• Win10 cumulative update download emergency repair Kerberos authentication system vulnerability


    After a fix for version 1809 was released a few days ago,Today, Microsoft again released a security update for windows 10 version 2009 / 2004 / 1909 / 1903 / 1607The key point is to fix the high-risk vulnerability in Kerberos authentication system (No. cve-2020-17049). Download address: KB4594440  20H2 / 2004 Update Catalog KB4594443 1909 / […]

  • How does win10 turn on or off night mode?


    Windows 10 system night mode reminder: the blue light emitted by the computer screen will affect your sleep at night. Turning on night mode reduces the blue light on the screen and improves your sleep quality. Therefore, it is necessary to turn on the night mode when we use the computer at night, butThe old […]

  • How to manually update and upgrade win10 19h1 slow preview 18362.1?


    On March 23, Microsoft is facing windows 10 19h1Slow preview channelPush the 18362.1 system, version: Windows 10 insider preview 10.0.18362.1 (19h1_ Release) AMD64 2019-03, how to upgrade to this version? Let’s take a look at the tutorial in detail. Before the update, the system version of windows 10 was: Windows 10 Insider Preview 10.0.18351.7 (19h1_release) […]

  • How to do with the error code of 0x800703fa when Linux subsystem starts in win10?


    The Linux subsystem is installed in win. When the subsystem is started, the wslregisterdistribution failed with error: 0x800703fa. The system cannot be started. How to solve this problem? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1. Using shortcut keysWIN + R Start run window 2. Inputservices.msc, click the OK button 3. Open the service […]

  • How to view the shearboard in win10 system


    Win10 computer daily operation will use the copy paste function, which will use the clipboard, how to view the clipboard? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. Software name: clipbrd.exe Software size: 47.1KB Update time: 2014-03-11 1. Download clipbrd.exe Software this paper provides software download. After completion, in the disk where the file is […]

  • Why was win10 19h1 slow preview 18362 withdrawn? Major installation bug exposed


    On March 21, Microsoft pushed the windows 10 19h1 quick preview 18362 system update for the fast preview channel, and the win10 19h1 preview 18362 system update started pushing for the slow preview channel, which means that windows 10 19h1 is becoming more and more mature. But now there seems to be a serious installation […]

  • How does win10 fix the problem of kb4013418 cumulative update?


    Win10 system encountered many problems when updating kb4013418 patch. The machine tried to update itself, but failed every time. Update history means that the update could not be installed, but there was no error code or special reason. Everything seems to be OK. How can we solve this problem? Let’s take a look at the […]

  • Win10 system mouse right click has been a circle how to solve?


    Win10 system sometimes right-click on the desktop, and there is always a circle. At this time, there is no response to clicking other places on the desktop. The problem may be that the computer configuration is too low or the system startup items are too many. Let’s share two solutions. Method 1 1. Press Win […]

  • Configuration method of binding custom domain name between hexo and GitHub under Windows 10


    Binding custom domain name between hexo and GitHub in Windows 10 So first we need to buy a domain name Hey, what kind of server can I buy in Tencent Tencent cloud student server Operating system optional   After purchase, you need some configuration and search in the cloud products   Click to resolve domain […]

  • Win10 play game tips need to open the application msgamingoverlay how to do?


    Win10 is prompted to open MS gamegovernay by the app. This is because you have uninstalled the Xbox related applications or files, so it can’t be enabled. Let’s take a look at the solution to this problem. Please see the details below. 1. When using the windows 10 system to play games, a prompt appears […]

  • Win10 system can’t access Xiaomi router hard disk?


    How can I plug in the hard disk to access the client? Let’s take a look at the detailed tutorial. 1、Shortcut key win + ROpen the operation input box and input\\ whether it can be accessed. Generally, users who cannot access the routing hard disk will be prompted with a warning as shown in the […]

  • Win10 update October version 17763.404 preview release patch model kb4490481 push


    Microsoft recently released a new cumulative update to windows 10 1809, that is, the release preview of the October version of windows 10 update. The new update is upgraded to build 17763.404, and the model patch is kb4490481, mainly to fix bugs and improve system stability. Windows 10 cumulative updates, like most cumulative updates for […]