• 16 useful Linux online tools


    Great tools, collection 1. Explainshell.com command interpretation For Linux users, they write various commands and scripts every day, so you can use this website tool to see how command works, so as to avoid unnecessary errors; it is also a good way to learn commands 2. Bashrcgenerator.com customize personalized command prompt Simply speaking, the command […]

  • Atom edit markdown image upload


    Because I’m interested in markdown, I’ve been looking for a localized markdown editor. I’ve used vscode and cmdmarkdown successively, but also abandoned because of various problems. My requirements for the markdown editor are as follows: Support basic markdown syntax Able to upload pictures automatically The preview effect is beautiful, which is subjective. First, let’s talk […]

  • How to obtain the IP of the Internet in the terminal


    As you all knowifconfigYou can obtain the network device information of this machine, including the local IP address. However, LAN users can only get the IP assigned by LAN, so how to get the IP of Extranet? To tell teenagers an IP detection website, just enter the following command in the command line: $curl ifconfig.me […]

  • Recommendation of web development tools (4)


    Pace, vex and messenger Hubspot has three good JavaScript libraries. They are simple, flexible and easy to achieve. Pace is a library for quickly creating progress bars. It has many ways to express progress bars. There must be one for you. Vex is known as the dialog of the 21st century. It replaces the browser’s […]

  • Ubuntu dual system tutorial


    I am the practice of installing Ubuntu 16.04 in Windows 7, which has been successful. I feel that the following website articles are well written and specially saved and shared with you. My suggestion is to install according to the third website (the most detailed tutorial in the absolute history of windows 10 installation of […]

  • Quickly build the front-end code static display website tool codeinstant


    Codeinstant is a tool for quickly building a static display website of front-end code. Codeinstant provides a set of static website framework and automatic script generation for site navigation, which helps front-end developers quickly build a code display website on GitHub pages and other platforms. Codeinstant supports online editing of HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes, […]

  • Goweb goweb Foundation


    goweb How DNS works Enter the domain name of www.qq.com in the browser, and the operating system will first check whether the local hosts file has the URL mapping relationship, and if so, call the IP address mapping to complete the domain name resolution. If there is no mapping of this domain name in hosts, […]

  • What’s the status quo of low not high? Guys use Python to get millions of jobs and find satisfactory jobs


    Personal experience: low success, high success I still vaguely remember that when I came out to work 15 years ago, I practiced in the first Internet company. I was used to hearing people saying that the company was not good, and that was not good. As a newcomer, I was deeply affected. I didn’t know […]

  • Facebook docusaurus Chinese document siteconfig.js details


    Application examples of this series of articles have been published in GitHub: docusaurus docs zh_cn. You can help improve with fork or follow the update with star. Welcome to star siteConfig.js A large part of the site configuration is through editingsiteConfig.jsFile completed. User display usersArray is used to store objects for each item / user […]

  • Development of boa and CGI programming for embedded web server under Linux


    * * directory * *1、 Environment construction2、 Related configuration (partial)3、 Commissioning and operation4、 Test source reference5、 Common errors6、 Extension (CCGI, SQLite) # 1、 Environment constructionoperating system:Ubuntu12.04 LTSBoa download address(but I can’t find…): http://www.boa.org/I was found by other websites, but I forgot the website address, so I went to the cloud disk directlyLink: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1 ﹣ spr9mdcmsb8jpdm76fw6a […]

  • Teach you to correctly identify the anti sealing and anti shielding technology of wechat domain name


    In the ecological environment of wechat, there are too many people using wechat for projects. When the promotion effect is a little better, wechat domain names are blocked and blocked, users can’t open the page, resulting in traffic interruption. Although it’s common for wechat domain names to be blocked and blocked, it’s natural to find […]

  • Facebook Docusaurus Chinese documents


    Application examples of this series of articles have been published in GitHub: docusaurus docs zh_cn. You can help improve with fork or follow the update with star. Welcome to star Docusaurus · This project is synchronized from docs in the Facebook / docusaurus project. Except for special circumstances, the synchronization frequency will be maintained once […]