• Spring boot + websocket to realize online chat (2)


    This is the 15th article in the VHR series. The project address is https://github.com/lend/vhr Online chat is implemented by springboot + websocket. In order to ensure the privacy of users, all chat data are stored in the local system, and the server only forwards the data. OK, let’s take a look at the general implementation […]

  • Websocket protocol


    Reference articles Websocket RFC GitHub Chinese Translation Websocket RFC document Implementation of workerman websocket protocol Protocol composition The protocol consists of an open handshake, followed by a basic message framing, layered TCP Problems solved Based on the browser mechanism, the two-way communication between client and server is realized Protocol overview From client handshake GET /chat […]

  • Websocket is so simple


    Preface Today, I saw a new course of Java on mooc.com (the first experience of netsocket for getting started with netty): https://www.imooc.com/learn/941 Websocket is a technology I’ve heard a lot about that I haven’t really used. I’ve known what websocket is before, but I haven’t practiced it. When I write a listener blog, I use […]

  • The record of socket stepping on the hole


    Socket brief introduction Socket (duplex protocol)Two programs in the network exchange data through a two-way connection. We call one end of the connection socket Socket characteristics Built in connection retention Can realize two-way communication Socket classification Socket based on TCP Socket based on UDP Socket based on rawip Socket based on link layer Socket actual […]

  • Websocket real time message push


    1、 The principle and method of message push 1.1 real time scenes chat online Monitoring alarm Video barrage 1.2 real time message scheme based on HTTP Ajax polling / / clients constantly send requests to the server Long polling / / General30s timeout Asynchronous streaming Iframe data volume full duplex:Data sending and receiving canSimultaneously。 HTTPThe […]

  • Building a simple web chat room framework with websocket


    httpThe protocol is that every time the client sends arequest, the server returns aresponse, the server cannot send data to the client actively. We are going to make a web chat room. When one person sends a message, how can others see it? One way to do this is to keep running on the webjsSendrequestTo […]

  • Building a simple framework of websocket chat room [continued 1]


    Chat link alreadyInvalid! Because I have deployed a new website, welcome to visit mytodo.vip In this paper, we implement a simple web chat framework based on websocketwebsocketChat room, I spent some time to write a slightly more complicated one. You can enter the chat room or visit GitHub through /. After entering the chat […]

  • React websocket polling (real time push)


    Lao Xu Sunday, 7 March 2018 This article assumes that you are familiar with react! Refer to react Redux quick start React WebSocket Polling The react program uses websocket to get real-time push data Basics Real time data push In web or mobile projects, it is a common business requirement for servers to push messages […]

  • Using websocket on Alibaba SLB of Keng series


    Websocket is a new thing after HTML5. It can easily realize the long session from the client to the server, especially for the scenarios where the client needs to receive the push from the server. For example, online customer service chat, reminder push and so on. It changes the limitation that the client can only […]

  • Front end technology stack completion plan — websocket


    This series of articles aims to summarize some general technologies in the front-end technology stackThis paper mainly summarizes websocket websocket Before websocket Before websocket, the main mode of HTTP request was that the client initiated the request and the server was responsible for receiving and returning the data. If the server needs to actively pass […]

  • In practice, I met the problems and summary of stoppjs, websocket and nginx


    Read the original: https://wdd.js.org/stomp-over 1. Websocket is not supported in AWS EC2 Direct Solutions English To put it simply: the bottom layer of websocket is based on TCP protocol. If your server exposes port 80 based on HTTP protocol, websocket will not be able to connect.You just need to change HTTP protocol to TCP protocol. […]

  • Nodejs configures wechat applet local server (1): OpenSSL generates self signed SSL certificate


    OpenSSL generate self signed SSL certificate Popular science: TLS, SSL, HTTPS and certificate Many people may have heard more than three of them, but what is the relationship between them? TLSIt is the abbreviation of transport layer security. It is a kind of encryption protocol for network-based transmission. It can authenticate the identity of both […]