• iOS7 UI compatible navigation bar button border UINavigationItem left and right padding


    The navigation bar buttons in ios7 will be offset by about 12 pixels relative to the version before ios7, which makes many UIs not so coordinated. To solve a problem, Override UINavigationItem's setLeftBarButtonItem and setRightBarButtonItem methods to make them compatible with previous versions; code show as below: @interface UINavigationItem (margin) @end @implementation UINavigationItem (margin) if […]

  • Docker win Ping guide for avoiding pits of impassable containers


    Using win docker desktop, I tried various ways on the network to connect container development. kill my much time! Bridging is no good, Adding routes manually is not feasible, So when you see this, you don’t want to use the usual method to connect your Linux container with the win host. As of March 29, […]

  • What has win10 build 20185 updated? Summary of new features of win10 build 20185


    What has win10 build 20185 updated?According to mspoweruser, Microsoft released windows 10 insider preview build 20185 to windows insiders in the development channel today. The official added the improved DNS configuration, the new admx support strategy for MDM and the updated “your phone” Application in this version. Users can directly access the application of Android […]

  • Does this feature of MAC make win envy? In fact, win10 can play like this


    If you are a MacOS user, you should know that Apple has set up a quite clever function – quicklook. In MacOS, you can preview the details of a file by clicking a space in front of it. You can know what it is without opening the file. When you search hard in a pile […]

  • How can win10 preview 19042.450 be upgraded by downloading patch kb4566782?


    On August 12, Microsoft pushed the 2020 08 cumulative update for windows 10 version 20h2 for beta channel internal testers, which is suitable for x64 based systems (kb4566782). This update isQuality update(last updated to)Other updates)。 ▼ system version before update Win10 20h2 beta preview 19042.423 ▼ update preparation: ◆ select preview experience member settings: beta […]

  • How Python gets the scaling size of win7 and win10 systems


    This article mainly introduces how to get the scaling size of win7 and win10 system by python. The sample code is introduced in great detail in this article, which has a certain reference learning value for everyone’s study or work. Friends who need it can refer to it Use pywin32 to call windows system interface. […]

  • Detailed steps of installing MySQL in win


    This article shared the detailed steps of installing MySQL in win for your reference. The specific contents are as follows MySQL download directory Select the installation free version of “windows (x86, 64 bit), zip archive” After decompression, create it in the MySQL decompression directory my.ini Examples are as follows: #Database server configuration item [mysqld] #Database […]

  • Solution of unable to Ping VM CentOS system under win


    Event description: when the company moves to a new address, after the computer takes it, it always fails to connect to the CentOS system of VM with xshell. Then, considering the situation of the company moving to the new address, I first suspect that it is the IP problem. Then I execute ifconfig in VM […]

  • Win10 setting background color of closed captions


    Now the number of users of windows 10 system is more and more, it is different from Windows 7 and XP system. Today, I will teach you how to set the background color of closed captions in Windows 10. Windows10 method / step Turn on the computer and click the “start” icon in the lower […]

  • Win Oracle listening file configuration reference code instance


    This article mainly introduces the example of win Oracle monitoring file configuration reference code. The example code is introduced in detail in this article, which has a certain reference learning value for your study or work. You can refer to the following for your friends Win lister.ora configuration reference # listener.ora Network Configuration File: C:\app\Administrator\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN\listener.ora […]

  • How to disable the related Win + shortcut key


    Previously, the editor introduced a lot of “win key” start of the shortcut key combination, these shortcut keys can not only provide you with a convenient program entry, but also effectively improve the efficiency of operation. In order to facilitate everyone’s learning and memory at any time, Xiaobian specially made them into pictures that can […]

  • New technique: a solution to the problem of font blur in win


    Now more and more small partners use the high-resolution screen (above 1080p). When they enjoy the more and more clear display effect, they also bring some problems in use. Small editing will solve them all at one time. These are the experience gained by using the high myopia mirror. If you feel that the font […]