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  • Wechat applet – Custom drop-down list


      custom-drop-down/index.wxml <!–pages/component/custom-drop-down/index.wxml–> <view style=”position: relative; display: flex; flex-direction: column;”> <view style=”display:flex; align-items: center; border:black 1px solid” bindtap=”clickShow”> <view class=”dropdown-value”>{{provinceValue}}</view> <image src=”./../../../images/arrow-down.png” class=”dropdown-image”></image> </view> <view style=”height: 100px; border:darkgray 1px solid” wx:if=”{{show}}”> <scroll-view style=”height: 100px;” scroll-y=”ture”> <view wx:for=”{{option2}}” wx:key=”value” bindtap=”selectIndex” data-index=”{{index}}” class=”dropdown-item”> {{item.text}}<image src=”./../../../images/duihao.png” class=”dropdown-item-img” wx:if=”{{item.selected}}”></image> </view> </scroll-view> </view> </view> custom-drop-down/index.wxss /* pages/component/custom-drop-down/index.wxss */ .dropdown-item { […]

  • Error reported by wechat applet: object (Env: windows, MP, 1.05.2201240; lib: 2.14.1)


    Today is the day to start learning applet, the problem is really many!!! Error content: Object(env: Windows,mp,1.05.2201240; lib: 2.14.1) Relevant codes: wx.navigateTo({ url: `/pages/${e.currentTarget.dataset.page}/index`, }); Error reporting reason: The main reason is that the page I click to jump to is the tabbar page at the bottom. The first reason for the notes in the […]

  • Applet pagoda WSS configuration


    Recently, the socket connection service is used in the project development applet. The WSS protocol needs to be configured in the background of the applet. It took a long time and finally succeededOn my side, the pagoda is used as a management tool, and the development environment is LNMP. Take ThinkPHP framework as an exampleAfter […]

  • [go language practice] (1) gin + wechat applet vehicle information contact platform


    A vehicle information contact platform built by separating the front and rear ends of golang + wechat applet (there are also some Python in it. catalogue A vehicle information contact platform built by separating the front and rear ends of golang + wechat applet 1. Background 1.1 creative background: 1.2 objectives: 1.3 development environment: 2. […]

  • From scratch, develop an e-commerce wechat applet [front end + back end (c#)]


    How to quickly build a small program of your own.1. With the rapid development of wechat applet, the characteristics of huge user flow and low development cost have become a necessary skill for front-end engineers. (the author used to be a pure back-end, and only had some basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JS, but […]

  • Detailed tutorial of sending template messages by wechat applet


    Detailed tutorial of sending template messages by wechat applet Recently, I have been working on a wechat applet, and one of the difficulties I encountered is the sending of template messages of this wechat applet. For me as a beginner, it costs me a lot of work. Well, don’t talk more nonsense, dry goods!!Here I […]

  • Using ecarts in taro react wechat applet


    1. Fromecharts-for-weixinDownload EC canvas and put it in SRC directory 2. Modify ecarts JS file, find t.addeventlistener (E, N, I) and change it to t.addeventlistener (E, N, I), otherwise it will report an error t.addeventlistener is not a function; 3. In the configuration file (*. Config. JS) of your page, add usingcomponents: {“EC canvas”: “… […]

  • Spring Security oauth2. 0 wechat applet login


    Wechat applet preliminary development preparation, you can refer to this articlePreliminary preparation of wechat applet1. Studied spring security oauth2 0 knows that it has four login modes to choose fromAuthorization code (authorization code mode)Implicit (simplified mode)Resource owner password credentialsClient credentialsThe first three modes require the user’s password to authenticate successfully. Although the client mode does […]

  • Uniapp has a custom header, supports applet alignment, and has a high degree of security with the browser


    <template> <view class=”Header-box” :class=”{xcx: statusBarHeight, common: !statusBarHeight}” :style=”{paddingBottom: `${statusBarHeight}px`}”> <view class=”header-fixed-box” :style=”{ background: noBg ? noBg : ”, height: `${statusBarHeight}px` }”> <view class=”header-main-box” :style=”{height: `${statusBarHeight}px`}”> <view v-if=”!noLeft” @click=”headerLeftClick” class=”header-left-box header-operation”> <image v-if=”whiteback” class=”header-left-back” mode=”widthFix” src=”../static/index/white.png” /> <image v-else class=”header-left-back” mode=”widthFix” src=”../static/index/black.png” /> </view> <view class=”header-title” :style=”{color:titlecolor?titlecolor:’ #fff’}”>{{ pageTitle }} </view> <view @click=”headerRightClick” :style=”{paddingRight:rightPadding?rightPadding:”,color:rightColor?rightColor:”}” class=”header-right-box header-operation”>{{ […]

  • [wechat applet subcontracting to upload large files / videos]


    A wonderful demand came two days ago. People on the small video platform I wrote wanted to upload videos with more than 2 g. at first, they couldn’t figure out how to write them. Later, they opened the toilet. Yes, if you don’t say much, just go to the code! upload.js: var bytesPerPiece = 5 * 1024 * 1024; // set the […]

  • Wechat applet development – dark horse Day5


    Article catalogue Using NPM packages Global data sharing to subcontract Custom tabbar Using NPM packages At present, the applet has supported the use of NPM to install third-party packages, so as to improve the development efficiency of applet. However, there are three restrictions on using NPM packages in applets:① Dependency on node is not supported […]

  • Wechat applet realizes simple tab switching effect


    This example shares the specific code of wechat applet to achieve tab switching effect for your reference. The specific contents are as follows Use steps The code is as follows (example): Define a status data: { status: 0, }, The code is as follows (example): When clicking the switch, use status to switch, and implement […]