• Pulsar community weekly from January 11, 2021 to January 17, 2021


    Pulsar weekly is translated by streamnational. The original content is from the official website of streamnationalPulsar weekly module. Editor of this issue: [email protected] . About Apache pulsar Apache pulsar is Apache The top project of software foundation is the next generation cloud native distributed message flow platform, which integrates message, storage and lightweight functional computing. […]

  • IOS open source project weekly report 0119


    The sixth issue of IOS open source project weekly report produced by opendigg is coming. Our IOS open source weekly collects high-quality IOS open source projects newly included by opendigg in the past week, so that IOS developers can easily find the project tools they need.Sharaku’s ins like image filter Library Oduithreadguard assists in monitoring […]

  • Segment fault technical weekly Vol.17 – I hear you haven’t used angularjs yet


    How to build dynamic applications on Web pages, the common solution is to use class libraries and frameworks to make up for the shortcomings of native JS and HTML, and to implement specific application logic, such as typical jQuery knockout.js Etc. However, Google directly tries to make up for its defects in building applications from […]

  • Python web framework of 2013


    Pycoders weekly selected the most popular Python web framework in 2013 based on the click data of the weekly articles. django-stronghold (github.com) I tried to log in_ The required decorators are all over the place?Make all Django views default in your fortresslogin_requiredYes Falcon Framework (falconframework.org) Falcon calls itself a high performance cloud interface frameworkClaimed to […]

  • Python Weekly – 397 Guido exits Python Steering Committee


    Original: pycoder’s Weekly – issue one hundred and ninety-one thousand two hundred and four Zoom.Quiet It takes 42 minutes to complete the fast translation one hundred and ninety-one thousand two hundred and four Zoom.Quiet It took 17 minutes to complete the format transfer Guido van Rossum exits the python Steering Committee PYTHON.ORG “Part of my […]

  • Website Collection


    Here are some websites that are commonly used. In fact, you can see that the favorites are getting larger and larger, and obsessive-compulsive disorder is happening again =, which will be continuously updated later. If there are websites that are easy to use or need anything, you are welcome to leave a message~ For how […]

  • Python-400-no dependency lightweight excel reader / writer


    Original: pycoder’s Weekly – issue 400 191225 zoom.quiet took 42 minutes to complete the fast translation 191225 zoom. Quiet took 17 minutes to complete the format transfer Python dictionary iteration: advanced tips and tricks REAL PYTHON video In this intermediate-level course, you’ll take a deep dive into how to iterate through a dictionary in Python. […]

  • Nervos Biweekly No. 4: The Business White Paper is on the way


    This issue, some excitement and some panic! Why? Before the official release of CKB’s economic model white paper, we first invited a small number of institutions and industry partners in North America and China to help us preview, and got a lot of positive feedback. Here we first get a little news: in March, the […]

  • Nervos Biweekly No. 5: CKB Economic Model Proposal


    Kevin Wang, co-founder and researcher of Nervos, presented the CKB economic model proposal Crypto-Economics for the Nervos Common Knowledge Base at GitHub in the early morning of March 9. The long-awaited economic model is finally proposed! It was at the very first time that the Public Number released the message, community partners.stwithFive hours after Nervos […]

  • Nervos Biweekly No. 6: Once you start, it’s easy


    Sherry Unconsciously, Nervos Biweekly has reached the sixth issue, which suddenly wants to write a little mood (nagging). There is a saying: Everything starts hard! Is it appropriate for anyone or any company? Nervos has been holding a developer-oriented Dev Meetup in Hangzhou since last year and has gone through 17 issues. Although I haven’t […]

  • Nervos Biweekly Newspaper No. 3: The Beginning of Buddhist New Year!


    Has the circle of friends suddenly become less active this year? Did you begin to celebrate the Buddhist New Year instead of gathering with friends to eat and play, but staying at home quietly and accompanying your family to watch the Spring Festival Gala? On New Year’s Eve, the company’s “Hangzhou Seven Courtyards” began to […]

  • Nervos Biweekly #2: Best wishes for the coming year! (Finally, there are colored eggs)


    Jan,29,2019 Dear Nervos fans: The Chinese Lunar New Year is coming soon. During this period, we received new year gifts and wishes from friends in the industry of block chain, which also made us feel the strong flavor and enthusiasm of the year. In the past two weeks, we have visited a lot of big […]