• Zhao Ying officially launched MoAir Object Recognition SDK Xiaobai Mobile Phone to complete machine learning


    From the 1960s, MIT Computer Professor organized the first Summer Project for undergraduate students, which went through the early 1950s to the 1990s, trying to use the method of creating three-dimensional models to do object recognition, and then through the 1990s, only considering the appearance-based techniques of the image itself, i.e. image extraction. Image description; […]

  • One-to-one mapping of Entity Framework


    One-to-one relationships are complex relationships in the Entity Framework, involvingHasOptional 、WithRequired 、 WithOptionalPrincipal 、 WithOptionalDependent。 In this article, we will explain the usage of these points in detail. Let’s take members and orders as an example. A member may or may not have orders, but an order belongs to a member absolutely. We first write […]

  • Deploying Windows Services with Winsw


    Warehouse address: https://github.com/kohsuke/winswDownload address: https://github.com/kohsuke/wi… Installation instructions https://github.com/kohsuke/wi… downloadwinswProgram, select the corresponding version. (WinSW.NET 2.exe or WinSW.NET 4.exe) install.NET Framework。 takeWinSW.exeCopy to a custom directory and rename ittest.exe Create in the same directorytest.xml。Note in particular that XML and exe must have the same name Usetest.exe installInstallation services. Usetest.exe uninstallUninstall service. Example to configure springboot services […]

  • Entity Framework Multi-to-Multi Mapping


    In the last article, we explained one-to-many mapping in EF. In this article, we explained many-to-many mapping in EF. In this article, we also use a simple example to illustrate many-to-many mapping. Zero and Automatic Generation of Relation Table Story: In a student course selection system, there are two entities: students and courses. The relationship […]

  • Git generates SSH


    Install git to open git Bash and execute the following two commands Git config — global user. name “user name” Git config — global user. email “mailbox” To execute the command of generating ssh: ssh-keygen-t RSA and need to return three times (the first is to determine the location of the generated file, the second […]

  • Entity Framework Entity State


    Starting today, we will begin to explain the entity state and data operation in EF. This article begins with the entity state.Through the previous study, we know that EF is responsible for tracking the state of the entity through the upper and lower levels, and that the location of the entity state is in the […]

  • Intelligent Things Open Course | Rainbow Soft Belt You Understand Face Recognition Business Things [Phase 2]


    Following the completion of Hong Soft’s first online open lesson “Business Landing and Challenges of Face Recognition Technology”, a live broadcasting studio in Yunda attracted more than 7,000 listeners, and more than 600 questions and messages (regret missing the first issue? Scanning the two-dimensional code of the picture at the end of the text can […]

  • Entity Framework Knowledge (V)


    stayMany-to-Many Relational MappingThe association table in EF is automatically generated. But sometimes we need to show the associated tables that define them. We can define it in the following steps (continue using the hungry code in this article on multi-to-many mapping): Define association table classes: public class StudentCourses : BaseEntity { public int StudentId { […]

  • Create a Spring MVC project using IDEA


    Write on the front: Refer to “Spring Actual Warfare” to achieve 1. Create projects using idea Here we use gradle to build project dependencies Use your own local gradle environment 2. Modify the gradle configuration file after building the project (using Ali Library) 3. Introducing Spring MVC dependencies Version profiles, which are used in the […]

  • Entity Framework Private Property Mapping


    This article is purely self-entertaining, because the possibility of using privatized attribute mapping in actual development is almost zero. The default mapping in EF is to havepublicAttributes of modifiers, but if yesinternal 、 privateandprotectedHow do the modified attributes map into the database? Now let’s talk about it separately. Zero and Internal Attribute Mapping Let’s first […]

  • Entity Framework Inheritance Mapping


    Inheritance is often used in object-oriented development, but the SQL Server database does not have inheritance, so what can we do? We can use the following three methods: TPH (Table per Hierachy): Denormalize the SQL architecture to represent polymorphism, and use discriminant columns to distinguish types. TPT (Table per Type): Inheritance relationships are represented by […]

  • Netease Yunxin Duilib Development Practice and Open Source Introduction of Windows Application Interface Development Framework


    Preface Introduction to DuilibDuilib is a lightweight open source library of directUI based on Windows platform (following BSD protocol). It is completely free and can be used for commercial software development. It only needs to attach protocol files to the software package. Duilib can easily meet most of the interface requirements, including skin change, color […]