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  • Source code analysis of Redux — source code analysis of applymiddleware


    Source code analysis of applymiddleware Middleware mechanismstayreduxIt is powerful and convenient to usereduxWe can achieve logging, asynchronous call and many other very practical functions.reduxThe middleware is mainly through theapplyMiddlewareModule implementation. Now, let’s take a good look at the magic of this module. About the use of middleware, students who do not understand also need to […]

  • About + + []] [+]] + [+]]


    A few days ago, brother Li showed me an operation in JavaScript, that is, the value of + + is 10;You can also have a look console.log(++[[]][+[]]+[+[]]) 10 Lying trough, bull!Very curious, JS how to get this result, inexplicably got 10; my first feeling is impossible, but the result is there; this is to think, […]

  • Implementation of Redux like state manager with native JavaScript


    React and Vue divide an application into different components. The state of one component may affect another component. With the increasing complexity of the project, the communication between components is a headache Me: Qiao to Ma TTE! Is the increasing complexity of the project making state management difficult? There may be many factors causing a […]

  • Just one step! Using Linux directly under Windows


    Win 10 system is relatively powerful. After it is updated, it has such a function as Linux subsystem, which makes us fans, we can say we can’t put it down. In a word, we can throw away the virtual machine. Before, I also saw a lot of similar articles on the Internet, either lying trough […]

  • CPU memory monitoring in Linux shell practice


    Case requirementsNow every 3 seconds, the CPU and memory usage of the computer are detected, and a warning is given if the memory usage rate or CPU usage rate exceeds 90%The code is as follows (for reference only, the case is applicable to the author’s own MBP) Echo “start monitoring the CPU and memory usage […]

  • CLAMP 1.0.1 Vulnhub Walkthrough


      Host level port scanning detection: ╰─ nmap -p1-65535 -A -sV Accessing web services Using dirbuster to enlarge fields for directory explosion   Look at these questions first:   Question True/False Bit Baku is the capital of Turkey False 0 The beginning of the French Revolution is 1798 True 1 Istanbul was conquered […]