• A simple method for windows to modify RDP port


    Remote desktop is one of the most commonly used tools for network administrators, especially when accessing external networks, but its default port 3389 is vulnerable to attack.The author’s server was attacked by ransomware because it did not change the default port. Fortunately, it’s backed up on other devices in advance, but it’s heavy.It will take […]

  • Three timers


    There are three kinds of commonTimer : System.Windows.Forms.Timer System.Timers.Timer System.Threading.Timer Zero, system.windows.forms.timer thisTimerIt is single threaded, that is, as long as it runs, other threads will wait. This timer has the following characteristics: Based on the UI thread, when the timer is triggered, the operating system inserts the timer message into the thread message queue, […]

  • 14 Linux system security tips, there is always a trick to use!


    For the Internet IT practitioners, more and more work will gradually shift to the Linux system, which should be experienced in development, operation and maintenance, and testing. There was a survey report released by w3techs in November 2018. The report shows that Linux is used as high as 37.2% in the system of website server. […]

  • Entity Framework one to many relationship mapping


    Relationship mapping is also a key content in EF. Like attribute mapping, relationship mapping is also based onOnModelCreatingConfigure mapping in. There are three kinds of relationship mapping in EF: One to many relationship Many to many relationship One to one relationship Let’s talk about it todayOne to many relationship Zero. Create the required class Abstract […]

  • A concise tutorial on inversion of control and dependency injection


    IOC is an important design idea in OO. This article will lead you to quickly master inversion of control and dependency injection. Note: Code Based on C# Zero, Ioc IOC is inversion of control in English and inversion of control in Chinese. The so-called inversion of control is that there is a call to class […]

  • Tianjin Unicom Huayuan core data room


    Tianjin Huayuan Unicom national data center is the latest five-star high-end IDC room built and put into commercial use by China Unicom. On July 2, 2009, ribbon cutting was officially put into commercial use. Huayuan computer room is an independent building with five floors of 20910 square meters, with a capacity of 2800 cabinets and […]

  • Server hosting, virtual virtual virtual virtual machine, virtual server


    Tianjin Huaxin Netcom Technology Co., Ltd., referred to as Huaxin Netcom, Huaxin Netcom, a comprehensive service provider of China’s basic telecommunication business and Internet, has the rapid deployment ability and its own advantages based on the host hosting, host leasing, virtual host, transmission chain and optical fiber link interworking with multiple data centers in IDC […]

  • Entity Framework one-to-one relationship mapping


    One to one relationship is a very complex relationship in the Entity Framework, involvingHasOptional 、WithRequired 、 WithOptionalPrincipal 、 WithOptionalDependent。 In this article, we will explain the usage of these. We take members and orders as an example. A member may or may not have orders, but an order absolutely belongs to a member. We first […]

  • Seemingly complex and cool data visualization large screen, learn this tool to easily handle


    “I’m drunk at present. I can’t sleep if I don’t make the report. I have to make it up for a night if I ask where the wine house has it.” behind the doggerel poem with some sense of humor, it’s my sad experience of working for many years. Yes, I’m your brother, cousin, who […]

  • The difference between server hosting and server renting


    The difference between server hosting and server rentingAt present, enterprises with relatively high requirements for servers will want to use their own servers to run their own websites. When choosing independent server business, how to choose between server hosting and server renting becomes a problem that many people need to consider. What are the similarities […]

  • Entity Framework many to many mapping


    In the previous article, we explained the one to many relationship mapping in EF. In this article, we explained the many to many relationship mapping in EF. In this article, we also use a simple example to explain many to many relationship mapping. Zero, automatically generate relation table Story: in a student course selection system, […]

  • IDC data center shall have the following basic conditions:


    IDC data center shall have the following basic conditions:Power: there is sufficient DC power guarantee, and UPS uninterruptible power supply and sufficient battery pack for standby. High end data centers are usually equipped with diesel generators, etc.Environment: construction facilities complying with telecommunication standards, dustproof and anti-static, relatively suitable temperature and humidity. Provide customers with safe […]