• Hive function — windowing function 1


    Windowing function First acquaintance Window: the range of datasets that the function evaluates at run timeFunction: running function! Only the following functions are supported: Windowing functions: LEAD: LEAD (scalar_ Expression [, offset] [, default]): returns the column value of the specified column of the following n rows of the current row! If not found, the […]

  • I’m in a hurry with anyone who compares idea’s project to eclipse’s workspace


    Hello, I’m your Batman. There is a point of viewIf a java developer can play idea 666, the technology will not be bad; But if you can’t play idea (such as can’t set, customize, solve daily problems, shortcut keys, etc.), the level of high probability is very general. Because a master usually has to look […]

  • Installing Python in Windows


    1. Open the download address through the browser: https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/         2. Select the version you want to install. I just chose python-3.9.0-amd64 at the beginning, but after downloading, click the prompt after installing [850E0:8E750][2020-12-09T15:02:30]e000: Detected Windows 7[850E0:8E750][2020-12-09T15:02:30]e000: Windows 8.1 or later is required to continue installation My local system is win7, and […]

  • Tkinter (02) button


    Creation of button part and its options import tkinter as tk w = tk.Button(parent, option=value, …) activebackground The background color displayed when the button is pressed activeforeground The foreground color displayed when the button is pressed anchor Character orientation bd or borderwidth Border width bg or background Normal background color bitmap A standard dot matrix […]

  • How to set the file window opened by EDITPLUS to display at the top?


    The file opened in EDITPLUS is displayed at the bottom by default. If you want the window to be displayed at the top, how to set it? Let’s take a look at the detailed setting method. Software name: EDITPLUS 64 bit v5.3.3252 Chinese green registration Software size: 2.22MB Update time: 2020-09-07Download now 1. Open the […]

  • Tkinter (13) option menu component option menu


    The creation of option menu parts and its options This part is made by MenuButton and menu under specific parameter options import tkinter as tk parent = tk.Tk() message = tk.OptionMenu(parent, variable, choice1, choice2, …) Example windows and code import tkinter as tk root = tk.Tk() root.wm_title(“Message Demo”) items = (‘Train’, ‘Plane’, ‘Boat’) select = […]

  • IOS MAC remote connection control window


    When using mac, I want to control windows computer remotely. I’ve been groping for a long time 1. Download the MAC remote control installation package 2. After installation, open it and click the app icon below; 3. After opening, click the plus sign in the upper left corner to add the computer information and screen […]

  • How to open the properties and servers windows in eclipse?


    Many windows in eclipse are not opened by default. If you want to open them, such as servers window or properties window, how do you open them? Now let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: Official version of eclipse SDK 64bit 4.5.0 Software size: 198MB Update time: 2016-10-12Download now 1. Open eclipse […]

  • There is no problem in the Linux file path of windows and Linux project deployment


    I haven’t written a blog for a long time. During the project test last week, I found some bugs, one of which is difficult to understand. The description is as follows: When the project is deployed on windows, the function of uploading pictures is normal. When the project is deployed on Linux server, there is […]

  • Description of Tkinter (01) basic options


    Tkinter is Python’s own GUI library, which is based on componentsWidgetTherefore, this paper first introduces some basic content, and then explains the use of each component Note: the Tkinter content here is for reference at present8.5The author’s current Python installation version is3.8.3With tkversion / tclversion:8.6, the platform isWIN 10. The parameter options of grid () […]

  • Binary operation puzzle – Advanced chapter


    Many front-end children’s shoes have a natural fear of binary, and feel that it is far away. This article will take you from the foundation to practice, and comprehensively grasp the binary operation that you may face in daily life. There are some knowledge points interspersed in the article, you can think more about it, […]

  • How to realize the association between frame windows and the use of target attribute of hyperlink


    To realize the association of frame windows, the key is to set the properties of the “target” target window of the hyperlink 1、 Add the “name” logo to the right frame window, as follows<frame src=”right.html” name=”rightFrame”/> 2、 In the left window, set the window name displayed by the “target” property as follows:<a href=”right.html” target=”rightFrame”></a>