• Knowledge of web standards — enriching tags in paragraphs


    If you have started to use web standards step by step in your work with how difficult can Web standards be? This content will let you further understand the details of the paragraphs. If you’re just ready to start, it doesn’t matter. You can read “start with P, step by step”, and then read this […]

  • Webapi2 file image upload and download function


    ASP. Net framework webapi2 file upload and download front-end interface is implemented in Ajax 1、 Project structure 1.App_ Start is configured with cross domain access to avoid that the request cannot be submitted due to cross domain problems. The specific cross domain configuration method is as follows. Please skip it if you know. Cross domain […]

  • Three methods to solve the problem of web program displaying Chinese in JSP development


    Method 1: the simplest and most used method   <%@ page language=”java” pageEncoding=”GBK” %> Or <% @ page contenttype = “text / HTML”; charset=gbk”;> GB2312 or GBK can be used here, but GBK supports more characters than GB2312.This method is used for Chinese display in JSP pages.Method 2: use filter The filter is mainly used for […]

  • Web service of Java soapheader


    C# JSON return format Web Servicehttps://www.jb51.net/article/16768.htmI use axis to create a class package here. First download the compressed package of axis, then unzip it and put axis under webapp. If it can run, it’s OK.   C# create the WSDL of the WebService, which can be added directly? WSDL access, and then use axis to generate […]

  • Asp.net web API realizes the function of picture click picture verification code


    Now the form of verification code is more and more rich. Today, what we want to realize is the verification code to verify by clicking the text in the picture, as shown in the figure This verification code verification is to verify whether the mouse has selected the position and order of the text in […]

  • Building java web development environment and Application


    One uses Tomcat server and DBCP data source to build web development environment1. JDK installation, the default path is OK2. Tomcat5.5 server1) Configure the server port of Tomcat:Open D: apache-tomcat-5.0.18, conf.server.xml to see the following code:<!– Define a non-SSL Coyote HTTP/1.1 Connector on port 8080 –> <Connector port=”8080″ maxThreads=”150″ minSpareThreads=”25″ maxSpareThreads=”75″ enableLookups=”false” redirectPort=”8443″ acceptCount=”100″ debug=”0″ […]

  • A method to prevent the execution of Web script virus – from Web


    I wonder if you’ve ever met such a thing? When the Internet is booming, suddenly the IE window keeps opening, until the resource is exhausted and crashes? Recently, the author of the Internet soon, the computer has been crazy to open IE window, resulting in excessive system memory and crash. Although I use ie   […]

  • How to calculate web animation frame rate FPS


    catalogue The standard of fluent animation Method 1: with the help of chrome developer tools Method 2: with the help of frame timing API Blink kernel early architecture The subtle difference between JS animation and CSS animation What is the frame timing API? Frame timing API Method 3: with the help of the request animation […]

  • Using go language to build a Web Application Tutorial


    1.Abstract In the process of learning web development, we will encounter many difficulties, so I wrote a similar review article. As a roadmap, starting from the index of web development elements, this paper introduces the learning process and example code of golang development. In the description, the code is mostly used to describe the use […]

  • The world wide web source code of “changing the world” will be auctioned in the form of NFT, starting at $1000


    Sir Tim Berners Lee, one of the designers of the world wide web, is selling the source code of the web in the form of NFT. Berners Lee, a British computer scientist, invented the world wide web in 1989 and wrote code for the first web browser a year later. His invention led to the […]

  • Java Web realizes the verification function of login page verification code


    1、 Verification code Captcha is essentially a picture, and the content of the picture will be generated randomly with the running of the program The role of verification code: to prevent applications from sending malicious data, to a certain extent, to avoid the attack of malicious programs on the website.Captcha is essentially a picture, the […]

  • Web storage for HTML5 local storage


    Before the advent of HTML5, if developers need to store a small amount of data in the client, they can only use cookies to achieve it, but there are several shortcomings in cookies The size of the cookie under each domain name is limited to 4KB.· cookies are included in each HTTP request, which results […]