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  • How to access Phoenix data by spark on maxcompute


    Introduction:How to use spark on maxcompute to connect to Phonix and write the data of HBase to the corresponding table of maxcompute. There are no corresponding cases at present, in order to meet the needs of users. This paper mainly explains how to use spark to connect Phonix to access HBase data and then write […]

  • Error handling based on react Redux


    This paper is divided into three parts Classification of error Explain in detail how to use Redux to deal with errors in a unified way step by step Collection of error information The technology stack used in this case includes:React,Redux,TypeScript,Axios,Lodash。 Classification of error HTTP request error HTTP request errors can be classified into the following […]

  • Linux view server brutally crack SSH IP


    On the server of public network, you often encounter someone to blow up port 22 of your server, which is used to mine or do other things~ In this case, the correct way is to: Modify the default SSH port 22 Log in using set key or whitelist IP It is recommended that the server […]

  • Record of electron stepping on the pit (1)


    Scene description structurepcClient, usingelectron-vueScaffold for rapid construction environment.The function points arewebEnd all normal, porting code toelectronThe function points with problems are as follows: 1. RTMP streaming media play 2. Some components of Ant Design Vue UI framework fail The player usesvue-video-player, playrtmpStream needs to useflashTechnology. Example of using flash plug-in package by electron Problem solving […]

  • MongoDB 3.6 Authentication IP Restrictions


    preface Well, after reading the title, I don’t know if you have a subconscious mind. If so, yes, that’s it. Mongodb is finally open. I think for the security of a database, a more important module – IP whitelist. As we all know, mysql, Oracle, sqlserver and other well-known databases have made considerable security protection. […]

  • Common configuration of nginx


    1. Load balancing //Default polling method upstream backserver { server; server; } //Weight setting: the higher the weight, the greater the access upstream backserver { server weight=1; server weight=2; } server { listen 80; server_name localhost; location / { proxy_pass http://backserver } } //Allocation by response time //Nginx comes with NGX_ […]

  • GitHub actions and MP CI help wechat applet continuous integration


    useGitHub Actions、mp-cibyTaroAdd continuous integration to the project and let development soar. mp-ci mp-ciIs the wechat small program (game) release assistant, support preview and upload. It can be directly connected to the development process to improve the R & D efficiency. Based on the officialminiprogram-ciEncapsulation is many times better than its big brother Mini deploy. It […]

  • Django project solves cross domain problems


    django-cors-headers Official documents: https://pypi.org/project/djan… requirement Support for Python 3.5 – 3.8 Support Django 1.11 – 3.0 install pip install django-cors-headers In the project’ssettings.pyFile configuration Register applications INSTALLED_APPS = [ … ‘corsheaders’ , … ] Registration Middleware MIDDLEWARE = [ … ‘ corsheaders.middleware.CorsMiddleware , register Middleware ‘django.middleware.common.CommonMiddleware’ , … ] Set allowed sources #Allow all sources […]

  • How to access MySQL database by function calculation


    Function compute: function computing is an event driven, fully managed computing service. Using function calculation, you don’t need to purchase and manage the infrastructure such as server, just write and upload code. Function computing prepares computing resources for you, runs tasks flexibly and reliably, and provides log query, performance monitoring and alarm functions. With function […]

  • Micro course lesson 15 authority and black and white list


    https://v.youku.com/v_show/id… In the last issue, we introduced the management side. In this issue, we will introduce the authority and black and white list. Function introduction Permission is the DML permission control of a table, including whether the permissions such as insert, update, select and delete are allowed. Blacklist is a parser function inherited from Druid. […]

  • A Simple RESTful API Service With Node.js And Koa2


    Background: 2017 can be said to be the year of the outbreak of blockchain. It is said that the currency circle is one day and the stock market is one year. The immediacy of the grapevine is very important. Sometimes I want to query the currency price in real time, but I also need to […]