• The best configuration of webpack


    preface For beginners, there are many webpack configuration items. How to quickly configure a webpack that can be used in online environment is a matter worth thinking about. In fact, after you are familiar with webpack, you will find that it is very simple. The basic configuration can be divided into the following aspects:entry 、 […]

  • Loading CSS file by webpack and its configuration method


    Loading CSS file by webpack and its configuration After we have written several CSS files, if we want to reference them into HTML, the first way we can do this is to import the CSS files through the link tag. However, if there are many CSS files, it is not recommended to import them one […]

  • Analysis of the use of HTML webpack plugin


    useHTML webpack pluginTo launch the pagePut HTML pages in memoryTo improve the loading speed of the pageAnd it canAutomatic setting index.html The path of JS file import in the page Premise: webpack is installed in the project. Steps: Step 1, enter in the root directory of the projectcnpm i html-webpack-plugin -DInstall the HTML webpack plugin […]

  • Webpack proxy usage (proxy usage)


    Why write an article During the development of these two days, we have encountered some problems that need agent to solve Why use a proxy Cross domain In the development process, our development environment is generally http: / / localhost. However, if the data to be requested is not local, we need to face a […]

  • Notes on how to learn webpack (5)


    My official account for WeChat:Front end cultivation Road, welcome to follow. A few days ago, my friend suddenly thought of a dinner party. In less than half a year, the first batch will be born after 20. This feeling is like, the post-90s now look at the post-90s 60 ~ accidentally we these post-90s in […]

  • Using SVG symbols to build a complete guide to icon system


    From the initial use of img pictures to the later use of CSS sprite to reduce server requests, to the popular graphic Font Icon iconcont. Now, a new way of using icons has become popular – SVG symbols. Working principle How SVG symbols work: the symbol element is used to define a graphic template object, […]

  • How to make an online compiler


    Before the article starts, I’ll show you my own online compilerJS-Encoder: Click here for a preview. About three or four months ago, I began to have the idea of making online compilers. Before that, I had contact with many online compilers, such as codepen, jsbin, jsfiddle, etc., which are very excellent and have a huge […]

  • Build react development environment


    Use yarn package management tools, build tools based on webpack, build react development environment Because some software installation is related to the system environment, you need to select the corresponding system version according to your system environment. Running environment of this paper system:macosreact:16.8.6react-dom:16.8.6webpack:4.36.1 Yarn Yarn is a fast, reliable and secure dependency management tool, which […]

  • Elements, components, events, props passing of react


    By configuring webpack dev server to start a web server, automatically compile and refresh the browser, we can start the react basic fast pass Next: building the react development environment Using webpack dev server After building the react development environment according to the previous article, we found that every time we write the code, we […]

  • Vue cli project development / production environment agent realizes cross domain request


    Cross domain in development environment The development address of the project created with Vue cli is localhost: 8080. You need to access the non local interface Access between different domain names requires cross domain to request correctly. There are many cross domain methods, which usually need background configuration. However, projects created by Vue cli […]

  • Service worker usage details


    Background In order to control the interface displayed to users in the state of no network, the H5 of the taro framework can achieve the goal by using the client offline cache, and can cache the static resources, so as to reduce the white screen time and speed up the corresponding page speed. 2、 Service […]

  • [webback series] analysis of the principle of webback


    I. Preface Now with the complexity and scale of front-end development increasing, eagle can’t develop independently without engineering. For example, the JSX code of react must be compiled before it can be used in the browser. For example, sass and less code browsers are not supported. If these development frameworks are abandoned, the development efficiency […]