• Vue combat 1: drag and drop the mouse to change the window size, background management interface


    Recently revised rxeditor, the revision process, the technical points used, recorded. Yesterday completed the production of static page, the production process has not been recorded in detail, later has been reluctant to make up, some regret. However, the results of the work are fully retained on GitHub, address: https://github.com/vularsoft/studio-ui The HTML under this project- demo.html […]

  • Record the embarrassment of using @ media


    In the past, when writing HTML with vs code, the shortcut keys were smooth. What commonly used tags are generated for you, so a careless rookie encountered an embarrassing thing when using the default webstrom.1. First of all, min width and max width are commonly used in media query; Min width, literally, minimum width, which […]

  • Quick layout with CSS viewer


    Author: Ahmad shadedTranslator: front end witSource: Sitepoint Like it and watch it again. Get used to it this paperGitHub https://github.com/qq44924588…On has included, more previous high praise article classification, also sorted out a lot of my documents, and tutorial materials. Welcome to star and perfect, you can refer to the examination site to review, I hope […]

  • Truncate utf8 encoded string, specify width (not length) from first byte


    Intercepts utf8 encoded string, and specifies the width (non length) from the first byte, It is suitable for the same width interception of limited string length such as news headlines The results show that the width difference between Chinese and English is the biggest, and the larger the intercepting width is, the more obvious it […]

  • Simple and crude mobile page development skills


    Mobile terminal responsive page development is simple and simple, according to the screen size to adjust the root font size. Large width with%, height and small width all use rem, simple and crude. I have read the desert teacher’s use of flexible to achieve terminal adaptation of hand washing H5 page, and introduced the H5 […]

  • Pure CSS lets child elements break through the width limit of parent elements


    In the writing style, we can often see this situation   The code is as follows <div style=”width: 300px;border: 4px solid #000;margin: 20px;padding: 2px;”> Parent element <div style=”border: 1px solid blue;height: 100px;white-space: nowrap;”> <span>Prime prime element</span> </div> </div> If you’ve thought about this phenomenon carefully, why? Might you ask, shouldn’t child elements widen the width […]

  • [C ා] (original) step by step to teach you custom control — 04, ProgressBar (progress bar)


    1、 Preface Technology is not advanced and backward, only suitable and inappropriate. The custom control of this article is: ProgressBar. There are many ways to realize the progress bar, such as using multiple pictures, putting one or two panels on the UserControl, overloading the system progress bar, etc. The progress bar implemented this time is […]

  • HTML5 canvas generates Taobao guest posters and mobile phone posters


    Now posters are very common. After all, it is very convenient to do drainage promotion, so we can use canvas to quickly draw posters. Here is an example I wrote. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Canvas</title> <meta charset=”utf-8″> </head> <style type=”text/css”> *{ margin:0; padding:0; } #myCanvas{ background: #eee; margin:50px auto; display: block; } </style> <body> <canvas […]

  • Flex layout and scaling calculation


    1、 Introduction to flex layout Flex isFlexible BoxAn abbreviation for“Flexible layout“To provide maximum flexibility for the box model. Any containerCan be specified as flex layout, that is,Inline elements can also be set to flex layout。 //Set block level element div to flex layout div { display: flex; } //Set the in line element span to […]

  • Detailed explanation of nested header of grid manager


    After several adjustments, the nested header function was finally released in v2.13.0. Effect display Let’s start with a nested header How to use it Configuration is quite simple. You only need thecolumnDataMedium increasechildrenProperty. childrenProperty is array type, andcolumnDataThey are used in the same way,childrenIt can be nested infinitely. <table id=’table-demo-nestedCode’></table> new GridManager(document.querySelector(‘table’), { gridManagerName: ‘demo-nestedCode’, […]

  • POI autosizecolumn() performance bottleneck


    Today, I used npoi to export excel, and the data was more than 30000. After waiting for five or six minutes, I didn’t finish the export. After debugging, I found that the bottleneck was in the method of autosizecolumn(), which was searched on the Internet https://bz.apache.org/bugzilla/show_ bug.cgi?id=58896 The topic of discussion is that when there […]

  • CSS border style


    In this section, we will learn about border styles, including how to set border width, border color, border style, etc. When we set the border for an element, it can be divided into four borders: top, bottom, left and right. We can set the styles of the four borders at the same time, or set […]