• What is windows essentials? How to use windows essentials in your computer


    Windows essentials is a set of multi tools package launched by Microsoft. These include Messenger, photo gallery, movie maker, mail, writer, SkyDrive, and outlook connector. At present, win and its later versions are supported. Because it is produced by Microsoft, there will be no compatibility issues. Here’s how to use windows essentials on your computer. […]

  • How to install MySQL under Windows


    1. Download installation package -Select the appropriate version according to your computer system: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/ 2. Configure environment variables 2.1 decompress the downloaded package 2.2 environmental variables The win 10 computer goes in like this 3. Generate data file In the directory where you unzip it, eg: F: program files / mysql-8.0.17-winx64 / bin, and run […]

  • What should I do if I forget my password? Solution of forgetting the password of windows system


    I believe everyone has noticed such a detail. After the mobile phone is restarted every time, or after a certain period of time without using the traditional password to unlock (pattern, number, mixed password), the system will force the user to unlock once with the traditional password. Yijia once popularized science: it’s for the sake […]

  • The ultimate method of Oracle query deadlock and unlock


    After some processes in Oracle are killed, the status is set to “killed”. However, the locked resources are not released for a long time. Sometimes there is no way to do so, so you have to restart the database. Now we provide a way to solve this problem, which is to kill those that cannot […]

  • Migrate windows system to new disk through Linux system


    1. OverviewThis article will tell you how to copy the installed version of windows to a new disk under Linux system (the new disk is larger than or equal to the size of the window image) 2. Tools usedLivecd tools can be CD or USB booted. You need tools DD, fdisk, and ntfsresetIn this example, […]

  • Using vbs script to change the serial number of Windows XP


    ON ERROR RESUME NEXT Dim VOL_PROD_KEY if Wscript.arguments.count<1 then VOL_ PROD_ Key = InputBox (“instructions for use: & vbcr & vbcr &” this program will automatically replace the serial number of your current windows, which will be verified by Microsoft. “& vbcr & vbcr &” serial number (OEM version is invalid, default version is XP VLK): “& vbcr & vbcr & […]

  • Solve the problem of phpstudy MySQL startup failure under Windows system


    report errors The Apache / nginx service started normally, but MySQL failed to start all the time. Solution process Check whether the port is occupied Open the resource manager provided by the system to check whether listening port 3306 is occupied. In the figure below, port 3306 is occupied mysqld.exe occupy, mysqld.exe It is a […]

  • Implementation of Windows desktop screenshot code example by Python


    This article mainly introduces the python implementation of Windows desktop screenshot code examples, the article through the example code is very detailed, for everyone’s study or work has a certain reference learning value, need friends can refer to Code instance import time import win32api import win32con import win32gui import win32ui def get_desk(): #Get desktop hdesktop=win32gui.GetDesktopWindow() […]

  • Detailed explanation of for loop usage of windows bat script


    The basic form of the for statement of windows bat script is as follows: In the CMD window: for% I in (command1) do command2 In batch file: for% I in (command1) do command2 The reason to distinguish between the two environments is that although the behavior of the command statement is basically the same in […]

  • How to configure VirtualBox virtual machine and install windows on CentOS


    Before you start, you need to install CentOS 7.0 using VirtualBox minimization. System settingsLog in with the root account to set up the system. Installation componentsInstall the necessary components of the system. Copy code The code is as follows: yum install gcc bzip2 kernel-devel wget Modify host nameSet a host name that is easy to […]

  • How to install and use vscode and configure it in Chinese under Windows


    First of all, vscode is the basic editor for developing go applications. It is a Microsoft product and can run on windows, Linux and Mac OS The go language syntax is highlighted by default. After installing the go language plug-in, you can intelligently prompt, compile and run other functions. Of course, there are many other […]

  • Code analysis of redis master slave configuration in Windows


    1. Copy two redis folders and paste them in the same level directory 2. Modify the redis.window.conf file Port: 6380 and 6381 respectively All increased: slaveof 3. Execute the following commands in the directory of 6380 and 6381 respectively redis-server –service-install redis.windows.conf –Maxmemory 200m — service name redis6380 4. Verify the master-slave configuration ① […]