• Assignment 7


    Digital watermarking technology: using NEC algorithm, the watermark signal should be composed of independent identically distributed random real number sequences with Gaussian distribution, which should be embedded into the source data part, and then the text and watermark containing the watermark should be stored in the server. When the user installs the software, we compare […]

  • Introduction to information security assignment 7: copyright protection


    Topic content Alice and Bob are two programmers. They invented a word processing software paperwrite that is better than MS word. They can make the software into an installation CD and install it in Windows system. However, because they don’t know much about security technology, they are troubled by piracy and need your help. Design […]

  • Worried about mobile Bi security? Try smartbi mobile app features


    I’ve seen “convenient and efficient, mobile Bi makes decisions!” My friends all know,Smartbi mobile terminalIt provides integrated push, offline, sharing, interactive operation and other functions to meet the needs of enterprise decision-makers and managers to view and analyze data at any time on the mobile terminal and work together efficiently. But many users have some […]

  • Letter safety operation 7


    This topic can use CRM technology to protect digital copyright 1. digital watermarking technology: Digital watermarking refers to embedding specific information into digital signals, which may be audio, pictures or video. Digital watermarking can be divided into two types: emerging watermarking and hidden watermarking. The information contained in visible watermarking can be seen at the […]

  • HTML with watermark and forbidden right click


    HTML with watermark and forbidden right click Record a requirement encountered JS with watermark (found on the Internet) function watermark(settings) { //Default settings var defaultSettings = { watermark_txt:”text”, watermark_ x: 1, // the x-axis coordinate of the starting position of the watermark watermark_ y: 1, // watermark start position Y axis coordinate window body. clientHeight/2 […]

  • Two simple methods to remove Web text watermark


    When we browse some websites, we may want to copy the content above when we see a good web page, but some websites add an interference code at the end of each text – text with the same color as the background in order to prevent others from copying. There are many ways to clear […]

  • Let’s start the class – AI algorithm landing and engineering deployment practice


    Let’s start the class – AI algorithm landing and engineering deployment practice If you are a maven developer, it is very easy to use. The maintenance personnel of the project once pushed the dependency to the central warehouse. Only by introducing dependencies, 90% of the workload is completed. Next, you only need to stop the […]

  • Flexible use of dynamic watermark and evaluation of volcano engine imagex in Kratos


    What is Kratos Kratos is a responsive WordPress theme that focuses on the user’s reading experience. The overall layout is simple and generous, and has been greatly optimized for resource loading. Installation method Download the latest release of. zip installation packageGitHub can be downloaded; Log in to the WordPress administrator background and enterappearance > themePage, […]

  • How to use java to add text watermark to pictures?


    package com.fh.util;import java.awt.Color;import java.awt.Font;import java.awt.Graphics;import java.awt.Image;import java.awt.image.BufferedImage;import java.io.File;import javax.imageio.ImageIO;//import java.io.FileOutputStream;//import com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGCodec;//import com.sun.image.codec.jpeg.JPEGImageEncoder;/** explain:gameImage watermark processing class Author: FH admin from:www fhadmin org */ public class Watermark { private static String strFWATERM,strIWATERM; static{ strFWATERM = Tools. readTxtFile(Const.FWATERM); // Read text watermark configuration strIWATERM = Tools. readTxtFile(Const.IWATERM); // Read image watermark configuration } /** *Refresh */ public […]

  • Java adds different image watermarks to each page of word documents


    When setting the watermark in word, you can load the picture and set it as the watermark effect, but usually when adding the watermark effect, it will set a unified effect for all pages. If you need to set different watermark effects for each page or a page, you can refer to the methods in […]

  • Research on Flink temporary table join


    Author: Wang DongyangprefaceAnsi-sql 2011 proposed the concept of temporary, and Oracle, sqlserver, DB2 and other large database manufacturers have also implemented this standard. Temporal table records all data changes at any time point in history. Temporal table has the characteristics of ordinary table, specific and unique DDL / DML / query syntax, and time is […]

  • Recommend video encryption software – what are the benefits of video encryption?


    With the development of society, people pay more and more attention to their copyright. Many education and training institutions have also begun to pay attention to the security and tightness of the videos they have worked hard to create. If the videos of their own training institutions can be spread and copied at will, anyone […]