• How to install and use TMUX in CentOS


    Why use TMUX What is TMUX? TMUX is a program to manage windows in Linux. So here’s the problem: the iterm2 MAC comes with is very easy to use. It supports both multi label and internal panel segmentation. Why use TMUX? In fact, multi label and split form are only part of the functions of […]

  • Personal blog based on vue2, eggjs and MySQL (being updated)


    Just make a blog.Function points:Registration, login, cookie, permission control, article list, article details, article directory, likes, comments, paging loading front end Creating a project using vue-cli3 npm install -g @vue/cli vue create hello-world To avoid the annoying eslint, the manual selection feature is selectedAt the same time, linter / formatter is not selected, and the […]

  • IOS animation window view (1)


    IOS has a kind of animation, although simple to use, but can achieve many interesting effects, that is mask animation. If you don’t know about mask animation, you can learn it after reading this series of articles. If you have already used it, this article can help you sort it out and make it more […]

  • Classic layout of front end: sticky footer layout – Flex layout


    HTML code:<body> <div class=”content”></div> <div class=”footer”></div> </body> body { display: flex; flex-flow: column; min-height: 100vh; }.content { flex: 1; }.footer{ flex: 0; }This method uses flex layout to segment the window height. The footer’s flex is set to 0, so that the footer gets its inherent height; the content’s flex is set to 1, so […]

  • VIM enables programming small operation 6 to fly


    VIM is a powerful editor. Students who have done Linux C development should be very familiar with it. Java developers often use VIM to modify and deploy configuration files in Linux. In this paper, the common operations in VIM are sorted out for your reference Enter VIM 1. Linux command line / git bash command […]

  • Good practice and busy ︱ exposure of front buried point


    Recently, one of the job requirements is to expose the burying point so that I can have access to relevant things. Before the internship, I didn’t do this demand, and personal projects have nothing to do with burying points. So I heard the word “burying point” at the meeting last week. But after listening to […]

  • Oracle installation in Windows


    1、 Oracle download address http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/downloads/index.html 2、 Unzip files 1. Extract the two files to the current folder 2. One more database folder 3. Enter the database folder and double-click setup.exe A window will pop up and wait 3、 Installation procedure 1. E-mail can not be filled in, remove the check of receiving security updates, and […]

  • Oracle 12C installation tutorial (window)


    The Oracle 12C installation tutorial is recorded as follows 1. Download the database by yourself at www.orcale.com. 2. You must download both files, put them in the same directory for decompression, decompress the first file, and choose to replace the second file when decompressing, because there are still some new files to be added, otherwise […]

  • Python 3 Tkinter implements the method of clicking one button to jump out of another window


    As follows: #-*- encoding:utf-8 -*- from tkinter import * root = Tk() def create(): top = Toplevel() top.title(‘Python’) v1 = StringVar() e1 = Entry(top,textvariable=v1,width=10) e1.grid(row=1,column=0,padx=1,pady=1) Button (top, text = ‘level 2 appears’). Grid (row = 1, column = 1, padx = 1, pady = 1) Button (root, text = ‘click level 1’, command = create). […]

  • A detailed explanation of how to pop up and place the top of Python Tkinter window


    If you want to top the Tkinter window of python, add the following two sentences to realize the top display of root window, which can be used for message prompt of some programs and pop up to desktop display root = Tk() root.wm_attributes(‘-topmost’,1) The above detailed explanation of the way to pop up the top […]

  • How to change the window color in the computer?


    When using the computer, it often pops up such a window. If you want to change the color of the window, you can’t change it. What can you do? Let’s share the method and learn together! step Step 1: press “Win + R” to open the operation, and enter“gpedit.mscr” Step 2: after entering the local […]

  • How does the computer set the window color and appearance?


    The color and appearance of the computer window can be set, depending on your preferences! Here is how to set the window color and appearance of the computer. The operation is very simple. Let’s learn together! step 1. First, right-click on the desktop and select personalization 2. A dialog box appears. There is a window […]