• Official publicity. Net 6 preview 4


    We are pleased to release. Net 6 preview 4. We are now about halfway through the. Net 6 release. Now is a good time to review the full scope of. Net 6 again. Many features are close to final form, while others will be available soon because the basic building blocks for the release are […]

  • Rust programming video tutorial (Advanced) – 024_ 3 syntax of all modes 3


    Video address Headline address:https://www.ixigua.com/i677586170644791348…Station B address:https://www.bilibili.com/video/av81202308/ Source address GitHub address:https://github.com/anonymousGiga/learn_rus… Explanation content 1. Ignore values in mode(1) Use_ Ignore entire valueexample: fn foo(_: i32, y: i32) { println!(“This code only uses the y parameter: {}”, y); } fn main() { foo(3, 4); } Note: placeholders are used for parameters in the function, mainly when implementing […]

  • Prompt box JavaScript plug-in based on jQuery, class bootstrap


    Prompt box JavaScript plug-in based on jQuery, class bootstrap Source code GitHub address: https://github.com/Ethan-Xie/message example Through this plug-in, you can add the function of auto / click disappear to the prompt bar usage Message.css and message.js need to be introduced <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”message.css”> <script></script> Add to elementOnclick = “$. FN. MSG (‘msg ‘, {text:’ warning […]

  • Learn to use the sublime plug-in sublimelinter


    preface You have to learn to be lazy in everything, and so does code. althoughgruntTools providejshintA plug-in that checks JS code, but it’s a little late. How to lock and eliminate errors when you code? OK, use itsubmlimeBlessed are your children’s shoes.sublimeLinterIt is such a tool to provide code detection. Detection language list Screenshots of […]

  • Enable nullable reference types for your project


    Enable nullable reference types for your project Intro C # has introduced nullable reference types since 8.0. We can enable nullable reference types for the project to help us better deal with empty references in the code with the help of the compiler, which can avoid us from writing many unnecessary null checks and improve […]

  • Thought of by the need of a custom sharing page


    Thoughts on a custom sharing page introduction I believe that most people have used or are using Umeng to share, but the sharing style provided by Umeng often can not meet our needs. For example, we want to add some additional buttons (copy link, report, etc.).At the beginning of this project, the sharing style of […]

  • Python es logstore cmreshandler fixes [[types remove] specifying types in bulk requests is deprecated.]


    background The elasticsearch version was upgraded to 7. X two days ago, and [[types remove] specifying types in bulk requests is deprecated.] warning was prompted every time the log was printed. After checking on the Internet, it was found that the type had been deprecated after version 7. X. a friend who encountered the same […]

  • Rust disable lint warning by property


    The compiler provides dead_ Code lint, which will warn unused functions and can be disabled with an attribute.example: fn func1() { println!(“func1”); } #[allow(dead_code)] fn func2() { println!(“func2”); } fn func3() { println!(“func3”); } fn main() { func1(); println!(“Hello, world!”); } Note: there will be a warning if func3 is not used, but there will […]

  • What are the new features of PHP 8 to look forward to


    The new major version of PHP, php8, is expected to be released by the end of 2020.It’s in very active development right now, so in the next few months, the development speed and development process may change a lot. In this article, I’ll list some of the changes that will happen in php8: new features, […]

  • The development of webpack source map


    When webpack packages the source code, it may be difficult to trace the original location of errors and warnings in the source code. For example, if three source files(a.js, b.jsandc.js)Package into a bundle(bundle.js)If one of the source files contains an error, the stack trace simply points to thebundle.js. This doesn’t usually help much, because you […]

  • Using build analyzer in Android studio to improve build performance


    As a member of the Android Developer Tools team, my team members and I make various tools with the idea of making Android the best Mobile Developer Platform every day. This means that we will build some tools to help you develop your application, so that you can focus on writing your application. We know […]

  • npm ERR! The solution of taro error reporting in code integrity installation


    When using taro to install dependency packages, it often appearsnpm ERR! code EINTEGRITYThe problem should be caused by the local cache of NPM. Delete the package.lock.json file (if you don’t want to change this file, you can restore it after loading) NPM cache clean — force (there will be a warning prompt, just ignore it) […]