• Method of transforming flat data into tree data in JS front end


    1. JS front-end method to convert flat data into tree data The measurement is successful https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000022444269 //Convert peer data into tree structure listToTree(dataSource) { //Datasource is the same level data source return dataSource.filter(e => { const pid = e.parentId const resultArr = dataSource.filter(ele => { if (ele.menuId === pid) { if (!ele.children) { ele.children = […]

  • Tomcat learning notes (3) – host configuration


    Learn Tomcat todayROOT(root) application deployment. In traditional deployment, we put our demo in thewebappsAccess it when it’s under the directory http://localhos:8080/demoThat’s fine. But if I want to access domain throughhttp://localhos:8080Is there any way to access our app? The answer, of course, is that there is a way. The method is very simple in TomcatappBaseThe location […]

  • Larravel + JWT multi table (or multi user) authentication


    Recently in uselaravel+jwtAuth authentication, just finished the user moduleThere is a problem: the background module is about to be written, and the two modules are designed with two user tables: user table and admin table. Larvel has multi-user authority authentication method, which JWT has never contactedThe first time I went to Google to search the […]

  • Install homebrew error curl:


    come from: https://www.jianshu.com/p/68e… The solution has been out of date. After I follow the same method, 443 connection reused error will still appear I went back to check the original stack overflow article that the blogger referred toask What bloggers refer to is the answer that is highly praised the first, originally from 2015. It’s […]

  • [PHP] compile and install swoole


    I don’t know why, the home network can’t be accessed pecl.php.net There is no way to directly use PECL install spool to install swoole, or compile and install it directly Download source code in Git repository https://github.com/swoole/swoole-src After entering the source code directory Phpize (APT get install PHP dev without this command) ./configure make make […]

  • Develop express WinForm quickly select layout control item


    I want to select a small container outside the new control Method 1: select the space between the container and the new control by mouse. If the margin is not more than 3, it is very difficult. Method 2: through the drop-down selection in the attribute, more than one container can be seen, which is […]

  • Explanation and use of C ා queue


    There is a scene: for a rush purchase project, if there are five products, who can buy them first? But if at this moment (the moment here is assumed to be the same time), there are 100 people to grab this product. What will happen if we use ordinary methods? You know, this is about […]

  • Install the pyinstaller Library


    CMD command: PIP install pyinstaller   The following situations occur:   Well, failure! ~~~~ After Baidu said: Python – M PIP install – U pip Problem solving Okay, fail again~~~   The final solution!!! Download from domestic sources:python -m pip install –upgrade pip -i https://pypi.douban.com/simple     Ha ha, installation successful! (well, although I still don’t […]

  • IntelliJ prompt java-numbers.iml does not exist


    IntelliJ prompts java-numbers.iml does not exist please correct the file content. How to solve this problem? The easiest way is to delete the. Idea and target files and import them again.

  • Python uses the environment settings of face recognition package


    When using face recognition package for face recognition, the environment is very important, but the online methods are very complex. Today, I introduce a particularly simple method, hoping to help you, and less holes.   1. First, you should download the Dlib installation package (for example: dlib-19.8.1-cp36-cp36m-win_amd64. WHL) You can download the corresponding Dlib package […]

  • Learning notes of classic examples of C ා concurrent programming-2.9 handling exceptions of async void method


    problem Exceptions passed from the async void method need to be handled. Solution In the book, it is recommended not to write async void. If you have to, try to catch all the code inside the method, that is, handle all the possible exceptions inside the method. Of course, there is another way to deal […]