• HTTP Referer


    What is a referer? The referer is a common field in the HTTP request header information, which provides information about the access source. For example, if I see an advertisement on a website and click it, I may see the URL of the “referral page” given by the referer field in the header information of […]

  • Some basic knowledge about H5


      HTMLHyper text markup language means: hypertext markup language; HTML5 represents the fifth version of the fifth major revision of HTML (and HTML5 is the result of W3C and whatwg cooperation) Whatwg refers to the web hypertext application technology group, an organization established to promote the Internet HTML5 as the standard. In 2004, it was composed […]

  • Under CentOS, the supervisor manages the gunicorn flask project of the virtual environment to realize the functions of power on and self start


    Original address https://www.cyberlight.xyz/pa…In the previous note, under CentOS, we deployed the python flag website through gunicorn + nginx, and configured HTTPS and nginx visitor logs to implement the gunicorn deployment flag website. We used the method of creating a new independent command window to realize the background operation of gunicorn. However, in the actual production […]

  • The simplest way of flutter web site to realize seamless switching of dark theme


    Previous period Flutter web site building tutorial The construction of homepage framework of flutter web site Jetpack formation of flutter web site Scrollview + GridView optimization of flutter web site Previous review In the last period, we optimized the usage scenarios of Scrollview + GridView and used more appropriate components. In this period, we want […]

  • How to make your website use HTTPS like mine?


    Using HTTPS to visit our website can not only increase the security of our website, but also enhance the force of our website! I have some experience in building SSL service and CDN for the website, and I’d like to share with you here. I hope I can help you in this respect!!! Step 1 […]

  • 301, 302, 303, 307, 308 in http


    conclusion The HTTP status codes at the beginning of 3xx indicate the redirected response. 301, 308 are permanent redirects; 302, 303, 307 are temporary redirects. 301, 302 are the contents of HTTP 1.0, 303, 307, 308 are the contents of HTTP 1.1. 301 and 302 are not allowed to change the request method when redirecting […]

  • JQuery to achieve waterfall effect


    What is waterfall flow Waterfall flow, also known as waterfall flow layout. It is a popular web page layout, which is visually represented as a heterogeneous multi column layout. As the page scroll bar scrolls down, the layout will continue to load data blocks and attach them to the current tail. The earliest website adopting […]

  • A new tab extension for chrome that can greatly improve productivity


    I am a programmer with BT demand for development productivity. I always strive to maximize my productivity per unit time. Through analysis, I found that I would repeatedly use Chrome’s new tags one day, and then visit common websites. So I expect that when I create a new default chrome tab, the list of websites […]

  • Interesting HTTP header information


    Original address: https://frenxi.com/http-heade… Original author: Francesco Carlucci A few days ago, I wandered through creditkarma’s blog and found this HTTP header: X-hacker: If you’re reading this, you should visit wpvip.com/careers and apply to join the fun, mention this header. My first thought was, “Wow, in the past, we used to use millennium bug to save […]

  • Using jQuery in Vue single page application


    Record the way of introducing jQuery into an application established by Vue cli used today. Prefer to install jQuery through NPM npm install jquery –save In build/ webpack.base.conf Introducing jQuery into files module.exports = { … resolve: { extensions: [‘.js’, ‘.vue’, ‘.json’], alias: { ‘vue$’: ‘vue/dist/vue.esm.js’, ‘@’: resolve(‘src’), ‘jquery’: path.resolve(__dirname, ‘../node_modules/jquery/src/jquery’) } }, … } […]

  • On April 4, the national mourning plan for the martyrs of the new crown epidemic


    2020 is really an extraordinary year. China has sacrificed a lot of medical talents, doctors and martyrs, and thousands of compatriots due to the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. On April 4, 2020, mourning was held across the country, and many websites and apps were gray processed in succession, and websites, whether pictures or […]

  • A glimpse of modern browser architecture (1)


    preface This paper is a translation of the series of inside look at modern web browser written by Mario Kosaka. The translation here does not refer to literal translation, but expresses the author’s intended meaning in combination with personal understanding, and will try to supplement some relevant content to help you better understand. CPU, GPU, […]