• JQuery replaces the specified string in the string


    let data = ‘asdfghjklasdasd’; let reg = new RegExp(‘asd’,’g’); If (reg. Test (data)) {// judge whether there is any content in data that you want to replace //There is something you want to replace //The first parameter is the content to be replaced, and the second parameter “g” means to replace all let res= data.replace(reg, […]

  • Linkmovementmethod “solve the click event triggered by clicking clickablespan”


    I wrote about customization in the last articleExpand the collapsed textview, but I recently found a problem. That is, in the list page, if you click all, the click event of view will be triggered, resulting in details after expansion.     This is clearly not the desired result.   You can customize hereLinkMovementMethodTo solve […]

  • Gitignore ignores the files in the directory and only keeps the directory form


    The existing directory structure is as follows ├── public │── x1 │ │── file1 │ └── file2 │── x2 │ │── file3 │ └── file4 └── thumb │── file5 └── file6 If you want to ignore directories X1 and X2 and all files, ignore the files under the thumb directory and keep the thumb directory […]

  • Create react app after the scaffold creates a new project, start the project, and the error reported by the browser is solved.


    After using the create react app scaffold to create a new project, start the project browser and report an error: uncaught typeerror: cannot read property ‘foreach’ of undefined at object injectIntoGlobalHook This is because the react web debugging tool is an old version, which conflicts with the new scaffold Solution 1: enter the Google development […]

  • Overall migration Git


    This article introduces a git operation to move a repo to another new repo, including branch / tag:. git_test1: github.com:xiangbin1997/git_test1.git. git_test2: github.com:xiangbin1997/git_test2.git Use Git_ Test1 replaces Git_ test2 Bare mode clone Git_ test1 [[email protected] git_test1_full]$ git clone –bare [email protected]:xiangbin1997/git_test1.git git_test1 Cloning into bare repository ‘git_test1’… remote: Enumerating objects: 19, done. remote: Counting objects: 100% (19/19), […]

  • [go] basic TCP service module of lightweight server framework


    The framework should first define the overall structure, and generally establish its own directory under the SRC of the $gopath directory   Zinterface is the definition of some interfaces ZnEt is the concrete implementation of the interface IServer.go package zinterface type IServer interface{ Start() Stop() Server() } server. Go is the basic business of a […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 53 – # batch replacement


    Find details Recall the last lesson We reviewed the relevant content about search /Forward,?reverse nKeep the direction,NChange direction Can set Ignore uppercase and lowercase Do you want to find it from scratch Highlight There are also some ways to use regular expressions Beginning and end of line^$ Prefix and suffix\<\> Character list[a-z]、[A-Za-z_] Include carriage returnone\_stwo […]

  • The system command operates the register to find a specific character in proc


    1、 void sd5_close_i2c_clk() { static int i2c_reseted = 0; if( !i2c_reseted) { i2c_reseted = 1; printf(“>>>>>>>date:%s>>>>>>>disable i2c clk.\n”,__DATE__); WRITE_DEBUG_LOG_TO_SDCARD(“>>>>>>>date:%s>>>>>>>disable i2c clk.\n”,__DATE__); /*disable i2c*/ system(“devmem 0xc0010014 32 0x0”); usleep(100*1000); /*pin mux*/ system(“cur=$(devmem 0xc00100B0);new=$(($cur|(0x03<<7)));devmem 0xc00100B0 32 $new”); usleep(100*1000); /*out put*/ system(“cur=$(devmem 0xc0070028);new=$(($cur|(0x03<<7)));devmem 0xc0070028 32 $new”); usleep(100*1000); /*close i2c clk*/ system(“cur=$(devmem 0xc0070008);new=$(($cur&(~(0x03<<7))));devmem 0xc0070008 32 $new”); } else { […]

  • [leetcode gradually sum to get the minimum value of positive number] | swipe the question and punch in [3]


    1、 Title Description: Give you an integer array nums. You can select any positive number startvalue as the initial value.You need to traverse the num array from left to right and add the startvalue to the values in the num array in turn.Please select the smallest positive number as the startvalue on the premise that […]

  • The difference between async / await and promise


    Async / await and promise are asynchronous methods. Async / await can better handle then chains Async / await adoptsSynchronous thought and asynchronous methodChestnut: a problem encountered in the project. When mounted, you need to obtain all the alarm types before obtaining the selected alarm types. At first, you need to call getallalarmtypelist(), and then […]

  • Av-test: ranking of famous anti-virus software tests in April 2021


    During March and April 2021,av-test21 windows system security products with default settings were continuously evaluated. The latest public version is adopted for the test. The test software is downloaded from the official website. During the test, the security software can query its own data in the cloud service. The test scenarios are all the actual […]

  • CSS shutter quick knowledge points


    The mouse passes through the picture and all are displayedCreate a and cross all B!Then b set overflow hiding, and the frame speed is 0.8 when adding animationFigure 300 here is actually for adaptive height <template> <div class=”a”> <div class=”b”><img></div> <div class=”b”><img></div> <div class=”b”><img></div> <div class=”b”><img></div> <div class=”b”><img></div> </div> </template> <style lang=”less” scoped=”scoped”> .a { […]