• Learn these CSS skills to make your writing style more silky


    1. Preface Record some useful CSS attributes 1,calc() The calc() function is used to dynamically calculate the length value. Any length value can be calculated using the calc() function. It should be noted that a space should be reserved before and after the operator, for example: .box{ width: calc(100% – 10px) height: calc(100% – 2rem) […]

  • Element cascader bullet frame left aligned


      Demand left alignment The width of El cascade is not enough. Add the width if you don’t want to affect the internal of visual changes Change El input to visual width     That’s it

  • CSS functions (IV) grid functions


    These three functionsCan only be used in grid layout fit-content() The fit content function receives a parameter, the length value, and its function can be interpreted literally to “adapt to the content”. <div class=”fit-content-wrapper”> < div class = “fit item Item1” > test1dssssss3333333 ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss < div class = “fit item Item2” > test2 this is […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with VIM – 26 – indent settings


    Indent settings Recall the last lesson This time I learned the details of color Set 256 color mode :set t_Co=256 Then the specific colors are determined You can also generate web pages:TOhtml Is there anything else interesting? Indent settings In normal mode use<<Can indent forward use>>You can indent backwards =You can indent the current line […]

  • It’s too lame. Baidu has all the answers that can’t be found. The multi-level header of elementui’s table fixes the first n columns


    No more nonsense. Let’s see the effect first. I fixed the first three columns and rendered the complex header, which I said in the previous chapter(https://segmentfault.com/a/11…) 1. The first n columns of the multi-level header of the table of elementui are fixed (Note: the N columns are fixed according to the width) 1.1 it is […]

  • IOS auto layout nslayoutconstraint Foundation


    Premise: to use nslayoutconstraint, you must set translatesauterizingmaskintoconstraints to no; Example: //1: create a yellow view UIView *yellowView = [[UIView alloc]init]; yellowView.backgroundColor = [UIColor yellowColor]; //2: Please add it to subview first [self.view addSubview:yellowView]; //3: cancel autoresizing of yellow view //Yes means to use autoresizing. If AutoLayout needs to be set to no yellowView.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = […]

  • 11.29-12.5


    Oh, it’s not easy to write this developeppaper. In fact, it was written yesterday. It’s about the journey in my heart. But I submitted it twice. It failed to pass the review and made it private to me. What’s more annoying is that I can only submit it twice a day. Then I changed it […]

  • Large visual screen


    How to fit the screen Algorithm: image.png In the above figure, if the width / height of the equipment is > 16 / 9, WP is equal to the equipment height * 16 / 9; otherwise, if it is less than or equal to 16 / 9, it is equal to the equipment width.WP is […]

  • Responsive picture


    Responsive picture IMG tag in HTML5 Srcset and sizes attributes are newly added in 1, which can be used to realize the response of pictures srcset Srcset can be used to specify multiple images, which can be distinguished by different descriptors x xIt is used to describe different pixel density multiples, such as 1X, 2x […]

  • JS realizes the effect of clicking on the picture to enlarge and close


    Effect achieved: Click the picture to display the large picture in the pop-up layer. Click the large picture or blank area to close the large picture. The height and width of the picture are determined according to the size of the window HTML code JS code $(function(){ $(“.pimg”).click(function(){ var _ this = $(this);// Take the […]

  • The difference between adaptive and responsive vernacular analysis


    According to daily development experience and online related materials, analyze in simple and easy to understand vernacularself-adaptionFollowResponsiveThe difference between.Note:This paper only analyzes the difference between adaptive and responsive and the background of its origin, not the method of its use 1、 What is adaptive layout Adaptive layout is a width adaptive layout. On devices of […]

  • Horizontal and vertical center deep excavation


    In the last article–The charm of one line of CSS codeFinally, two ways to quickly realize horizontal and vertical centering are mentioned. Of course, there are many ways to achieve horizontal and vertical centering in CSS. Don’t seeHorizontal vertical centerThe focus of this article is not to list how many ways to achieve horizontal and […]