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  • Redis source code series (1)


    Redis source code series memory management Function prototypesrc/zmalloc.h Function pointer andvoid*Pointer provides a generic mechanism /*stringfication*/ #define __xstr(s) __str(s) #define __str(s) #s /*prototypes*/ void *zmalloc(size_t size); void *zcalloc(size_t size); void *zrealloc(void *ptr, size_t size); void zfree(void *ptr); char *zstrdup(const char *s); size_t zmalloc_used_memory(void); void zmalloc_enable_thread_safeness(void); void zmalloc_set_oom_handler(void (*oom_handler)(size_t)); float zmalloc_get_fragmentation_ratio(size_t rss); size_t zmalloc_get_rss(void); #ifndef HAVE_MALLOC_SIZE […]

  • Bit, byte, word length


    1 data storage The smallest unit of. In the binary number system of a computer, bit, abbreviated asbEach 0 or 1 is a bit. The number of CPU bits in a computer refers toCPUThe maximum number of digits that can be processed at a time. BinaryIn the number system, the bit is abbreviated as B, […]

  • Zooteam front end weekly No.82


    Zhengcai cloud front end tabloid No.82 For more previous tabloids, please visit:https://weekly.zoo.team Cherry pick | one git a day – Nuggets Cherry pick this git command can gracefully meet your requirements of porting any node to the specified branch. It can also be used in codestream. Principles of react router Original addresshttp://blog.poetries.top/2018…1、 The history of […]

  • JVM instruction manual


    Stack and local variable operation The instruction to push a constant onto the stack aconst_ Null willnullObject reference is pushed onto the stack-1Push into stack0Push into stack1Push into stack2Push into stack3Push into stack4Push into stack5Push into stack0Push into stack1Push into stack0Push into stack1Push into stack0Push into stack1Push into stack8Bit signed integers are pushed onto the […]

  • C Series 6 – declaration and valuation


    1、 Miscellaneous comments 1. The storage mode of computer can be divided into two basic types: integer type and floating point type. 2. Data type keywords in C language: int\long\short\unsigned\char\float\double\signed\void\__Bool\__Complex\__Imaginary 3. 1 byte = 8 bytes 4. Word is a natural storage unit given in the design of a computer. For an 8-bit microcomputer (such […]