• Share a shell script that packs, compresses and backs up all website directories


    Because the data of the server website needs to be backed up regularly, I also wrote a simple one click package to back up all website directories. Here I share it with you. If you need it, you can refer to it. #!/bin/bash #——————————————– #Pack and compress all website directories under the current directory to […]

  • Open source poemkit toolkit, based on react, builds a front and back-end separation website from zero


    At a certain time, we should also summarize. Four years ago, we did a lot of UI work. At present, we have a lot of contact with development work. In fact, we didn’t ask people for the landing of the project. We unconsciously learned something and did something in our spare time. There are countless […]

  • Introduction to browser tools: think sky browser, team work browser


    This is a pure browser without advertising, specially designed for high-performance people. Want to day browserWhat are the features of the sky browser?1. Powerful tag grouping allows you to bid farewell to messy tag groups Easy to use application bar on the left, easy to manage 2 3. Simple and easy-to-use newtab page 4. Built […]

  • JSP/JAVABEAN+TOMCAT4. Summary of 0.5 + MySQL combined station construction


    System configuration: WIN2000 English + jdk1 4.1+TOMCAT4. 0.5+APACHE2. 043Development cycle: make every effort and last nearly 15 days.Realize the following functions:1. Gallery:Submission, pagination and deletion of pictures and related text.2. Photo Album:New creation of album theme, submission of photos and related text, sub theme, pagination display and deletion.3. Article / press release system:New creation of […]

  • Chrome plugin installation


    1. If you have a special network, open the chrome app store, select the required plug-in, and click Add to chrome 2. If you don’t have a special network, the following methods can help you install the plug-ins you want 1. Download the plug-in you need, and then enter it in the address bar of […]

  • Crawler series: using API


    Application programming interface (API): it provides convenient and friendly interfaces for different applications. There is no problem for different developers to write software in different architectures or even different languages – because the purpose of API design is to become a communication language for different software to share information. Although different software applications have different […]

  • I developed six online tools for go language


    Tool quick access JSON to go:https://www.printlove.cn/tools/json2go Yaml to go:https://www.printlove.cn/tools/yaml2go SQL to go zero model:https://printlove.cn/tools/sql2gozero SQL to Gorm model:https://www.printlove.cn/tools/sql2gorm SQL to elasticsearch DSL:https://printlove.cn/tools/sql2es/ SQL to entgo schema:https://printlove.cn/tools/sql2ent JSON to go website:https://www.printlove.cn/tools/json2go 1. There are two modes Transform expand: all objects in JSON are created as new structs Conversion nesting: all objects in JSON are contained in […]

  • [transfer] GitHub is slow to access or unable to access the solution


    This article is reproduced from the original without any changes GitHub access is super slow. Is there any way to speed it up? Until recently, I saw 9 acceleration methods of GitHub summarized by some people on the Internet. I feel pretty good. My friends can try it! 1. GitHub image access Here are the […]

  • Development and production of marriage and dating website, Part 5


    ​This is the development and production of marriage and dating websites, as well as the development of overseas multilingual international marriage and dating websites This is also an important function, which is the gift function If you have any questions, please come to me, guys. My deduction is 2360248-666 public function index(){ $touid = I(“get.uid”,”,’trim’); […]

  • SSRF attack technology


    1. What is SSRF: SSRF (server side request forgery) is a security vulnerability constructed by an attacker to form a request initiated by the server. Generally, SSRF is the internal system of the target website. (because it is accessed from the internal system, all internal systems that cannot be accessed by the external network can […]

  • Programmer’s favorite website cloning and crawling tool – httrack


    There are some software specifically for website cloning and crawling, such as WebZip and awwwb Wait, it’s said to be very useful. Com. Here I introduce a programmer’s favorite website cloning and crawling tool – httrack, which is open source. What is httrack? Httrack is a free and easy-to-use offline browser tool. Its full name […]

  • Fastlane problem summary


    Question 1: when the Fastlane of the Mac computer packs the app, it reports an error: Requested but did not find extension point with identifier Xcode.IDEKit.ExtensionSentinelHostApplications for extension It should be caused by the Xcode plug-in. Recently, the MAC system was upgraded to Monterey 12 3.1 system. Upgrade Xcode to version 13.3. It is estimated […]