• Climbing novel


    Recently, I found a good-looking novel. Climb down and have a try. This script is not applicable to all web pages, but most web pages can still be used after a little modification according to the specific content #!/usr/bin/python # Author:Playon # -*- coding:utf-8 -*- # Time:2020/8/18 9:57 import requests from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import […]

  • How to retrieve data from JSON files


    1. JSON type 1 var data = [ { “id”:”1″, “url”:”https://api.server.com/server/sc/area/getOpenAreas”, “param”:”” }, { “id”:”2″, “url”:”https://api.server.com/server/sc/blackList/updateBlackList”, “userType”:”1″, “userId”:”12″, “targetId”:”1000001″ }, { “id”:”3″, “url”:”https://api.server.com/server/sc/commodity/getCommodity”, “shopId”:”11111111″, “page”:””, “limit”:”100″ } ] $scope.setApi = function(data){ var _ object = $filter(‘filter’)(data[0]);// Fetch the JSON object with ID 1 console.log(“—————-_object—————“) console.log(_object) //[object,object…] var s_ object = $filter(‘filter’)(_object.url);// [5] For example, you […]

  • Oracle — window function (III)


    Today, let’s talk about how the wrong line function (lag, lead) uses the window function. Lag(exp_str,offset,defval) over() Lead(exp_str,offset,defval) over() –exp_ STR column to fetch –Offset gets the row of data after offset –Defval: there is no qualified default value The following are all records of the table “test_student_score”. SQL> select t.* from test_student_score t; STUDENT_ID […]

  • Vue filters the same data under two conditions


    explain:In order to avoid unnecessary HTTP requests, pull-down filter these multi frequency operations and change them to local processing. Scenario:1. Name of waste:(1) The drop-down list data is obtained according to the “waste name” of the table;(2) When the drop-down option is “all”, the most original data is returned; 2. Container label:(1) The data shall […]

  • Distributed transaction practice — what is a complete XA like?


    affair Some businesses require that a series of operations must be performed in full, not only in part. For example, a transfer operation: –Transfer 100 yuan from the account with id = 1 to the account with id = 2 –Step 1: subtract 100 from the balance of account a with id = 1 UPDATE […]

  • Basic container commands for docker


    Docker run — help # start command help Run container Docker run CentOS / bin / bash # starts a container from the image docker run –name my_ CentOS CentOS # assign a name Docker run – D CentOS # runs the container in the background and prints the container ID Docker run – it […]

  • A regular expression that matches 8-16 digit numeric and alphabetic passwords


    The password of a user registration function has the following requirements: it is composed of numbers and letters, and it should contain numbers and letters at the same time, and the length should be between 8-16 bits. The splitting requirements are as follows: Not all numbers Not all letters Must be numeric or alphabetic As […]

  • Replace the MySQL field name with hump style


    VIM command%s/_([a-z])/\U\1/g \L lowercase\U capital&Are all regular expression matches,Others are: \ 1, \ 2, \ 3,…, \ 9. Represents the 1st, 2nd, 3rd… 9th match.

  • Match and match in elasticsearch_ phrase、query_ The difference between string and term


    1、 The difference between text field and keyword field Before understanding the differences between these queries, first understand the differences between the text field and the keyword field: Create index and type, and introduce keyword field PUT my_index { “mappings”: { “properties”: { “name”:{ “type”: “keyword” } } } } GET /my_index You can see […]

  • IOS ZFJ redislib super convenient key value pair storage solution, SQLite data model repository, APP cache solution


    preface I have written a data model storage method before when I was working as a cache framework in my last company. Specifically, it is encapsulated on the basis of fmdb and directly stores the data model, as follows: IOS – fmdb based operation encapsulation, model object addition, deletion, modification and query Recently, I’m not […]

  • Trigger conditions of bindchange event in toast component of wechat applet


    The toast component of wechat applet is a message prompt box. For example, when the number of articles is all loaded, the user clicks againLoad moreAfter JS judges that all the articles are loaded, the toast component will pop up to prompt the user that there are no more articles. The effect is as follows: […]

  • Postman – use login interface to save cookies automatically


    uselocalhostAndLocal IPsuch as192.168.0.122The stored cookie is different for postman It is recommended to test with either localhost or IP Write this article to deepen your memory, don’t forget it again!!!