• Entity Framework one-to-one relationship mapping


    One to one relationship is a very complex relationship in the Entity Framework, involvingHasOptional 、WithRequired 、 WithOptionalPrincipal 、 WithOptionalDependent。 In this article, we will explain the usage of these. We take members and orders as an example. A member may or may not have orders, but an order absolutely belongs to a member. We first […]

  • Seemingly complex and cool data visualization large screen, learn this tool to easily handle


    “I’m drunk at present. I can’t sleep if I don’t make the report. I have to make it up for a night if I ask where the wine house has it.” behind the doggerel poem with some sense of humor, it’s my sad experience of working for many years. Yes, I’m your brother, cousin, who […]

  • The difference between server hosting and server renting


    The difference between server hosting and server rentingAt present, enterprises with relatively high requirements for servers will want to use their own servers to run their own websites. When choosing independent server business, how to choose between server hosting and server renting becomes a problem that many people need to consider. What are the similarities […]

  • Entity Framework many to many mapping


    In the previous article, we explained the one to many relationship mapping in EF. In this article, we explained the many to many relationship mapping in EF. In this article, we also use a simple example to explain many to many relationship mapping. Zero, automatically generate relation table Story: in a student course selection system, […]

  • IDC data center shall have the following basic conditions:


    IDC data center shall have the following basic conditions:Power: there is sufficient DC power guarantee, and UPS uninterruptible power supply and sufficient battery pack for standby. High end data centers are usually equipped with diesel generators, etc.Environment: construction facilities complying with telecommunication standards, dustproof and anti-static, relatively suitable temperature and humidity. Provide customers with safe […]

  • Entity Framework entity status


    Starting from today, we will start to explain entity state and data operation in EF. This article first introduces entity state.Through the previous learning, we know that EF is responsible for tracking the status of entities through the upper and lower positions, and the location of entity status is in the namespaceSystem.Dat.EntityLiEntityStateThere are 5 specific […]

  • Entity Framework (5)


    stayMany to many relationship mappingThe association table in is generated automatically by EF. But sometimes we need to show the definition association table. We can define it as follows (continue to use many to many relationship mapping this article code): Define the association table class: public class StudentCourses : BaseEntity { public int StudentId { […]

  • Why use a virtual host


    Virtual host virtual server uses special hardware and software technology to divide a computer host into one ‘virtual’ host. Each virtual host has its own domain name and IP address (or shared IP address), and has complete Internet server function. Generally speaking, virtual host is a technology that divides the resources (system resources, network bandwidth, […]

  • Easy to understand difference between ref and out


    refandoutIt’s the two keywords that are often used in C ා development, but many people don’t know the specific difference between the two keywords. Let’s talk about the two key differences. Similarities and differences between zero, ref and out Same: All by address; The values of the original parameters will be changed after use; Compile […]

  • How to distinguish between server managed single line, double line and multi line


    How to distinguish between server managed single line, double line and multi lineFirst, what is a single line computer room? What are its advantages and disadvantages?The lines in the computer room are commonly used to connect lines or telecommunication lines. The single line computer room refers to the computer room that is connected with lines […]

  • What software does win7 remote desktop tool not come with?


    This article will share with you how to open the remote server management tool that comes with the system. However, if some systems are thin version and have no connection tool, we can use theIIS7 Remote Desktop ManagementTools. Next, I will show you how to add my own remote server management tools.Step 1: install the […]

  • How to deploy multiple Tomcat on the server (1)


    When I encountered such a problem, I deployed tomcat8 (using the default port of 8080) on a Windows Server and published a webapp1. However, due to business needs, the customer also requested to deploy another webapp2 without the port number (i.e. using the port of 80) after the domain name, so how to deploy multiple […]