• Using Android websocket to realize instant messaging


    Do this function recently, share it. There is no doubt that instant messaging is the most important, without obvious delay. It is not difficult to realize the function of IM. At present, there are many third parties, such as jmessage of Aurora, which are relatively easy to implement. But if the project has special requirements […]

  • Principle and application of websocket protocol in PHP


    This paper introduces the principle and application of websocket protocol in PHP. The details are as follows: The following will explain what websocket is and how to use PHP to implement websocket. What is websocket? PHP instance Application scenarios 1、 What is websocket Websocket is a kind of network transmission protocol, which can carry out […]

  • Vue realizes group chat by configuring websocket


    When writing a jQuery project, using websocket is very simple, without considering modularity and access between components. Document oriented programming can be used. When using in Vue project, it is far less simple than expected, and many scenarios need to be considered. This article will share the use and configuration of Vue native websocket library […]

  • Asp.Net How to bind websocket in core


    explain Websocket is a product of HTML5 asp.net There’s also support in core, Asp.Net The operation of websocket in core is basically and Asp.net The difference is that it is bound to listen. Asp.Net Core 2.0 already supports websocket by default, so you don’t need to install nuget package separately. By using the WebSockets.AcceptWebSocketAsync Method […]

  • Implementation of online chat room based on websocket in. Net core


    What is websocket In the traditional client program to achieve real-time duplex communication, the first technology we think of is socket communication, but we can’t use socket communication technology in web system, because HTTP is designed to be stateless, and it will be disconnected after communication with the server. Before websocket, if the web system […]

  • PHP + websocket realization of chat room function


    This paper describes the chat room function realized by PHP + websocket. For your reference, the details are as follows: 1、 Configuration Enable socket building, otherwise a fatal error will be reported: call to undefined function socket_ Create() error 1. Open php.ini Configuration file, search for extension = PHP_ sockets.dll , delete the ‘;’ semicolon […]

  • Method of websocket sending message to specified user


    scene When a user sends an HTTP request normally, it needs to process a long-time task. It may take several minutes for this task to be processed. During the task processing, the background needs to continuously send the current processing progress log and other information, and print it on the front-end. That is to say, […]

  • Implementation of node JS + websocket specified sending and group chat


    objective Through nodejs + WS (websocket), point-to-point sending and group chat sending are realizedProject construction directly skip, here is a list of the plug-ins used yarn add ws WebSocket Don’t say much, just code it Compared with the previous article < nodejs + mongodb build service (Demo) > > server.js It mainly increases the reference […]

  • Long connection, short connection, long polling, short polling and websocket


    See a good article, specially reprinted, the original address: long connection, short connection, long polling, short polling, websocket 1、 Short connection and long connection Short connection: TCP connection will be established for each HTTP request, which is easy to manage Long connection: you only need to establish a TCP connection once. Later, HTTP requests reuse […]

  • Websocket IM chat tutorial teaches you to use goeasy to quickly realize IM chat


    Often a friend asks how goeasy realizes im. Today, I’ll take you through a complete IM chat with goeasy. The complete code has been put in GitHub. Today’s front-end technology development can be described as a hundred flowers of contention. In order to ensure that this article can help front-end engineers who use any technology […]

  • Simple chat room program based on websocket in golang


    In this paper, a simple chat room based on websocket is introduced. To share with you for your reference, as follows: First of all, I have nothing to do with it. I’m busy with my work and haven’t updated my blog recently. I studied golang websocket by the way today. It’s very interesting. I wrote […]

  • Implementation of custom websocket routing in fluent


    After the server pushes data to the client in the fluent websocket, many people’s processing is if / switch. I feel that this writing method is not good! One way of thinking: Create a new socket directory in the Lib directory and create two files in it main.dart and router.dart ;main.dart : it mainly controls […]