• User management tutorial of WordPress


    Keyword Description: Tutorial management user rights can be edited and registered by WordPress us We talked about the use of WordPress plug-ins earlier. Now let’s talk about the user management part of WordPress. The user management part of WordPress includes the registration of user account, editing of user data, setting of user authority, etc. Let’s […]

  • How to Run Windows Software on FreeBSD


    FreeBSD‘s greatest advantage is that it can access data in other operating system partitions without exiting FreeBSD on a dual-boot computer. After installing other partitions in FreeBSD, it is fairly simple to read, write, or delete files in that partition. Perhaps some readers will ask, is it possible to execute executable files in other partitions […]

  • FREEBSD6.0 Setting up FTP Server


    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a common network protocol. Its main function is to transfer files. We often download files from FTP platform. This chapter will introduce how to use FreeBSD to set up FTP server, and explain the management skills of various FTP servers. In addition to FTP server software attached to FreeBSD, this […]

  • FreeBSD6.2 Setting up FTP Server


    Two Modes of FTP OnlineFTP adopts Client/Server architecture. The special feature of FTP protocol is that it must establish two online systems when it is used: one for transmitting instructions and the other for transmitting files. When we use FTP software to connect to the FTP server, the client will first connect to port 21 […]

  • Knowledge of FREEBSD


    1. Archives structure is very important in unix-like, so how to look at the description of relevant archives directory structure? Is it CD in every directory? In fact, there is a better way. That is to use a good man to see: # man hier   After clicking the Pause or Scroll Lock key, you […]

  • Talking about the Installation Method of FreeBSD Software


    After installing FreeBSD, you will definitely need to install other software that is not included in FreeBSD. There are many ways to install software on FreeBSD, and we will introduce them to you one by one. This chapter covers the following topics necessary for software installation: * Advantages and disadvantages of various installation methods.* How […]