• CSS static, flow, adaptive, elastic, responsive layout


    Briefly summarize the understanding of CSS layout: Static layout: PX is used to set the width and height of elements; Flow layout: the width of the child element is mainly set by%. The feature is that the screen is too large or too small to display the child element, but the relative layout of the […]

  • Vue to achieve studio management background (1): mouse drag and drop to change the window size


    A series of articles: Vue to achieve studio management background (1): mouse drag and drop to change the window size Vue to achieve studio management background (2): slot to achieve tab tab switching effect, free to fill content Realizing studio management background with Vue (3): supporting multilingual internationalization (vue-i18n) Recent revision of rxeditor, the revision […]

  • Realizing studio management background with Vue (5): Accordion


    As a person with a goal (the goal is to make an easy-to-use visual editor of bootstrap. The first version has been implemented. Demo address:https://vular.cn/rxeditor/, code address:https://github.com/vularsoft/rxeditor)They work actively, think actively and sleep less. I got up at 6:30 this morning. Before breakfast, I realized an accordion type folding assembly. The specific effects are as […]

  • FoldTextView


    A few days ago, because of business needs, I wrote aEllipsizeEndTextview , It happened that another similar method, foldtextview, was used in the project. Moreover, there was a bug in the text view display in the old library, so it was in place at one time, and it was rewritten according to the previous view. warn […]

  • Broad learning system (BLS)


    Broad learning system (BLS) Author: kailugaji – blog Garden  http://www.cnblogs.com/kailugaji/ Broad learning system (BLS) was proposed by Chen et al. [1], which is based on “flattened” neural network. Because of its high efficiency, flexible structure, and can realize incremental learning of structure, BLS has attracted extensive research interest. This blog mainly explains the general principle […]

  • Simple use of flex and simple scene of swiper


    [TOC] Flex layout Although flex has been used for a long time, I really know a little about some properties of this thing. I just know that it has this effect, but I don’t know why it happens, so I found some information to summarizeFlex is the abbreviation of flexible box, which means “flexible layout”, […]

  • Automatic calculation of fontsize in H5 responsive development


    var winWidth = window.innerWidth; var winHeight = window.innerHeight; //Get the screen width REM = screen width / 7.5 + “PX” var perRemPx = document.getElementsByTagName(“html”)\[0\].clientWidth / 7.5; //Dynamic computing window.addEventListener(“resize”, function () { //Get the screen width REM = screen width / 7.5 + “PX” perRemPx = document.getElementsByTagName(“html”)\[0\].clientWidth / 7.5; //Copy the REM value to the […]

  • CSS attributes that are not common but very practical


    1、-webkit-line-clamp You can limit the contents of a block container to a specified number of rows. After exceeding the number of rows, the “…” is displayed on the last row This is a normal display display: -webkit-box; /* Value must be – WebKit box or – WebKit inline box*/ -webkit-box-orient: vertical; /* Value must be […]

  • [flutter 2-9] flutter handle tutorial UI layout and widget — flexible layout control


    Author: VladSource Vlad (official account: fulade_ me) Flexible Flexible can help the child controls of row, column and flex fill the parent controls. It is flexible in usage and has weight properties. Similar to flexible controls are expanded.Let’s see firstFlexibleConstructor for const Flexible({ /// key Key key, //The default value of flex is 1 this.flex […]

  • Practice of canvas long microblog generation function


    Overview of 0x00 Recently, the development of mobile terminal H5 meets the demand of text to image, which is similar to the long microblog generation tool. Because of the simple requirement, it is not adoptedrasterizeHTML.jsorhtml2canvasThis kind of slightly huge HTML image conversion tool uses canvas native API to generate images directly on the canvas. Think […]

  • Picture and text explanation of PC wide screen adaptation scheme based on uni app


    It has been a long time since the world suffered from the fragmentation of the platform. Before the mobile Internet, developers only had to face the web happily. In the era of mobile Internet, IOS, Android, H5 and a variety of small app fast applications emerge in endlessly, and developers can no longer be happy. […]

  • My journey of canvas drawing (common basic interface)


    Introduction to canvas 1. Create a canvas <canvas id=”myCanvas” width=”400″ height=”400″></canvas> Note that writing width and height attributes directly in the tag is different from writing them in style. The width and height of the canvas label are the actual width and height of the canvas, and the graphics are drawn on it. The width […]