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  • Web Design Skills Code for Form Input Boxes


      1. The dotted box when the cancel button is pressedAdd the attribute value hideFocus or HideFocus=true to the input  2. Read-only text box contentAdd the attribute value readonly to the input  3. Prevent back-empty TEXT documents (style content can be used as a class reference) <INPUTstyle=behavior:url(#default#savehistory);type=textid=oPersistInput>   4. The ENTER key can move the cursor to the next […]

  • Some parameter descriptions of text input boxes in web design


    In general message books, forums and other places, text input boxes are used, that is, textarea in html language. Textare contains many parameters. If you learn to use these parameters, you can freely modify the size and appearance of the text input box to achieve The effect you want, let's introduce these parameters and how […]

  • Web Design Learning XHTML Application Summary


    In a nutshell, the file organization of a &quot;standard web page&quot; is XHTML CSS. XHTML is mainly used to represent web page structure and display content, while CSS is to define structure layout and modify content style.Commonly used XHTML for layout are:DIV: It is mainly used for logical division of page content. For example, a […]

  • Implementation skills of Web Music in Web Design


    When inserting music into the web page, write different codes according to different suffixes! The following is the detailed use code of various format files.Note:“Music file and address” – the file name of the file to be played, preceded by the absolute path or the relative path of the site. width_ Num — specify a number […]

  • HTML web page picture tag


    Insert picture marker < img >The colorful web pages we see today are all due to the role of images. When you think about the past, all the web pages in the network are plain text, which is very boring. You know the importance of images in web design. Images can be inserted into HTML […]

  • Web design on the form input box skills code


    This article lists some tips and codes about web page design and form input box.  1. Dashed box when the Cancel button is pressed    2. Read only text box contentAdd attribute value readonly in input  3. Prevent the text document from being back emptied (the style content can be used as a class reference) <INPUTstyle=behavior:url(#default#savehistory);type=textid=oPersistInput>   4. Press enter […]

  • Some parameter descriptions of text input box in Web Design


    Text input boxes are used in general message books, forums and other places, that is, textarea in HTML language. Textarea contains many parameters. If you learn to use these parameters, you can modify the size and appearance of the text input box at will to achieve the effect you want. The following will introduce these […]

  • Five simple XHTML web forms for Web Design


    Simple XHTML web form in Web Design 5.The input box, selection box and text box are all included in the label element, and all are set as block level elements. Set the radio button and multi box display to inline so that they appear on the same line. If you prefer that label and radio […]

  • 25 application cases of circular elements in Web Design


    Today, this article gives a very good example of the application of circular elements in web design, showing you beautiful circular buttons, menus, pictures and other details. As you can see, if properly designed, the circular application can make your website world look quite unique and novel.     Lucia Soto Circular elements can also […]

  • [web design] share e-webtemplates (Flash + PSD source file + HTML)


    They are all web page templates on foreign e-webtemplates websites, and they collect download links with their own collection program. There are about 159 sets in total. The styles are very beautiful. Each set contains PSD source files and generated HTML.   Simple blue template Photo portfolio template Download address Download address   Coporate design […]

  • Adobe brackets easy to use graphic tutorial


    Adobe brackets is an open-source, simple and powerful HTML, CSS and JavaScript integrated development environment, which supports the addition of plug-ins to provide additional function extension. Currently available plug-ins, such as debugging, browser specific CSS prefix, JSDoc annotation, etc., are supported. The following brief introduction to the use and settings of brackets: Software name: Adobe […]

  • 15 sites that web designers and developers must know


     ColorCombos Color matching is the top priority of web design. Color combos helps you prepare thousands of color schemes, which can be selected according to color browsing.LIpsum Lorem Ipsum text is a self-made word that does not exist in the dictionary. When demonstrating the page structure, it is necessary to use lorem Ipsum text to […]