• Where is the windows10 hosts file? To change permission settings for hosts files


    The windows 10 hosts file may be familiar to users who often install software or some advanced users, because it is often needed. Because some web addresses need to be blocked when installing and cracking many software, you often see the words adding the following lines to the hosts file in the cracking tutorial. Many […]

  • List of new features of Microsoft windows10 21h1


    Techweb reported on August 29: according to windows latest, Microsoft has confirmed that the functional upgrade of windows 10 this autumn will be the same as the May 2020 update (version 2004). It is rumored that 21h1 will not come until the second half of next year, because Microsoft has shifted its internal focus to […]

  • New feature highlights full of windows 10 21h1 preemptive experience


    According to the previous news released by Microsoft, the next version of windows10 21h1 will be launched in the first half of 2021. In addition to some conventional bug modifications, this version also brings many new functions. At present, some functions have appeared in Windows 10 build 20206 (DEV channel). Let’s take a look. Change […]

  • Windows10 1903 error 0xc0000135 solution [recommended]


    Windows 10 1903 is the latest version of Windows operating system launched by MircoSoft in 2019, but many machines will not support. Net framework after installation. Therefore, here, the author brings you a simple and easy-to-use solution to this problem. It is so easy!!! Come three steps Find a place to create onetxtText file (preferably […]

  • Does Apple Mac have windows 10?


    Current   The preview version of windows 10 system has come out. The new system is not only interested in PC users, but also some users who are currently using MAC system. In fact, the operation steps of installing windows 10 are almost the same as before. Here is a brief introduction of how to […]

  • Windows 101903 system error prompt update failed how to fix 0x8007139f


    Win101903 version in the process of updating, the system failed to update the error prompt 0x8007139f, what should we do?Developers feel that we can use clean boot to eliminate the problems of third-party applications, and then check the internal components of the system. Here is a detailed picture and text tutorial for friends who need […]

  • How to deal with the unrecognized Ethernet in Windows 10 system


    When we use the computer, we will encounter a variety of problems, such as win10 can not identify the Ethernet problem, windows 10 system Ethernet can not identify how to do? For this problem troubled users, with Xiaobian down to see the solution. How to deal with the unrecognized Ethernet in Windows 10 system 1. […]

  • Windows 10 replace mysql8.0.17 detailed tutorial


    In this paper, we share the specific steps of replacing mysql8.0.17 with windows 10 for your reference. The specific contents are as follows Download Windows version of MySQL Create after decompression my.ini File initialization MySQL and data folder used to store data my.ini content [mysqld] #Set port 3306 port=3306 #Set the installation directory of MySQL […]

  • Installation of decompression version of MySQL under Windows 10


    MySQL installation is divided into installation version and decompression version. The installation version is mainly installed by an EXE program with an interface and mouse click. Xiaobai recommends using the installation version to install mysql. Compared with the installation version, the decompression version is more “pure” and has no superfluous things, but it is more […]

  • Configuration method of binding custom domain name between hexo and GitHub under Windows 10


    Binding custom domain name between hexo and GitHub in Windows 10 So first we need to buy a domain name Hey, what kind of server can I buy in Tencent Tencent cloud student server Operating system optional   After purchase, you need some configuration and search in the cloud products   Click to resolve domain […]

  • How to install VMware and centos7 in Windows 10


    1. Download the VMware installation package Address (VMware version: VMware Workstation 14) http://xzc.197746.com/vmware-workstation-full1413.zip 2. Activate after installing VMware Permanent activation key: CG54H-D8D0H-H8DHY-C6X7X-N2KG6 ZC3WK-AFXEK-488JP-A7MQX-XL8YF AC5XK-0ZD4H-088HP-9NQZV-ZG2R4 ZC5XK-A6E0M-080XQ-04ZZG-YF08D ZY5H0-D3Y8K-M89EZ-AYPEG-MYUA8 FF590-2DX83-M81LZ-XDM7E-MKUT4 FF31K-AHZD1-H8ETZ-8WWEZ-WUUVA CV7T2-6WY5Q-48EWP-ZXY7X-QGUWD AALYG-20HVE-WHQ13-67MUP-XVMF3 3. Download centos7 image Address (image of simplified version provided by alicloud) http://mirrors.aliyun.com/centos/7.6.1810/isos/x86_ 64/CentOS-7-x86_ 64-Minimal-1810.iso 4. Open VMware and click create new virtual machine 5. […]