• Recommend some strange and good things


    directory structure Wheel chapter browser mindmap nprogress vConsole Vscode article DIY code snippet Image Preview Tools markdown-nice excalidraw GitHub Readme Stats gh-pages Wheel chapter 1.browser Star 731 In this incompatible front-end era, our developers will use Google browser, but some users don’t install itChromeBrowsers, or installed with other miscellaneous browser cores, may be usedChrome However, […]

  • [suitable for junior and intermediate java programmer training manual to build the whole web project from 0] (I)


    preface The text has been included in my GitHub warehouse. Welcome Star:https://github.com/bin392328206 > The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now six-finger-web The wheels of a web back-end framework include handling HTTP requests [request level Web server based on netty], MVC [interface encapsulation and forwarding], IOC [dependency injection], AOP […]

  • Zepto.cutphoto avatar clipping gadget


    I’ve been working on the mobile terminal these days. One of them involves uploading avatars. This function model is hardly too common. Almost all websites have this function, so avoid making wheels repeatedly. Directly refer to everyone’s scheme to encapsulate this little thing. There are many places with perfect treatment. It will certainly continue to […]

  • Rust – implement iterator


    problem The author wants to implement a rowmutiter, which produces variable references of elements in a row of ratmat, and can be matched at the same timeIteratorWheels. It is envisaged that it can be used as follows: //Produces a variable reference to the element of the first row for x in ratmat.get_mut_row(1).unwrap(){ *x += 1; […]

  • Didi automatic driving finally came, and the whole Shanghai was boiling about it


    Probe fish “Didn’t you say what kind of unmanned driving is going on recently?”, I said. In 2016, when I was still fishing at Evergrande, I once talked to my colleagues about the driver’s license test. I said I didn’t want to take the driver’s license test very much and looked forward to the arrival […]

  • Accelerate laravel with swoole (in a formal environment)


    1. Where is the speed bottleneck of laravel? 1.1 some existing optimization methods 1.1.1 laavel officially provides some optimization methods to optimize laavel php artisan optimize php artisan config:cache php artisan route:cache 1.1.2 using opcache acceleration, PHP is an interpreted language. When executing, you must first read the program and compile it into opcode by […]

  • Listwheelscrollview of flitter widgets


    Note: without special instructions, the version of flutter and dart are as follows: Flutter version: 1.12.13 + hotfix. 5 Dart version: 2.7.0 Basic usage When displaying a large amount of data, we will first think of using listview. If you think listview is relatively simple and boring, you can use listwheelscrollview. Listwheelscrollview and listview share […]

  • An indispensable ancient scroll Library


    Recently, I am busy with developing a desktop app, the main technology is based onelectronandangular.js. During the development process, I found that the scroll bar in windows is extremely ugly. As a program ape of design background, I couldn’t bear it, so I built a scroll bar wheel in off hours, calledangular-nice-bar (View demo)。 I […]

  • Some extensions to replace PHP native functions


    preface Although programmers are building wheels all the time, there are efficiency points in building wheels. Only by using wheels well can we make good wheels guzzlehttp/guzzle composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle You can completely replace curl, file with guzzlehttp_ get_ Content, fopen and other functions. This expansion pack is very easy to use. Let’s look at […]

  • front end mobileWindow.js The 0.0.1 version of the framework was officially released, and its shortcomings are expected to be pointed out


    mobileWindow.js Because the company’s new project needs to achieve similar app operation in the mobile terminal, in order to quickly develop, of course, we hope to find a ready-made third-party class library to realize the relevant functions, but after a few days, we still haven’t found a particularly suitable one, so we started to write […]

  • Cloud native application go language: when you are still thinking about it, others have already applied it


    Abstract:At the 6th gopher China conference recently held in Shanghai, Tian Xiaoliang, chief architect of Huawei cloud microservice, shared the “go language cloud native combat experience of Huawei cloud”, telling how to build a resilient, highly reliable and secure cloud native application system, and incubating the cloud native application development framework go chassis, so as […]

  • SMOL author makes new wheels future Lite


    A series of articles: awesome rust Mongodb officially released mongodb rust driver Rust organization on GitHub Learn rust through examples Rust implementation of common algorithms Lightweight Windows GUI tool library based on Rust Chinese English comparison of rust language terms Official weekly diary of rust Small and fast rust asynchronous runtime SMOL Microsoft open source […]