• Fomir: another form wheel


    In the past six months, I have been doing business related to forms. Combined with my years of experience in forms, I have built a form wheel named fomir according to my own perception. GitHub address: https://github.com/forsigner/fomir Why another wheel? I have tried many form libraries, such as Redux form, formik, final form, react hook […]

  • Laravel uses spoole to replace nginx as the HTTP server


    1. What limits the speed of the laravel framework? Many files need to be loaded when starting laravel framework. In addition, its famous ecological environment is good, so we will find a lot of wheels that have been built during the development process, which makes the disk IO of laravel start-up particularly high (that is, […]

  • Simulation of two wheel balance car based on Simulink


    Problem description There is a trolley model in SolidWorks, as shown in the figure. Now it is necessary to carry out physical simulation in MATLAB, so it is necessary to establish a physical model in MATLAB. It is more appropriate to use simscape here. Import model into Matlab Save the body (except the wheel) and […]

  • Fluent drawing series


    1. Why write and draw I hope you can have a systematic understanding of the drawing of fluent. Like the canvas of H5, fluent drawing can also bring infinite imagination to everyone We can find the correct posture in the development of fluent Explore the essence of the widget implementation of fluent I hope my […]

  • Third party libraries commonly used by IOS swift


    All developers know that don’t build wheels repeatedly. To improve work efficiency, many people have built wheels, which are easy to use and have few bugs. This article is to sort out the third-party libraries that can be used well. I hope it can help you, help yourself and update them slowly. If there are […]

  • The use of vernacular vuex!


    1. Tell you a story I remember the pain of learning react’s state management redux. I wish I could give up react. Before, some people always said Vue was simple and vuex’s global state management was difficult. In my opinion, the official website said too much, so that some people didn’t use it right, some […]

  • PHP makes word resume


    PHP word has a very easy-to-use wheel, phpword, which can be found on GitHub(PHPOffice/PHPWord)。 There are more detailed examples and codes above. The source code contains some common operation examples, including setting header, footer, page number, font style, table, inserting picture and other common operations. Here is how to use the wheel to make a […]

  • I counted the relationship between the size of the company and the front-end technology stack


    Hello, I’m Carson. Yesterday, I sent a questionnaire in the circle of friends to investigate the size of the company and the front-end technology stack. As of 1:00 this afternoon, a total of 844 front-end students have participated. The following is the conclusion of the survey. I wonder if it is the same as you […]

  • A design idea of API code structure


    Twitter’s API Playground Prologue There are three products in the process of writing API file Few people like to write documents and are lazy to maintain them. But at the same time, API documentation is a necessity for other programmers. Therefore, we all love and hate documents, hate ourselves for maintaining documents, and love beautiful […]

  • All belong to the operating system. What are the advantages of Linux over windows?


    What are the advantages of Linux over windows? 1. Linux can see the source code, but windows can’t. The direct result of this is that the required kernel modules can be tailored and customized in special applications, which is quite beneficial to the advanced system kernel management optimization and driver development. In addition, because the […]

  • IOS technology sharing source code (just enter the pit of IOS? Don’t be afraid, come here and learn with me.)


    IOS technology sharing (APP icon production, apple purchase, payment, imitation WeChat friends circle, imitation WeChat image viewer, add post case, anti Sina @ people, imitation Alipay password box, imitation hair ring, tag, JS interactive +wk, loading web pages, adaptive cell height, TableView embedded player, anti Caton, custom watch box, select address, select time, select color, […]

  • Love the front end and think about turning the back end every day.


    My story My name is Jeff. I’m a software major student. I’ve studied front-end full counting for two years. My sophomore contacted three major items. At that time, I wrote a full stack project of go. At that time, I watched the video and made a connected webapp, but I still knew a little. Later, […]