• What if the edge browser can’t open the web address? How to solve the problem that edge browser can’t open web page


    After upgrading the windows 10 system, I found that after opening the edge browser, I couldn’t open it without inputting any information in the address bar, and the edge browser didn’t respond. What should I do in this case? Let’s take a look at the solution. How to solve the problem that edge browser can’t […]

  • IOS system installs IPA files in Safari


    Configure the address for click to download ITMS services: / /? Action = download manifest & url = “plist file path”Plist file configuration   IIS website configurationTo add website MIME type extension: MIME type: application / XML And to configure the website as HTTPS, you can download the IPA file in IOS browser items assets […]

  • Analysis of the latest SQL injection vulnerability of the PHP framework laravel


    Laravel, a well-known PHP development framework, previously announced a high-risk SQL injection vulnerability on the official blog. Here is a brief analysis. First of all, this vulnerability belongs to the nonstandard writing of website coding. The official gave a hint: However, the official patch has been made, and the latest version of v5.8.7 can be […]

  • HTTP header security options (discussion)


    HTTP header – Security Issues Mirror Wang Yuyang 2019-10-01 Reference: MDN technical documentation; HTTP header security related options Understanding HTTP protocol https://www.cnblogs.com/wangyuyang1016/p/10421073.html HTTP is an extensible protocol~ X-Frame-Options: X-Frame-OptionsThe HTTP response header is used to indicate to the browser whether a page can be perhapsThe mark shown in. Sites can avoid this by ensuring that […]

  • Configure ASP + MySQL + PHP + isapi_rewrite + Zend + Xcache under Windows 2003 iis6.0


    Windows 2003, buy it yourself Install iis6.0:After installing the system, in “control panel” – > “add or remove programs” – > “add / remove windows components” – > “double-click” application server “- >, and then select” Internet information services (IIS) “- > OK – > installation completed Download PHP: http://cn2.php.net/get/php-5.2.5-win32.zip/from/this/mirror Download MySQL: http://dev.mysql.com/get/download… P / […]

  • Implementation of website sub station


    At present, for business development and network promotion, general industry portal websites will open sub stations in several regions and sub industries (such as: Main Station / / www.jb51. Net /, sub station 1http://pg.jb51.net/, sub station 2http://wjp.jb51.net/, sub station 3http://hm.jb51.net/). Generally speaking, sub domain is used to realize sub stations. For small-scale websites, they generally […]

  • Simple and elegant construction of personal blog


    Preface Ah ah ~ ~, after nearly two days of continuous exploration and optimization, personal blog is preliminarily completed, and now I see the effect is very good. This article is about how to build such a blog. As early as 17 years ago, I used hexo and GitHub to build a personal blog, but […]

  • How to make a website?


    First of all, there should be a domain name, which I recommend to buy from Baidu smart cloud or Alibaba cloud. The naming of the domain name is related to the development of the website. It’s better to be concise and clear, so that users can know what to do as soon as they see […]

  • Information collection notes


    It’s roughly divided into eight pieces (picture source carcer) Domain name information Sensitive directory Port scan Side station C segment Whole station analysis Google hacker URL acquisition information analysis 1. Domain Name Information – Corresponding IP Collection -Related domain names correspond to IP, using NSLOOKUP, various tool websites – Subdomain name collection -Layer subdomain excavator, […]

  • Reptiles (I) Anti-Reptilian Mechanism


    Reptiles will always be sealed up after they have been used for a long time. — Lu Xun   Some websites, especially some old ones, have not done anti-crawler mechanism. We can climb freely and happily and put their underwear on it. The data all crawled down. For emotional reasons at most, we crawl slowly […]

  • How to add resources to Visual Studio website


    Visual Studio needs to add resources to the website after it is built. How to add resources? Now let’s look at how vs adds resources to websites. See the details below. Software Name: Official Version of Visual Studio 2017 (Offline Installation Package) Simplified Chinese Version of Official Website Software size: 15GB Update time: 2017-03-14 Click […]

  • Reptiles (2) Establishment of proxy IP pool


    Before we said that a common method of anti crawler is to detect IP and limit access frequency. So we need to bypass this limitation by setting up proxy ip. There are many websites that offer free proxy ip, such as https://www.xicidaili.com/nt/. We can get a lot of proxy IP from the website. But not […]