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  • How does winrm set up trustedhosts


    If you want winrm to be able to establish a connection, you need to set the IP address to the white list. View the current winrm whitelist By running the following command in the command line tool: Get-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts The current configuration is shown in the command line tool above Set all addresses The following […]

  • Django — Middleware


    Application scenarios of middleware: 1. Limit the frequency of IP access: the frequency of some IP access servers is too high to intercept, for example, no more than 20 times per minute 2. URL access filtering: if the user accesses login or register, let it go, If you want to access other views, you need […]

  • Vue routing permission control analysis


    This article has been reproduced with the authorization of the author Author: humble front endOriginal text: https://juejin.im/post/689229… preface I am mainly responsible for the development of middle and background systems in the company, in which routing and permission verification are very important and the most basic link. In the actual development project, the control of […]

  • How NPM only publishes packaged dist


    First inSparrow document preface Because of the project requirements, I wrote a unified request plug-in based on UMI request, but the company’s private library has not been built yet. Although it can be solved by using webpack alias reference temporarily, for other students to quickly pull my plug-in, I can only upload dist to NPM […]

  • Application of bitcoin in data security (1)


    Have you ever come across a scenario in which the company needs to configure an internal service and expose a public network interface for debugging. At the same time, in order to ensure security, token verification is set for this interface. Only members of the group know the token. Obviously, there is a security risk […]

  • Deep comparison between emui and MIUI background processing


    Android’s background mechanism is not only an advantage of Android, but also a feature with serious fragmentation. As a developer of three apps that rely on Android’s background services, I write this article to compare the background processing logic of emui and MIUI, the two most common Android systems EMUI 10.0.0, Android 10 MIUI 12.0.6, […]

  • Thinkpapi service update IP white list


    ThinkAPIunifiedAPIInterface service is a set of interface calling services and services encapsulated by official joint partnersSDK, designed to helpThinkPHPdeveloperMore convenient and lower costCall all kinds of official and third party servicesAPIInterfaces and services, so as to better build the developer ecology. This timeThinkAPIThe service updates are as follows: Add IP white list function In view […]

  • Nginx configuration common parameters, see this article is enough


    Recently, I’m learning nginx as a note. If you have any mistakes, please point them out or exchange them in depth. Related articles: Nginx load balancing Nginx adds Lua module Using consumer + nginx upsync to realize dynamic load Nginx proxy cache Nginx embedded variables Main module #Configure users or groups. The default is nobody […]

  • How to enhance the interceptor of grpc


    Grpc interceptor as AOP programming tool, I believe you must have experienced when using grpc. Here, we mainly talk about the shortcomings of normal use It can only be used for global, and can’t flexibly intercept each or a class of methods. If you only do some business independent operations (record the request log and […]

  • How to design a powerful API interface


    In daily development, there are always various interfaces. Front and back end data transmission interface, third-party business platform interface. The front-end and back-end data transmission interfaces of a platform usually communicate in the Intranet environment and use the security framework, so the security can be well protected. This article focuses on how to design the […]

  • Django 1.8 official document translation: 13-12 verifier


    Validator Write verifier A verifier is a callable object that takes a value and throws it when some rules are not metValidationErrorAbnormal. Validators help to reuse validation logic between different types of fields. For example, this validator only allows even numbers: from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError def validate_even(value): if value % 2 != 0: raise ValidationError(‘%s […]