• 15 best websites for learning angularjs


    Angularjs is an excellent front-end JS development framework, which can help you quickly prompt your abilities and simplify the code when you develop applications. Mastering angularjs can help you prompt the usability of your application and realize other functions that are considered impossible in the scientific and technological community. We are not unfamiliar with the […]

  • How to install your network security certificate SSL from HTTP to HTTPS?


    Today’s main topic is how to install the network security certificate SSL to convert HTTP in the URL into HTTPS, so as to obtain better web page ranking results optimized by Google SEO.Originally published in:https://www.jackgoogleseo.com/how-to-install-ssl/ In all the previous articles, we taught students how to dress up their website like a little girl to attract […]

  • What are the competitions in the Internet of things?


    Recently, I was just sorting out the Internet of things related competitions. The sorting situation is as follows (I wrote about the specific time for 20 years. You can go to the official website for details): National competition National University Biological Networking Design Competition (Huawei cup) website:http://iot.sjtu.edu.cn/ Activity time:April 2020 to September 2020 National University […]

  • [Mr. Zhao Qiang] redis case analysis: using setbit to count active users


    1、 Demand background First, let’s take a look at the requirements: the website counts the number of user logins, as follows: The website has 100 million users, including those who log in frequently and those who log in infrequently How to record user login information How to query active users: for example, log in three […]

  • Comparison of several methods of CSharp calling Win32 API


    The dllimport tag is the most commonly used DLL in CSharp.I initially called the methods in user32 and shell32 of the system in the same way, but this requires various definition structures of the imported functions by handwriting. The more reliable method is to directly copy and paste the ready-made ones written by others on […]

  • Basic principle and setting of omni-directional parsing HTTPS


    We found that since 2017, Chrome browser has listed websites that can only be accessed through HTTP as “unsafe”, which forces website maintenance personnel to pay attention to HTTPS and gradually put the matter of configuring the website to be accessible through HTTPS on the agenda. Differences between HTTP and HTTPS There are countless articles […]

  • PHP generates Kawaii random Avatar


    Series articles: A chat demo written based on thinkph p5.0 + gateway worker PHP generates Kawaii random Avatar Laravel + querylist crawler major wallpaper websites to create their own wallpaper websites Accidentally found a website that can generate random avatarswww.atoolbox.net/Tool.php?Id=1013So F12 opens the debugging tool and finds Then I opened this link and found that […]

  • CentOS 7 installing tinyproxy proxy server


    Mipu Technology, a start-up Internet company focusing on Internet Finance and big data mining, was officially incorporated in September 2016 and headquartered in Zhongguancun core functional area, Haidian District, Beijing. MIPO team,Members come from front-line Internet companies such as Baidu, Xiaomi, Ali and Innovation workshop, with rich experience in core technology research and development, with […]

  • Twelve pictures, kick open the door of the message queue | geek share issue 38


    What is “geek sharing weekly collection” Geek share is a bookmark sharing website(hackershare.dev)”Weekly selection” is a column for the website to summarize selected bookmarks. Text of this issue Original link: https://hackershare.dev/weekly\_selections/cn/38 1. Twelve pictures, kick open the door of message queue Message queue, widely used, interview must ask. With an article and twelve pictures, we […]

  • Solution to chrome prompt “your connection is not a private connection”


    In previous versions of chrome, after an SSL certificate error occurred, just click “advanced” – “continue to visit” to access the website normally. However, in the new version of chrome, chrome does not trust these self signed SSL certificates. For security reasons, this operation is directly removed to prohibit access. The solution is to use […]

  • Django Chinese document collaborative translation seeks translation experts


    Django is a web framework of Python. Because there are no complete Chinese documents on the Internet, we have built a collaborative translation website with several like-minded friends to translate official documents. It is completely public welfare. Interested friends can join us, rookies can also. We can practice the translation of picking. And it’s very […]

  • Solve the problem that Android can’t find vt-x. open BIOS


    Find answers website https://blog.csdn.net/dhassa/article/details/51420692 Lenovo laptop Open with FN + F2 Set Intel virtualization technology to enable