• Actual combat | How to use WeChat cloud hosting to deploy flask projects


    1. Project introduction This project is a company official website developed with flask framework and Tencent Cloud development cms. Its main function is to request through requestscloud development cmsThe provided data is then rendered on the page. Software Architecture Front-end UI framework:layui Server:flask Backend API:Cloud development CMS 2. Deploy the project WeChat cloud hosting and […]

  • yii-pay – Payment extension package for Yii’s alipay and wechat


    guanguans/yii-pay– based onyansongda/payA payment extension package developed for Yii’s alipay and wechat. Environmental requirements Yii >= 2.0 Install $ composer require guanguans/yii-pay -v configure Yii2 configuration fileconfig/main.phpin the components add: ‘components’ => [ // … ‘pay’ => [ ‘class’ => ‘Guanguans\YiiPay\Pay’, ‘wechat’ => [ ‘appid’ => ‘wxb3fxxxxxxxxxxx’, // APP APPID ‘app_id’ => ‘wxb3fxxxxxxxxxxx’, // official […]

  • How to get the authcode value on WeChat on the iOS side of ShareSDK


    From version 4.2.0, we have added an interface for getting codeIf the user just needs to get the code value, and then go to the server to get the user information for processing, if you don’t want to get the user information through our interface, you can call it like this, initialize it first /** […]

  • Constructing pure RSS public account information flow based on Liuli


    First let me introduce,Liuliwhat is it? This is an open source project I recently developed, the main purpose is to let friends who have the habit of readingQuickly build a multi-source, clean, personalized reading environment。 why is it calledLiuli? Liuliwas originally named2C, friends in the exchange group providedglassThis name is taken from Mei Yaochen’s “Jinshanzi […]

  • Smart switching WeChat group live code QR code creation tutorial


    Tool raw materials MyCms live code tool achieve effect Breaking through the limit on the number of people who can join the group QR code, the group automatically changes every 200 people, the group QR code is updated at any time, and it can be switched intelligently. Everyone can quickly enter the group through a […]

  • Yii realizes the scene QR code of WeChat public account


    Implement scene QR code in Yii Here I use the easywechat plugin, install the easywechat plugin composer require jianyan74/yii2-easy-wechat github address:https://github.com/jianyan74/yii2-easy-wechat easywechat document address:https://www.easywechat.com/docs/master/overview Prerequisites for generating scene QR code: The scene QR code function of WeChat is mainly to generate a WeChat QR code, and then when the mobile phone uses WeChat to scan […]

  • Why does WeChat use SQLite to save chat records?


    SQLite is an underrated database, but some consider it a toy database unsuitable for production use. In fact, SQLite is a very reliable database that can handle terabytes of data, but it has no network layer. Next, this article will discuss with you the latest SQL features of SQLite over the past year. SQLite is […]