• [open source] wexbox 2 released


    WeexBox2 A simple and efficient solution for app hybrid development Write at the beginning Wexbox official QQ group No.: 943913583 It’s more than half a year since weexbox 1 was released. We have been trying to add exciting features in this half a year. Now it’s time to introduce weexbox 2. Features of weexbox 2 […]

  • About the post CSS weex plug-in, let weex development more comfortable


    background As we all know, in the development of weex, the writing of CSS has always been a pain point. The main performance is as follows: Limited CSS properties are supported; Shorthand is not supported, for examplemargin: 10px 0It must be written separately in four directionsmargin; In weex, the size will be based on the […]

  • Weex headlines today


    toutiao –weex App project (Android / IOS) based on weex + vue2.0 imitating today’s headlines Source address: Toutiao · weex Apk address: Android demo Preface I planned to make something familiar with the use of Vue before. Because I really like to brush my mobile phone to see the news, I drew lessons from other […]

  • [introduction] weex quick create project Hello World


    I didn’t want to write this introductory blog, but I did have too many holes when I created the first demo, and the official didn’t give a good introduction. Gu wrote this article, hoping to help beginners, not to appear “from entry to abandon the door” phenomenon. If there is anything wrong in the article, […]

  • weex-image-picker


    weex-image-picker Weex image picker is a weex plug-in, which can be quickly integrated through weepack, and can enrich the functions of weex Supported weexpack versions: > = 0.2.0Supported versions of weexsdk: > = 0.10.0 function Rapid use Initialize a test project weextest through weexpack weexpack create weextest Add IOS platform weexpack platform add ios Add […]

  • Netease strictly selects app to feel weex development (completed)


    Since the day of birth, weex has been brought to the fate of react native. React native claims “learn once, write anywhere,” while weex claims “write once, run everywhere.”. In my opinion, no one is better, only who is more suitable. Next I’ll focus on getting started with weex.(if you don’t know react native and […]

  • Unexpected token problem encountered by hexo + CSS


    Background of problem Using hexo + CSS simulation to implement weex documents, the syntax difference between page weex and Vue 2. X encountered problems. Problem description Create a new page, copy the content, and the hexo server runs. The console reports an error: FATAL Something’s wrong. Maybe you can find the solution here: http://hexo.io/docs/troubleshooting.html Template […]

  • ucar-weex


    Preface Environment building Official website 1. weex-toolkit 2. node 3. weexpack 4. weextools brew install node npm install -g weex-toolkit npm install -g weexpack npm install -g weextools Common commands for scaffoldsweextools: Commands: create [name] initialize a standard weex project platform [command] command for add or remove a platform project run [platform] run weex app […]

  • What are native, web app, hybrid, react native, and weex?


    One-sentence summary Similarities and differences among native, web app, hybrid, react native (hereinafter referred to as RN) and weex, and later synchronizationSmall programandPWA Common development mode of APP [introduction] The app here is an application, not a mobile app we usually talk aboutSeveral commonly used development models of APP brain map Native App The traditional […]

  • [solution] error in xxx.js from uglifyjs


    When we run the packaging scriptnpm run buildOr pack IOSweexpack build iosYou may encounter the following errors ERROR in index.js from UglifyJs This is because webpack did not successfully convert the syntax of ES6 when packaging the Vue file Resolvent The solution is simple, joinbabel-preset-es2015Plugins can1. Installation dependency package $ npm install –save-div babel-preset-es2015 ps:babel-loader、babel-coreIt […]

  • Deploy hexo + CSS project to GitHub (copy the user manual of weex)


    Hexo + CSS project deployment to GitHub Copy the user manual of weex I. overview I talked about how to use hexo + CSS to build my own blog. Today I mainly summarize how to deploy static blogs that can be accessed locally to GitHub. Take rewriting the weex user manual (don’t ask me why […]

  • [solution] weex ‘atsdk / atmanager. H’ file not found


    Report errors It’s the first time I’ve seen that there are holes everywhere in the construction project under the guidance of the governmentAtsdk error reporting is one of them, as follows Chain Search under project directory, atmanager. H exists, but project shortage cannot be foundSee atsdk inPodsUnder the directory, guess it’s the configuration problem of […]