• (2) Do you really know how to use chrome devtool?


    This article first appeared in my personal blog: https://teobler.com Performance Performance API Sometimes, we may want to test how long a user’s operation will take. Usually, people will do this: const start = new Date().getTime();// do your workconst end = new Date().getTime();console.log(end – start); Using the performance API, we can do this: performance.mark(“start”);// do your workperformance.mark(“end”);performance.measure(“your work name”, “start”, “end”);console.log(performance.getEntriesByType(“measure”)); After that, we can see the console information in the console At the same time, […]

  • Simple steps for GitHub pages to deploy react app


    In the past two days, I learned the basis of react and made a small project. process Now you have a react project created by create react app npm create-react-app You want to deploy to GitHub pages. modify package.json { “name”: “your\_proj\_name”, “version”: “0.1.0”, “private”: true, “homepage”: “./”, … }, “scripts”: { … + “predeploy”: […]

  • How to connect the GPU server of polar chain AI with local vscode


    Recently, you may have to use the cloud GPU to participate in the competition, but it is too troublesome to open the notebook on the web page, which is not like the local compiler. So we have a local vscode connected to the virtual machine of polar chain AI, which can happily local code code […]

  • C ා using WebBrowser to realize HTML to picture function


    On the. Net platform, there are many ways to convert a piece of HTML text into an image: HTML renderer, selectpdf Aspose.Html Etc. In the WinForm program, eachSystem.Windows.Forms.ControlEach of the derived types of contains aDrawToBitmapMethod that draws the control onto a picture. WebBrowser has the function of displaying HTML, and because it derives from control […]

  • Yum install LNMP


    Yum install LNMP + WordPress Basic configuration Xserver1 decompresses and opens the virtual machine configuration IP Mount image # mkdir /opt/centos # mount CentOS-7-x86_64-DVD-1511.iso /opt/centos/ Configure local Yum source file # mv /etc/yum.repos.d/* /media/ # vi /etc/yum.repos.d/local.repo [centos]name=centosbaseurl=file:///opt/centosgpgcheck=0enabled=1[lnmp]name=lnmpbaseurl=file:///root/lnmpgpgcheck=0enabled=1 Turn off the firewall # setenforce 0 # systemctl stop firewalld Install and configure LNMP Installation services […]

  • what? How hard is a web crawler? – > write a crawler like this! So easy!!!


    Preface & original intention Recently, I was writing a front-end project. Since there is no data interface provided by the back-end, I can only forge some data by myself. However, you will find that forging data also needs a lot of energy;Oh My God!Can’t we finish a project by ourselves? < font color = red […]

  • CentOS 7.4 upgrade apache:malformed header from script


    Problems encountered:When CentOS 7.4 upgrades httpd from 2.4.6 to 2.4.41, you can log in and log out. To view the httpd error log:malformed header from script ‘pmc_fcgi’: Bad header: xc7xebxb2xbbxd2xaaxd6xd8xb8xb4xb3xf5xcaxbcxbbxafxa3xa1 terms of settlement:Modify configuration file / etc / httpd / conf/ httpd.conf , add under the loadmodule commentLoadModule fastcgi_module modules/mod_fastcgi.so follow-up:Operation and maintenance put this […]

  • Showdoc v2.7.0 release, it team’s online API documents, technical documentation tools


    This version mainly updates: Images and attachments can be set in the management background and uploaded to alicloud or qiniu cloud Fixed a security vulnerability in uploading files Three buttons are added to the editor. The corresponding functions are TOC, video and image center Keep the preview effect of the editor consistent with the actual […]

  • Introduction to scratch


    scrapyframe The green arrow is the flow direction of data, and the functions of each module are as follows: SpidersCrawler, which defines crawling logic and parsing rules of web content, is mainly responsible for parsing response and generating results and new requests;EngineThe engine, the core of the framework, deals with the data flow processing of […]

  • Using electron + Avalon + jQuery + codemirror to develop your own IDE


    After struggling for a month, I sent countless posts, and I finally gave up nw.js In the arms of electron, it turns out that I’m right. Electron has Chinese documents and official examples. It’s not so cool! 1. Basic knowledge of electron 1. Main rendering processLet’s take a look at an introductory example of electron, […]

  • Excel web script assistant, custom script, batch operation of Excel and web pages


    ExcelWebScript assistant, is a custom script controlExcelAnd browser tools. It provides a simple and practicalExcelAndBrowserOfAPICall, through the self built script or self built project, can be customized at will. sureVery convenient basisExcelBatch operation of web pages with data from,ExcelData is filled into the web page, and the data is obtained from the browser toExcel。 Of […]

  • Some ways to find excellent app


    No matter how good the application is, someone needs to find it. I just have some ways to find them faster. There are web pages, micro-blog and WeChat official account. I hope these recommendations will help you find out those excellent and elegant applications. AppZapp Appzapp is an IOS / Android end free application recommendation […]