• Using Python to push website links to Baidu


    Series articles: python argument 1 must be 2-item sequence, not int Using Python to push website links to Baidu People who make websites generally pay attention to the collection amount of the website, and the collection amount needs spiders to crawl, and crawl needs to submit.Baidu provides the API submission method./——————————————————-If I submit in Python, […]

  • Does the page pop up? That was hijacked!


    As the second son of the siege lion, in addition to working diligently, he also runs a personal blog in private. With the wonderful and rich articles in the blog, we have gained a lot of fans. Reading more articles and reading fan messages is the supreme happiness of Er Gouzi. On this day, er […]

  • Ajax cross domain request


    1. Ajax request restrictions AjaxYou can only send requests to your own server。 For example, there is a website a and a website B. the HTML files in website a can only send Ajax requests to website a server, and the HTML files in website B can only send Ajax requests to website B server, […]

  • Want to learn network protocol? Do you know the five misunderstandings about HTTPS? Make up lessons quickly


    Nowadays, HTTPS protocol is being widely valued and used. At the beginning of this year, many websites under chrome announced that they would not upgrade from HTTPS to HTTP security. When you open many websites, you will find a green security lock in the upper left corner of the browser, which proves that the website […]

  • Summary of node short chain principle and function implementation


    Introduction: sometimes we often see a very short website in microblog or some marketing messages. When you open it and check it in the browser, you find that it jumps to a very long website, which is actually a service using a short website. Today, I will simply make a summary and summarize my experience […]

  • Recommend a learning website, learning, resources, tools, e-books, movies, information, and powerful search!


    Hello, everyone, I’m your little darling! Today, we bring you the navigation of a resource website. In the website, there are resources, tools, e-books, films, information and learning resources here, which are very practical! Learning is mainly based on practical websites, and entertainment is mainly based on interesting channels in station B. The style of […]

  • Set up a treasure site of efficiency / creativity


    In our daily development process, we often need to open various websites to consult materials, find inspiration, fish and paddle Today, let’s share some ideas to improve efficiency / creativityTreasure website。 Some of these websites can help us improve efficiency, and some can make our work process happier. This sharing is divided into the following […]

  • BiliBili of Python crawler


    Statement: the following contents are my personal understanding. If you find any errors or questions, you can contact me for discussion Introduction to reptiles Website introduction The website crawled this time isbilibili, it is a well-known video barrage website in China. There are timely animation, active ACG atmosphere and creative up owners. You can find […]

  • Phpstorm2020 automatically synchronizes the local code to the remote server in real time


    Series articles: Laravel queue installation supervisor configuration Phpstorm2020 automatically synchronizes the local code to the remote server in real time When maintaining a website, you often encounter the need to modify the website code. Generally, you use SFTP to transmit it to the local area first, and then upload it after modification. Or you can […]

  • ES6 feature sorting


    ESMAScript6.0 ES6 compatible IE10+ 、Chrome、Firefox There are two ways to be compatible with ie10: use  babel tool  borwer.js , in  script  Add in label  type=”text/babel” attribute Variables let and Const  let : It is used to define variables and cannot be declared repeatedly  const : It is used to define constants and cannot be declared repeatedly Arrow function Arrow function […]

  • Using ACK and NAS to quickly build elastic nginx website


    Scene introduction This paper introduces how to build a simple elastic and highly available nginx website within half an hour through Alibaba cloud container ack service and File Storage NAS service. After completing all the operations in this article, you will get a single page website. Users’ requests will be scattered to multiple container nodes, […]