• Four steps to my programming growth


    This time I decided not to play rogue and write a piece of chicken soup. This article is based on the process to the result. I always wrote the result before, and I always felt bad. Blabla, when I was chatting in groups, I saw a website with a ranking of most active GitHub users […]

  • Some tips on getting started with Python in one day


    1. Preface I haven’t written for a long time. Recently, python has been used in some interesting technologies. I thought it would take some time, but I didn’t study it deliberately after the first day. Here are some of the key points. If I learn a language, it’s not because it’s hot, but because I […]

  • Some new insights into PHP framework, rapid development of that thing


    As soon as the PHP framework is mentioned, there will be introductions, rankings and comparisons of larravel, Yii, CodeIgniter, Zend, ThinkPHP, etc. Especially in China, laravel and ThinkPHP have a great controversy. Laravel will always be the top of the list. TP performance will be many times higher than larravel, and some analytic graphs will […]

  • Thoughts on toast wheel made by Vue


    Translator: Wang ErgouBlog: digging gold, thinking or not, Zhihu, Jianshu, CSDNLike to see again, develop habits, your support is the biggest motivation I continue to shareLink to the original text: https://www.sitepoint.com/sho… I’ve been building these daysVueThe wheel, it’s done so farButton、Grid layout、Default layout、InputWait for the wheel. It’s being written todayToastI have a problem with the […]

  • Java uses netty to implement simple RPC


    Build a wheel to realize RPC call After writing a simple example of netty to realize communication, I germinated the idea of realizing RPC call, so I started to work on netty RPC and realized a simple RPC call project. If you are also interested in building wheels, you can take a look at the […]

  • Introduction to springboot: 05 – introducing data transfer layer


    The data we operate now directly uses entity classes. If the user object we output needs to contain the list of permissions owned by the user, how can we encapsulate it? It is obviously not possible to encapsulate it directly into the entity class, because the responsibility of the entity class is to provide a […]

  • Write a multi-user blog system with laravel and log in with GitHub account


    Inadvertently, I found a simple multi-user blog platform, which is BlogI. https://bloggi.co After a few minutes, I couldn’t put it down. What can I do? Then repeat the wheel. So I wrote one by myself. Why use laravel? Because laravel is almost the most mature php7 framework so far, it is ecologically friendly, and you […]

  • A simple example of using websocket to control ppt remotely


    Original address: http://www.pwhack.me/archives/mobile-remote-presentation-controller.html Recently, I was invited to give a speech at the headquarters of Hangzhou Electric Power (I am diaosi from the East Campus). Students may be more curious about how I use my mobile phone to control PPT, and want to know how to do it. In fact, it is very simple to […]

  • Google Vision OCR


    Google vision OCR pit climbing suggestions Install Google vision firstshell composer require google/cloud-vision The first time I used it, I really encountered a lot of problems. The document is in English, so I can’t help but go on the way to exploreBaiduandgoogleHowever, the search results are not satisfactory. It may be that the search method […]

  • My typescript wheel in 2019


    (this article is under construction recently…) I would like to share with you the process of writing a more complicated wheel in the near future, as well as the steps and thoughts in it. If there is any better practice, please do not hesitate to comment. Factor awareness: directory structure, GIT branching strategy, TS and […]

  • Using jQuery in Vue single page application


    Record the way of introducing jQuery into an application established by Vue cli used today. Prefer to install jQuery through NPM npm install jquery –save In build/ webpack.base.conf Introducing jQuery into files module.exports = { … resolve: { extensions: [‘.js’, ‘.vue’, ‘.json’], alias: { ‘vue$’: ‘vue/dist/vue.esm.js’, ‘@’: resolve(‘src’), ‘jquery’: path.resolve(__dirname, ‘../node_modules/jquery/src/jquery’) } }, … } […]

  • Openresty integrates Alibaba cloud OSS


    At present, Alibaba cloud doesn’t provide the Lua version of the SDK officially. They found several on the Internet. They didn’t think it was ideal, so they built a wheel by themselves. At present, it’s still a wheel of a bicycle, only realizing some functions, but it can also be used Don’t talk much about […]