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  • IPv6 Multicast in windows (c + +, MFC)


      Server #include #include #include #pragma comment(lib,”ws2_32.lib”) ​ #define PORT 6060 #define IP “ff02::2” #define BUF_LEN 256 ​ int main(int argc, char* argv[]) { WSADATA wsaData; WORD wVersionRequested; // edition wVersionRequested = MAKEWORD(1, 1); // Version information WSAStartup(wVersionRequested, &wsaData); // Initialize windows socket library ​ //Use this structure to specify the local or remote endpoint […]

  • Installation and operation instructions of Tesseract OCR


    When learning image recognition technology OCR, I feel it is useful to recognize the text in the picture through Tesseract, so I record it The installation file and language pack have been downloaded. Just follow the installation steps below Download addresshttps://digi.bib.uni-mannheim… install1. Click the file tesseract-ocr-setup-4.00.00dev.exe and install it according to the prompt. After the […]