• Nine basic built-in components of JSP


    Source: provided by netizens. If you have any copyright problems, please contact us Basic components JSP has the following 9 basic built-in components (corresponding to 6 internal components of ASP):Request client request, which will contain the parameters from the get / post requestThe response page returns the response from the clientThe properties of pagecontext web […]

  • Explore the internal mechanism of modern browser (I)


    This article is translated fromInside look at modern web browser (part 1)Original author:Mariko KosakaTranslation:Gomi CPU, GPU, memory and multi process architecture In this series, we will go deep into the specific details of Chrome browser rendering process from the perspective of high-level architecture. If you want to know how the browser turns your code into […]

  • OSG + activeqt embedded ie64 bit


    Write in front Recently, boss asked to embed the current osggis effect into the web page. After tossing for more than a week, it was finally done.Let’s start with our own environment: the system is window10, OSG version is 3.4, QT version is 5.9, and vs2017 compilation project is 64 bits. I read a lot […]

  • Git different warehouses use different keys


    Generate key ssh-keygen -t rsa #I generate the key in ~ / In SSH / GitHub directory, the file name is leonard repo, and the file is as follows: # ~/.ssh/github/leonard-repo # ~/.ssh/github/leonard-repo.pub #View public key: cat ~ / ssh/github/leonard-repo. pub Add key in GitHub Web page GitHub Com – > a warehouse [assuming Leonard […]

  • The web page table or div layer is expanded in the web page


    When we design web pages, we will always encounter some unpleasant things. The most common thing is to find that the displayed pages are opened after adding content in the background, resulting in extremely unsightly web pages. In the past, we basically designed forms. Naturally, there are many solutions for forms on the Internet. Now […]

  • Improved hyperlink effect in web design and production


    Hyperlinks enable people to jump instantly from page to page, or site to site. Such power can create anxiety. Hyperlinks can make visitors jump from one page to another, or from one site to another. However, this frequent jump may cause anxiety. To help users browse with confidence, links should be absolutely clear and explicit. […]

  • [nanny level Python teaching] everything can be API


    Today, I saw an open source project called command2api. I feel very interesting and share it with you. origin The original repo has a paragraph about why this project was born: “ Take the recent rce of log4j as an example. In the intranet security test, due to the limitation of the network environment, there […]

  • The front-end development uses third-party fonts and is compressed with fontmin


    Use third party font files 1. First put the third-party font file into the project. 2. Create a font Less file, which specifies the font name and the third-party font file path through @ font face. // font.less @font-face { font-family: ‘AlibabaPuHuiTiB’; // Rename body name src: url(‘../fonts/Alibaba-PuHuiTi-Bold.ttf’); // Import font font-weight: normal; font-style: normal; […]

  • Implementation skills of Web Music in Web Design


    When inserting music into the web page, write different codes according to different suffixes! The following is the detailed use code of various format files.Note:“Music file and address” – the file name of the file to be played, preceded by the absolute path or the relative path of the site. width_ Num — specify a number […]

  • Elegant implementation of wechat sharing in Vue wechat development


    preface Wechat sharing is mainly to share our web pages with friends or to the circle of friends. When sending them to friends, the displayed message is not an ugly website, but a special template message with graphic description. Many web pages with strong communication nature will use this feature to improve communication. To realize […]

  • Summary of functional annotation enrichment analysis tools


    Recently, there are many methods to make function annotation. After walking through multiple pits, make a summary of function annotation. Go, KEGG, reactom and msigdb databases, which are commonly used for functional annotation, are provided with their GMT files. For those who are familiar with annotation enrichment and need a certain degree of professionalism or […]

  • HTML web page picture tag


    Insert picture marker < img >The colorful web pages we see today are all due to the role of images. When you think about the past, all the web pages in the network are plain text, which is very boring. You know the importance of images in web design. Images can be inserted into HTML […]