• How to modify theme from background database by WordPress


    When we configure theme of WordPress, we will download popular theme from the website to make our blog look cool. There are also times when there is a bug in the theme you downloaded or there is a problem with the download package. After the installation, your web page cannot be accessed. Sorry, you can’t […]

  • WordPress (WP) version 3.5 solution to modify the default upload image path


    It is believed that all friends who have contacted WP system know that the upload path of the old system is pointing to the WP content directory by default. Friends who have done WP blog should be familiar with the background settings. In the previous version, the default path for uploading media files was modified […]

  • WordPress JSON handles related functions (summary)


    JSON processing is a work that often needs to be handled in WordPress development. For this reason, WordPress has defined a bunch of JSON processing functions. The following are the functions of theWordPress tutorialThe column gives you a unified introduction. wp_json_encode Code to JSON and do some integrity checks. wp_json_encode( $data, $options = 0, $depth […]

  • Introduction to WordPress’s simple and fast plug-in


    I have been in touch with WordPress for about two months since December 20, 2012. Because there was no experience in website management and programming ability before, I found a topic to install and use directly after installing WordPress, and didn’t learn much. In the process of using, we try all kinds of codes and […]

  • WordPress move preparation / move / resolution


    When it comes to WordPress moving, I believe that most of the WP players can easily solve the problem, but for the novice, I believe there will be many problems. Let’s share with you the detailed steps and methods of WordPress moving, hoping to help the new webmasters who just contacted WordPress. Data preparation When […]

  • WordPress and Renren article synchronization operation tutorial


    Many friends are using WordPress to write personal blogs, but they want to synchronize their blog posts with other social networking sites, such as renren.com. How can we do that? Here’s a way for you. First “open” and “log in” to your Renren website, find “my blog”. As shown in the figure below: Then in […]

  • XAMPP is used in Windows to install wordpress and configure text tutorials


      A wordpress installation I used XAMPP(Apache+MySql+PHP), wordpress(BLOG program)3.5.1 official Chinese installation version, the following is to say that Windows with XAMPP installation wordpress method. Installing XAMPP is next, next. After the installation is complete, run the Control Panel to start Apache and Mysql, as shown below   Select Admin after Mysql to enter the database management […]

  • How to use the highlighted plug-in of WP syntax WordPress


    First of all, we have a brief understanding of the WP syntax plug-in. WP syntax is a code highlighting plug-in for WordPress. The biggest advantage is that it is easy to use and has good compatibility. How to use WP syntax plug-inFirst, go to WordPress to download the WP syntax plug-in. Click here to download! […]

  • WordPress modifies the SQL statement of an article ID (change ID 148 to 147)


    In April, I updated the article, and the article ID stayed at 146. In May, I was busy with the exam, and I didn’t write any article. As a result, when I wrote the article a few days before June, the ID jumped from 146 to 148 directly. I don’t know why. My WordPress ID […]

  • How to solve the problem of WordPress changing theme


    Today, I had lunch and a rest. I recently started Google Adsense, but the final audit failed. I wonder if the interface is not good. After dinner, I changed several WordPress Themes by the computer. My blog was built by WordPress. Four or five of them did not particularly satisfy me. When I changed to […]

  • WordPress Adding Top Menu


    For example, if you create a theme, you need to add some settings in the background, so it involves the need to add top-level menus in the background: Copy code The code is as follows: function my_add_submenu() { Add_submenu_page (‘tools.php’,’my_backup’,’test’,’management_options’,’backup-page’,’my_magic_function’);} // To display the contents of the menu, fill in the HTML code of the […]

  • Several Common Situation and Corresponding Method of Adding Submenu in WordPress Background


    1. Add a sub-menu to the dashboard: add_submenu_page (‘index.php’,… ); 2. Add a submenu_page (‘edit.php’,… ); 3. Add a submenu_page (‘upload.php’,… ); 4. Add a sub-menu at the link: add_submenu_page (‘link-manager.php’,… ); 5. Add a submenu_page (‘edit. php? Post_type = page’,… ); 6. Add a submenu_page (‘edit-comments.php’,… ); 7. Add a submenu_page (‘edit.php?Post_type=your_post_type’,… ) 8. […]