• How to update and upgrade win10 20h1 slow preview 19013.1122 manually?


    It is reported that windows 10 20h1-19013 may become the official version, and it is expected to be launched in January or February 2020. On November 12, Microsoft pushed the windows 10 20h1 preview 19013.1122 update to slow channel users. If you upgrade to windows 10-1909 (18363.449) or windows 10-1903 (19013.1), you can get the […]

  • How to get the November update of win10? Win10 update November update upgrade steps


    Microsoft today announced the release of 2019 windows 10 update November for all users running the latest version of windows 10 1903, with performance improvements, some enterprise features and quality improvements. You can download the November update of windows 10 2019 in the following ways: Go to windows update settings(“Set up”>“Updates and security”>“ Windows Update”) […]

  • How to install win10 on MAC virtual machine? Detailed graphic steps for installing win10 official version of MAC virtual machine


    1. Download the virtual machine software Parallels Desktop, and the latest version of PD10 is recommended. Software name: Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac 10.2.0 for Apple Software size: 285MB Updated: 2014-09-17 2. After installation, you need to download the official version of win10. It is recommended to download the 64 bit ISO image. Recommended reading:The […]

  • How to update win10 20h1 quick preview 19023 manually?


    On November 13, Microsoft pushed the latest system update of windows 10 20h1 quick preview 19023. This is the windows 10 20h1 quick preview 19023 that continues to be pushed on the basis of windows 10 20h1 slow preview 19013.1122 on November 12. How can I upgrade this version? Let’s take a look at the […]

  • Build PHP development environment with win10 docker toolbox


    Download mirroring docker pull mysql:5.7 docker pull php:7.2-fpm docker pull nginx docker pull redis:3.2 Set up shared files Host create directory E:\wnmp\mysql57\conf E:\wnmp\mysql57\log E:\wnmp\php72\conf E:\wnmp\php72\conf E:\wnmp\nginx\conf E:\wnmp\nginx\conf E:\wnmp\www VMware setting up file sharing PicturedSetting is completed and executed in docker QuickStart terminaldocker-machine restart default Install Mysql docker run -d -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root –name mysql57 […]

  • Win10 Oracle11g completely delete and reinstall the tutorial


    To uninstall Oracle 11g: 1. First turn off all Oracle related services, and then find the Oracle uninstall program universal installer: Then click uninstall product, then click expand all to uninstall all applications except the main directory, and then click display empty directory to delete the main directory. 2. Delete the registry: Press the windows […]

  • Win10 reminds you of the lack of important safety and quality fixes in your device?


    Windows update shows that you are not using the latest version when Windows settings – update and security are turned on for win10 system. Important security and quality fixes are missing in your device. After clicking check for updates and installing Windows Defender antivirus definition update – kb2267602 (definition 1.275.1187.0), it still shows: red【!】, your […]

  • Solutions to iTunes error code-54 after Apple Mac installs win10


    If you have problems syncing your Apple device after upgrading win10, please don’t worry. With just a few mouse clicks, you can start and run iTunes and sync your Apple device. This problem occurs because win10 sets the iTunes folder property to read-only, which means that your computer will not allow iTunes to synchronize the […]

  • Win10 mobile build 15254.597 official push (with updated tutorial)


    Microsoft has officially launched the latest Windows 10 mobile build 15254.597 system update, which is also the cumulative update patch in November 2019. It is aimed at windows 10 mobile creators, that is, windows 10 mobile 1709 users. By convention, no new features have been added, bringing some fixes. Users can use the“Set up”>“Update and […]

  • Update push of win10 20h1 quick preview 19023 (with known problems and fixed)


    Microsoft has just pushed windows 10 20h1 build 19023 to fast track users participating in the preview program to continue to fix some functional issues. The new beta still doesn’t bring any new features, just regular fixes, so test users can continue to skip if they don’t want to upgrade. Of course, this prequel claims […]

  • What to do if win10 1909 is stuck during operation? Three solutions to the jam of win10 1909


    Win10 updated 1909. Many users have updated their own systems, but some users are stuck when using Windows 10 1909. Let’s have a look The editor has prepared three solutions according to different situations Method 1: It is suitable for opening the screen after sleep. After a period of use, it will be used for […]