Configure the WordPress database Last time we talked about that, we need to download and decompress WordPress. Now open and enter the decompressed WordPress folder, open the wp-config-sample.php file with […]

  • How to use WordPress to write your blog


    Keyword Description: how to use blog writing article can WordPress function here The background settings for WordPress were introduced in the previous tutorial. You have a general understanding of this area. It can be said that WordPress management is very convenient. Now let’s start using WordPress to write your blog. WordPress divides articles into two […]

  • How to set the background of WordPress


    Keyword Description: how to set the background? The WordPress option can be used in the website You have visited the site where WordPress is set up, and you will find that the front and back management systems of WordPress are separate. All options are set in the background (console), and then reflected in the foreground […]

  • The choice of WordPress virtual host


    Keyword Description: select the virtual host link server WordPress use function support This time, I will talk about the choice of WordPress virtual host. To install WordPress, you need to have a host. Of course, your host can be your own server, local computer, or virtual host provided by some service providers you purchased. Generally […]

  • Key features of WordPress


    Key words description: the main features of WordPress can be linked to post blog The main features of WordPress. WordPress has many features, such as free distribution, web standard, fast speed, and free; the default settings are very friendly, customizable and strong. It can be said that WordPress is a very excellent personal network publishing […]