• Webstorm breakpoint debugging method


    HTML5 is very popular recently, and everyone is using the webstorm development tool. However, there is a problem that how can we write JavaScript to debug breakpoints like other editors? Today, I will take you to configure it to make your webstorm feel like flying. Webstorm (JavaScript development tool) 8.0.3 Chinese Special Edition Type:Programming tools […]

  • Debug and debug JavaScript using webstorm


    1、 JavaScript debuggingAt present, both Firefox and chrome have the function of debugging JavaScript, and they are quite powerful. If I use the browser to debug JS, I prefer Firefox. Firefox can install various plug-ins, which is really very suitable for developers. However, today’s protagonist is not Firefox or chrome, but the most intelligent JavaScript […]

  • How to debug Vue projects using webstorm and chrome


    catalogue preface 1、 New Vue project 2、 Webstorm configuration 1. Set debugger port 2. Add debug configuration 3、 Testing First step Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 preface In the project development, the debug mode is very necessary. The back-end is very convenient for the idea tool, but for the front-end webstorm, if the debug […]

  • Webstorm activation code registration code latest 2021 (personal test, valid until 2089) with detailed installation tutorial


    WebStormIt is a powerful HTML5 / javascript web front-end development tool, which is praised as “web front-end development artifact” by JS developers. The new features of webstorm 8 include support for angular JS, which can intelligently perceive angular syntax and instructions efficiently and accurately. Webstorm also perfectly supports spy JS and incorporates this JavaScript debugging […]

  • Horizontal comparison between vscode and webstorm


    Horizontal comparison between vscode and webstorm Our original blog link: https://blog.rxliuli.com/p/52 Preface How can you see others without knowing yourself? Recently for a long time, vscode seems to be the standard development editor in the front port. The front-end circle is recommending vscode everywhere, persuading others to give up the stream of sublime, webstorm and […]

  • String quotation mark format setting of IntelliJ code


    Starting point Recently, I was developing a small angular project, using tslint, and I used single quotation mark restriction. But the automatic introduction of IntelliJ webstorm defaults to double. IntelliJ + IDE can set whether the global or project uses single or double quotation marks to avoid changing the quotation mark format every time. crux […]

  • Vs Code vs. webstorm


    From a personal point of view, compare the two editors / ides Compare some of the more convenient functions I often usePersonal MacBook Pro 2016 minimum Vscode hereinafter referred to as V, webstorm hereinafter referred to as w Usage time: Before the school learning front-end are used V, about more than a yearI have been […]

  • Webstorm / phpstorm solves the problem of format space of JS code in HTML


    Code style item settings, select HTML, in the Other columnDo not indent children of:Add a script tag to this setting. If you want to set semicolons, commas and other related issues, choose JavaScript in the code style

  • IDEA/Webstor uses WSL as the default Terminal and configures nodejs


    First, install WSL Refer to this article for installation steps In IDEA or WebStorm: File -> Settings -> Tools -> Terminal Fill in the shell path: “cmd.exe” /k “wsl.exe” As shown in the picture: The effect after setting: With regard to nodejs in WSL (if you install ubuntu), the installation steps are basically the same […]

  • JetBrains Family Bucket – Version Control Chapter


    clone adoptCheck out from Version ControlClone project can be directly to the local Five states of documents Added (green) Untracked (red) Modify (blue) Unchanged (white) Ignore (grey) Four states of code blocks Added Code Block Modify code block Delete blocks of code Unchanged The state changes of the code can be previewed on the right […]

  • The method of angular 2 in webstorm always prompts the solution of method can be static


    Recently, I’m learning ng2, and I’m also learning TypeScript. It’s found that in webstorms, some methods are always promptedmethod can be static。 This makes me feel good. It’s like this:I’m desperate. Why do we suggest static methods? Then Google went to the article https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43052041/typescript-method-can-be-static. So did foreign friends. The answer to this article roughly means: […]

  • A series of official development tools, such as PHPStorm. WebStrom, configure local projects to synchronize with running servers


    PHPStorm. WebStrom configures local projects to synchronize with remote servers Description: The official system development tools, such as PHPStorm and WebStrom, have basically the same way to configure the synchronization between local projects and remote servers. There are almost no differences. Let’s take WebStorm as an example to illustrate the specific configuration process. WebStrom configures […]