• The code of saving word document as text file with VBScript


    Q:Hi, scripting guy! I have a series of “word” files. I want to open each of these files and save them as plain text files. Is there a way to do this by using scripts?   — CG  A:Hello, CG. Yes, it’s easy to do that with a script. In fact, with very few exceptions, you […]

  • Redis real combat 10. Realize content search, targeted advertising and job search


    Search with redisP153 By changing the way the program searches data, and using redis to reduce the execution time of most content search operations based on words or keywords.P154 Basic search principlesP154 Inverted indexes is the underlying structure used by most search engines on the Internet, which is similar to the index at the end […]

  • Leetcode 139. Word splitting | Python


    139. Word splitting Title Source: leetcode https://leetcode-cn.com/problems/word-break subject Given a non empty string s and a dictionary worddict containing a list of non empty words, determine whether s can be split into one or more words in the dictionary by spaces. explain: Words in the dictionary can be reused when splitting. You can assume that […]

  • 【leetcode】127. Word Ladder


    Main idea: Give a start word beginword and an end word Endword, and then give a word list wordlist. From beginword to Endword, only one letter can be changed at a time, and the word is wordlist. Solutions: In fact, it is a disguised BFS. It looks for the adjacent words that can be transformed […]

  • Anaconda tensorflow GPU configuration


    Tools and environment Windows10; Anaconda3 64bit addresshttps://www.anaconda.com/download/#windows ; (use the last blog to configure directly) preface Because of the previous configuration of tensorflow C + + API call under Visual Studio platform, Anaconda has been installed and the path has been added C:\yourInstallPlace\anaconda3 C:\yourInstallPlace\anaconda3\Scripts C:\yourInstallPlace\anaconda3\Library\binIn addition, tensorflow (without CPU or GPU, that is, the default […]

  • Keras text classification practice (2)


    Abstract:This article is an introduction to using kreas to process text analysis. It introduces two methods of text processing: hot coding and word embedding. In the previous sectionKeras text classification (Part one), about the basic knowledge of NLP. In this part, you’ll learn to represent words as vectors in different ways. What is word embedding […]

  • F # – unpacking / Deconstructing of functional programming


    original texthttps://fsharpforfunandprofit.com/posts/overview-of-types-in-fsharp/ I think this feature is relatively new. I haven’t seen it before. Let’s look at the code first type Dollar = Dollar of int let earn d:Dollar = d + 10 // Error Although there are only two lines of code, there are many things worth explaining. The first line, there are twoDollarBut […]

  • Linux command line foundation (1)


    Find in order Up key: find the used command forward according to the use order, and advance one command each time. Down key: find the used command backward according to the order of use, and advance one command each time. Although it’s simple, it’s not very convenient to use. It takes a lot of time […]

  • Leetcode 1455. Check whether the word is the prefix of other words in the sentence


    Title Requirements: Thinking: First, the string is divided into a list, and the separator is a space Traverse this array, if the length of the current element is less than the given search term, directly traverse the next one If the length of the current element is equal to or greater than the given search […]

  • After reading this article, tomorrow all in vim.


    On the Internet, VIM is often described as “steep learning curve”, “high entry threshold”, and so on. As a result, many people are reluctant to enter VIM after they have a little knowledge of vim. They are afraid of affecting work efficiency or considering that input is not cost-effective compared with output. It’s true that […]

  • Introduction to regular expressions


    introduction \b \bIt’s a special code defined by regular expressions (well, some people call it metacharacter), which represents the beginning or end of a word, that is, the boundary between words. Although English words are usually separated by spaces, punctuation marks or newlines, it does not match any of these word separator characters. It only […]

  • One hot encoding of text words


    Word > letter > vector Neural network is based on mathematics, so it is more sensitive to numbers. No matter what kind of feature data is, it needs to be fed into the neural network in the form of vector, whether it is picture, text, audio or video. One hot coding is a common coding […]