• Wget plan task script is configured in Windows system


    Everyone knows that wget is very cool to use in Linux, Unix, in Windows to set up a scheduled task, periodically request a URL, wget advantage comes. I tried several methods, either opening a browser or popping up a command line window, which was very annoying! Here’s a better way 1, download the wget Windows […]

  • XAMPP is used in Windows to install wordpress and configure text tutorials


      A wordpress installation I used XAMPP(Apache+MySql+PHP), wordpress(BLOG program)3.5.1 official Chinese installation version, the following is to say that Windows with XAMPP installation wordpress method. Installing XAMPP is next, next. After the installation is complete, run the Control Panel to start Apache and Mysql, as shown below   Select Admin after Mysql to enter the database management […]

  • Build React Native Android development environment under Windows & build project


    Description: Build React Native Android development environment and basic React Native project under Windows Environment variable add control panel -> system and security -> system -> advanced system Settings -> advanced -> environment variable -> new The project is built and debugged by real machine. If necessary, Android emulator is used Reference documentation https://reactnative.cn/docs/g… I. […]

  • Crackme023


    Crackme023 reverse analysis 1. Program observation When the sequence number entered is correct, the following state should change. 2. Simple shell check Written in assembly language, no shell. 3. Program analysis Using OD loader, search string You can see that the string in the status bar appears inside, and we go into the corresponding code […]

  • Web front-end development play win10 Linux subsystem


    preface Linux subsystem (WSL) functionality is already built into the latest version of Windows 10. After a week of development with win10 WSL, I feel that macOS has completely replaced the position in web front-end development. Linux environment terminal tools ease of use, environmental stability and win10 mass software ecology combined, and then look at […]

  • Using Babel 7 to build a perfect pure TS development environment


    To update [2019-5-9] Added Initial release 0, foreword Recently, I was rewriting my native TS plug-in project, and I met the need of integrating jest single test, so I simply usedts-jest + ts-loaderThere will be unexpected errors, so we decided to usebabel, perfectly abandoning the traditionalts-loaderPlan, record the main process. Project address: TS utility plugins […]

  • UI test of Python 3 + selenium 3: control window size, pop-up window and multi window switching (3)


    1. During the test, the browser windows are not full screen. In order not to affect the experience, we need to maximize the window solution: Set the window size as you wish (Note: the number size is pixel) 2. Handling of pop upsI. alert pop-up window. This kind of pop-up window can be processed by […]

  • How do I use maddecker to manage bugs


    Now there are many bug tools at home and abroad. Today I want to talk about the powerful and easy-to-use bug management tool madpecker that our team now uses. We usually use this for bug, test, agile development and so on. 1. Log in to their official website https://www.maddecker.com/home2. To register an account, this tool […]

  • Three schemes of downloading remote control of Windows 2000 remote desktop tool


    I. Introduction Let’s imagine aIIS7 Remote Desktop ManagementRemote control solution: a company will install such an IISWeb server, which is placed 300 miles away. The server is a server center with broadband network, air conditioning device and power control device. This network service center is stable and reasonable in price, but it requires customers to […]

  • Installing mongodb under Windows


    One: Download mongodb installation package Download address: https://www.mongodb.com/downl… It is recommended to download the MSI installation package II. Install mongodb Double click the downloaded mongodb installation package to install It’s very easy to install the software under windows. You only need next. You only need to pay attention to the following two points. 1: as […]

  • Mongodb expansion of PHP installation in Windows


    One: Download mongodb expansion Download address: https://pecl.php.net/package/… Open your phpinfo, and select the corresponding mongodb expansion package according to the content in the figure below. Here I choose: php_mongodb-1.6.0-7.2-nts-vc15-x86 II. Installation of mongodb expansion Extract the downloaded mongodb expansion package, put the extracted php_mongodb.dll file into the EXT directory of the PHP environment, and then […]

  • Using idea to create a spring MVC project


    Write in the front: refer to the implementation of spring practice 1. Create a project with idea Use gradle here to build project dependencies Use your own local gradle environment 2. Modify the configuration file of gradle after the project is built (using the Ali Library) 3. Introduce related dependency of spring MVC Version configuration […]