• Simple analysis of 15W boiling point of nuggets (I)


    Data collection for data analysis (web crawler only). This paper continues to start with reptiles. But this time it’sPython。 1、 Another way of reptile Crawlers usually: ① get the URL of the target web page; ② Initiate HTTP request to obtain web page data; ③ Analyze the web page in various ways to get the […]

  • Ajax introduction and use of front-end JS


    summary AJAX is an abbreviation. Its full name isAsynchronous JavaScript and XML, which means asynchronous JavaScript and XML, i.eExecuting asynchronous network requests with JavaScript。 AJAX is not a new technology, but a new term proposed by Jesse James Garrett in 2005 to describe a ‘new’ method using a collection of existing technologies, including: HTML or […]

  • Remember the login cookie problem caused by a chrome update


    Cause of event environment First, let’s introduce the basic information: a business system of the company ish.xxx.com, log in and goiframeEmbedded web pagespassport.xxx.com。 In the local development environment, the business system only supportshttpProtocol, so the corresponding access address ishttp://h.xxx.com, the login interface is alwayshttps://passport.xxx.com。 This is a cross protocol situation. problem One day, a classmate […]

  • Talk about cross domain things


    HTTP request in browser XMLHttpRequest XHR objects are used to interact with the server. adoptXMLHttpRequestYou can request a specific URL to get data without refreshing the page.XMLHttpRequeststayAJAXIt is widely used in programming. MDN document Fetch The fetch API provides an interface for obtaining resources (including cross domain requests) MDN document AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML […]

  • Chrome plug-in you must not miss


    Recently, a friend asked me if there are any chrome plug-ins that can improve efficiency. I took a look at my plug-in library, and it’s really easy to use. Since you want to recommend it to one person, it’s better to sort it out and share it with all those who need it. After all, […]

  • Ajax Foundation


    brief introduction What is it? Asynchronous JavaScript and XML — asynchronous JavaScript and XML AJAX is a technology that can update some web pages without reloading the whole web page. For example, we went to a restaurant to eat, and then ordered a table of dishes. Later, we found that one of the dishes was […]

  • Introduction to cross domain access method (4) — use window.name to transfer value


    The browser window has the window. Name attribute. The biggest feature of this property is that no matter whether it is cognate or not, as long as this property is set on the previous page in the same window, the latter page can read it. The advantage of this method is that window. Name has […]

  • JS to get the website status code, if there is a write file


    JS get the site status code, if the site exists, write to the txt file, applicable to ie. <script> //Writing documents      function writeFile(filename,filecontent) {          var fso, f, s ;          fso = new ActiveXObject(“Scripting.FileSystemObject”);             f = fso.OpenTextFile(filename,8,true);        […]

  • Verification code used in Python and related problems


    When using Python for automation, we encounter the problem that login needs to identify the verification code. At this time, we use the pytesseact module and encounter an exception: pytesseract.pytesseract.TesseractNotFoundError: tesseract is not installed or it’s not in your PATH. See README file for more information. Solution: 1. Download the corresponding version of “Tesseract OCR”, […]

  • Textrank algorithm


    Textrank algorithm Td-idf is a word frequency based algorithm, while textrank is a graph based algorithm. Textrank is inspired by PageRank algorithm.   PageRank algorithm PageRankIt is mainly used to sort the web pages in the online search results。 PageRank gives a positive real number for each page,Indicates the importance of the web pageThe higher […]

  • Top 10 HTML5 applications in 2015


    preface How far can a good front-end engineer advance the HTML5 experience by dancing in handcuffs? These web apps are the top ten web apps that I have selected in the past year when we run the online app store with clustered browsers. It refers to the opinions of colleagues, but also has a strong […]

  • Simple analysis of Python series crawler Chrome browser browsing record


    preface Use Python to analyze the web browsing records of Chrome browser. Let’s study happily together. development tool Python version: 3.6.4 Related modules: Pyecharts module; Wordcloud module; And some modules that come with Python. Db.browser version:3.11.0 Environment construction About Python: Install Python and add it to the environment variable. PIP can install the required modules. […]