• What is windows10x? Is win10x easy to use


    What is windows 10x?Microsoft has announced a new compact windows platform, windows 10x, but it is only available for dual screen devices like surface Neo, with built-in Intel processors. PC does not support Windows 10x, so PC can not upgrade to windows 10x, and most devices just released by Microsoft do not support it. Unfortunately, […]

  • When will windows 10x be released?


    When will windows 10x be released?At the conference, Microsoft officially announced the windows 10x operating system, which is mainly designed for dual screen and foldable screen. It is expected that Microsoft will share the operating system with device manufacturers before this, and ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo will launch devices equipped with this system in […]

  • Microsoft releases new operating system Windows 10x: five modes and new experiences


    What is windows 10x?Microsoft held a new product launch in New York on October 2, us time. In addition to releasing five new electric pens, Microsoft also announced that the windows 10x operating system is designed to carry a dual screen electric pen. The dual screen electric pen is called surface Neo, which is expected […]

  • What is the relationship between windows 10x and windows core OS?


    What is the relationship between windows 10x and windows core OS?Microsoft introduced the preview version of surface Neo, a dual screen device running an operating system called Windows 10x, at a fall event in New York City. So what’s the relationship between this system and windows core OS? Interested friends, let’s get to know Windows […]

  • What is windows 10x? Introduction to Microsoft’s new windows 10x system


    What is windows 10x?On October 2, Microsoft held the autumn new product launch in New York, and brought the long rumored dual screen device surface Neo. What’s more remarkable is that this dual screen product is running Microsoft’s new “windows 10x” system. As a branch version of windows 10, what is this system? Let’s learn […]

  • What is the difference between windows 10x and windows 10


    What is the difference between windows 10x and windows 10?At the new product launch, Microsoft brought a new folding screen surface Neo and a system for it, windows 10x. Windows 10X has better support for dual screen devices such as Surface Neo. Windows 10x supports all applications, including office. So what’s the difference between windows […]