• Implement a simple compiler


    preface Compilers are used in various situations, fromwebpackreachbabelFor example, to the inside of the framevue, more or less use the compiler, so this time let’s learn about the most basic implementation of the compiler. target Just one this timelisp-likeFunction call mode is converted to JavaScript mode. The function calling methods of the two languages are […]

  • Leetcode: 1160. Spelling words


    thinking Maintain an array with a capacity of 26, traverse the character chars and count each letterThen use this counting table to compare each word in words. If you encounter the corresponding letter, it will be – 1If it encounters 0, it will jump out and the length will not be calculated. If the whole […]

  • Python for NLP natural language processing: using Facebook fasttext Library


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=8572 In this paper, we will studyFastText, it is another extremely useful module for word embedding and text classification. In this article, we will briefly explore the fasttext library. This paper is divided into two parts. In the first part, we will see how the fasttext library creates a vector representation that can be […]

  • Application case of topic detection algorithm in R language community


    Original link:http://tecdat.cn/?p=5658 Original source:Tuo end data tribal official account Create topic network Research publications in Social Sciences, computers and informatics by analyzing texts and co-author social networks. One of the questions I have encountered is: how to measure the relationship (relevance) between themes? I want to create a web visualization that connects similar topics and […]

  • CSS – overflow wrap, word wrap, word break, white space usage summary


    Example Except for special instructions, the following examples are used as the base for the presentation effect of the article <style> div { width: 80px; background: yellowgreen; } </style> <div> nice ojbkkkkkkkk aa </div> effect:You can see that by default, there are two things to pay attention to1. In a line, when the last word […]

  • Text data analysis and visualization of Reuters articles


    By Manmohan SinghCompile VKSource: towards Data Science What would you do when I asked you to interpret text data? What steps will you take to build text visualization? This article will help you get the information you need to build visualization and interpret text data. The insights gained from text data will help us find […]

  • I use js to brush leetcode | day 12 | length of last word


    I use js to brush leetcode | day 12 | length of last word Length of last word: Note: the complexity problem is not considered at this stage Starting address: http://www.brandhuang.com/article/1584966037919 Question: A given contains only uppercase and lowercase letters and spaces  ‘ ‘  String s that returns the length of its last word. If […]

  • Leetcode79. Python implementation of word search


    Title Requirements: Idea: First traverse the array to find the possible starting point Define a helper function to traverse the upper, lower, left and right elements of the current starting point to see if there is one that matches the next bit of a given word. If you call the helper function recursively again Returns […]

  • Machine learning in network security — malware installation


    By Elaine hungCompile FlinSource | analyticsvidhya introduce Monitoring user activities performed by local administrators is always a challenge for SoC analysts and security professionals. Most security frameworks recommend the implementation of the white list mechanism. However, the real world is usually not ideal. There are always different developers or users with local administrator privileges to […]

  • The best “human flesh” tool! It claims to cover 300 social networking sites


    [introduction]: This is an osint tool that uses APIs and web applications to analyze and find a person’s data on more than 300 social media websites. brief introduction Social analyzer is an osint tool (open source intelligence), which uses APIs and web applications to analyze and find a person’s data on more than 300 social […]

  • Visual word embedding based on PCA and t-sne


    By Marcellus RubenCompile VKSource: towards Data Science When you hear the words “tea” and “coffee”, what do you think of them? You might say they are all drinks with a certain amount of caffeine. The key is that we can easily recognize that the two words are interrelated. However, when we provide the words “tea” […]

  • Leetcode 127. Word Solitaire 126. Word Solitaire II


    127. Word Solitaire126. Word Solitaire II Preprocessing + breadth first traversal This code does not time out, but it is very slow. The official explanation can use two-way search to improve the speed. I don’t write two-way code here 127 questions class Solution: def ladderLength(self, beginWord: str, endWord: str, wordList: List[str]) -> int: if beginWord […]