• I configured the windows environment (front end) after work today


    Install a PC at home and record the process of installing the development environment. Shadow socket directly downloads the installation package in GitHub to solve the problem of Internet access. Configure vscode, and synchronize the dependent packages of vscode through the settings sync plug-in. There is a pit here. After selecting the download configuration, I […]

  • How to update windows 10 version 1909


    As early as the end of September this year, discerning users found the ESD update file named windows 10 update 1909 on the microsoft update server. At that time, of course, Microsoft was doing internal testing. On November 13, China time, Microsoft officially launched the update of windows on November 1909 (19h2). Because Microsoft had […]

  • Installing windows 10 on MAC


    Mac users also have two ways to install windows 10. The first is to use virtual machines such as parallels 10. The second way is through the boot camp assistant. Each of the two approaches has its own advantages. Let’s introduce one by one and choose the one that suits you best. Parallels 10 Get the […]

  • Show this computer when Windows 10 file explorer opens


    My website: www.mengyingjie.com “My computer” is displayed when Windows 7 and windows open resource manager, and “quick start” is displayed when Windows 10 opens resource management. To open resource manager to display my computer, you need to set it. Method / step 1. First, open file explorer: 2. Step 2: click View = = > […]

  • Win10 open administrator account


    My website: www.mengyingjie.com I. enable administrator account In the search bar of the desktop, enter “CMD” to start the search, and the first search result is “command prompt”. Right click the command prompt and select the run as administrator option. Next, we type in the command line window net user administrator /active:yes Then press enter. […]

  • AI = > tensorflow2.0 (win10 & beta & GPU version) installation


    Preface If the python & CUDA & cudnn & video card & tensorflow version doesn’t match well, it may get stuck..This article describes the whole installation process and the pit I stepped on. Environmental recommendation I didn’t do it all at once. When tf-13rc came out, it took a long time.To mention a little, python […]

  • IPv6 refresh (automatically get how IPv6 is refreshed)


    My website: www.mengyingjie.com To solve the problem that IPv6 can’t access the Internet automaticallyWin + R open runInput CMDIn input ipconfig/renew6 I have encountered such problems, but I still don’t understand after reading the article,Can add my QQ communication, I will try my best to answerQQ:781378815

  • Solution to abnormal display of win10 System Icon


    My website: www.mengyingjie.com 1. Since the icon cache file is a hidden file, you need to set “show hidden files, folders and drives” in the folder option first: 2. Press Win + R to open the operation, input %localappdata% Enter, find the iconcache.db file in the open folder and delete it. 3. After restarting the […]

  • Switch the software in the current display to another screen under Windows


    Switch the software in the current display to another screen under Windows The test passed under win10. Scene,Under win10 system, expand and connect screen a and B,A screen shows a web page, very long. Want to switch to screen B.Usually drag the web page to B screen with mouse, Is there a shortcut? Win + […]

  • How to upload and download files to the server


    My website: www.mengyingjie.com How to upload and download files to the server 1 download, install and use xshell on Windows 2 upload and download files to Linux server with xshell I have encountered such problems, but I still haven’t solved them after reading the article,Comment or add QQ: 781378815

  • Java implementation of small ball collision GUI


    Last updated on2019/07/08Fix the problem: Wrong input does not remind the problem The problem of graphic overlap of colliding spheres The problem of high speed ball crossing the boundary Thank I said this is a very serious technical article. Do you believe it? This article is improved on her basis. Effect illustration Basic thinking To […]

  • Java implementation simple calculator


    Last updated on2019/07/08 Effect illustration Function and process To make a simple calculator, first you need to know what to display in the GUI: Results display box Numbers from 0 to 9 Deleting function Clear function Search history function Function of calculation results Bracket first calculation function Next, the following ideas are briefly introduced through […]