Tag:Wear resistant steel

  • X120Mn12


    X120mn12 high manganese steel is quite different from Mn13 high manganese steel in China. They have a lot in common. First of all, x120mn12 is also a high manganese non-magnetic wear-resistant steel, the implementation of the European standard, Mn13 is the implementation of domestic enterprise standards. It’s very resistant to impact. As we all know, […]

  • HARDOX 500


    HARDOX 500 steel plate has a typical hardness of 500hbw, which can withstand severe wear. It is very suitable for working in strong wear environments, such as high strength ores and corrosive materials.Hardox500 steel plate is a kind of carbide free martensite and bainite wear-resistant steel plate produced in Sweden. It has been paid more […]