• Using JS method to convert dataurl to file and URL to Base64


    Statement: only for the convenience of their own needs, also hope to facilitate others, if there is infringement, contact delete. 1, convert dataurl to file 1 /** 2 * convert dataurl to file 3 * @ param {string} dataurl – dataurl address 4 * @ param {string} file name – file name 5 */ 6 […]

  • Tiling watermark with canvas


    The effect of watermark tiling is as follows: From the diagram, we should do the following: The text is tiled in X and Y directions; The text is rotated at a certain angle; As the background, the watermark’s Z-index should be located at the bottom of the page, that is, it can’t cover the main […]

  • asp.net An example of how to generate a thumbnail and add a watermark to the original image


    In this paper, an example is given asp.net The method of generating thumbnail and adding watermark to the original image is realized. The details are as follows: using System.IO; using System.Drawing.Imaging; private void Button1_ServerClick(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { Graphics g=null; System.Drawing.Image upimage=null; System.Drawing.Image thumimg=null; System.Drawing.Image simage=null; Bitmap outputfile=null; try { string extension = Path.GetExtension(File1.PostedFile.FileName).ToUpper(); string […]

  • Python tiktok download without key video


    I wrote about it before downloading the videoHow to easily download Tencent / Weibo / Youku / iqiyi / B station and other videos? , Video downloads you may not know Tiktok tiktok can also be downloaded directly through IDM, first linking to the video of the jitter. Use Google browser to open the video […]

  • How to protect your music works from being stolen and make anti-theft watermark clips with fl


    It’s said that there are many people who are popular. I wonder if you still remember that the popular song “wolf disco” in 2019 was involved in plagiarism and even sent a lawyer’s letter.Of course, this matter has been solved, and my uncle has proved his innocence. But the original author’s protection of his music […]

  • C#/ VB.NET Add barcode and QR code in word


    This paper introduces how to use C # and VB.NET Code to add barcode and QR code in word document. Code will be divided into the word body paragraph, header and footers medium situation to add. Using tool: Free Spire.Office For. Net (free version) Tool introduction:This is the collection package of free products under all. […]

  • Write a video to tiktok, and never be a programmer.


    Every cause has its fruit Tiktok: why do I want to make a video of the video, but actually because my sand sculpture girlfriend, what she just wanted me to do. One night she was shaking tiktok and saw a very strong voice.Educational significance“If a man loves his daughter-in-law, he should do all the housework.” […]

  • Vue + vant add watermark before uploading image and compress image size


    There’s no bullshit, just codeIn addition, theimage-conversionTo compress the image <template> <div class=”page”> <div> <van-uploader :accept=”‘image/*'” :before-read=”beforeRead” :after-read=”onUpload” > <! — < van button type = “primary” > main buttons < / Van button > — > </van-uploader> </div> <img :src=”imgUrl” style=”width: 100%”> </div> </template> <script> import { compressAccurately } from ‘image-conversion’ export default { […]

  • Add excel watermark to Java


    preface Microsoft Excel has no direct way to build in watermark. In Excel worksheet, we can add the header and footer function to add the image or text to the back of Excel document content to achieve the effect similar to watermark. However, this kind of watermark can only be visible when the print preview […]

  • Flink SQL file system connector partition submission and custom small file merge strategy


    In order to adapt to the Flink hive integrated environment, Flink SQL’s file system connector has made many improvements, and the most obvious one is the partition commit mechanism. This paper introduces the implementation of two elements of partition submission mechanism, namely trigger and policy, through the source code, and then uses the example of […]

  • Two methods of adding watermark to image by JS


    The first one (more complicated) According to the image path to obtain the image data, converted to blob type useFileReaderRead the image BLOB data as dataurl Create the IMG tag with the SRC attribute of dataurl monitorimg.onload, create the canvas, and set the IMG objectdrawIn canvas Add watermark usecanvas.toBlobTurn to final image code Async / […]

  • International version of tiktok video tiktok bulk watermark Analysis Download.


    Hi, I am an old friend, and I have been obsessed with the overseas version of the quiver, that is, tiktok, and then want to save all the videos of a foreigner. Tiktok software does not support it. So I searched the Internet tiktok and found a good online tool. Support the analysis of any […]