• Dingxiang cloud writing service opens the first public test


    After more than half a year of architecture reconstruction, the cloud writing service has been independent of the top think cloud writing service. At the same time, it also marks the completion of a milestone in the reconstruction of the new version of the cloud. At present, the first public test of the GitHub version […]

  • Code management tool – git basic introduction and common skills


    catalogue Git origin Basic concepts Branch, head and commit tree Git branch The difference and choice between git merge and git rebase Interaction with remote warehouse Problems and solutions of some actual development scenarios preface:This paper mainly introduces the principle, use and some skills of GIT. The purpose is to make readers understand git not […]

  • Git different warehouses use different keys


    Generate key ssh-keygen -t rsa #I generate the key in ~ / In SSH / GitHub directory, the file name is leonard repo, and the file is as follows: # ~/.ssh/github/leonard-repo # ~/.ssh/github/leonard-repo.pub #View public key: cat ~ / ssh/github/leonard-repo. pub Add key in GitHub Web page GitHub Com – > a warehouse [assuming Leonard […]

  • Git daily operation command


    Git common operations Configuration operation Git config — list # view git configuration information git config user. Name # view git user name git config user. Email # view mailbox configuration git config –global user. Name “nameval” # global configuration user name git config –global user. email ” [email protected] “# global configuration mailbox” basic operation […]

  • Linux switches software source to domestic agent acceleration address


    1、 Background I often use various Linux distributions and need to use them many timesyumandaptTo install the software, but the software source in the Linux image uses the foreign address, and the access speed is very slow. Sometimes the access fails. You need to find the corresponding software source address on the Internet every time. […]

  • . npmrc configuration of verdaccio


    background If you encounter: Multiple requiredregitstryFor example: Taobao source + verdaccio private warehouse There is a problem logging in. Mingming logs in to verdaccio, but NPM doesn’t recognize it The NPM version changes and the login URL exposed by verdaccio changes, resulting in the login failure npm who am iAsk youadd user Here’s how to […]

  • Five minutes to build blog comment component – Digital


    preface Because I’m building my own blog recently, I need to have a comment function. I don’t want to build my own database. I also want to log in with a third party. After careful consideration, I decided to use digital [0]. It’s really fragrant after use, so I’ll give you a wave of Amway~ […]

  • The use of vernacular vuex!


    1. Tell you a story I remember the pain of learning react’s state management redux. I wish I could give up react. Before, some people always said Vue was simple and vuex’s global state management was difficult. In my opinion, the official website said too much, so that some people didn’t use it right, some […]

  • Create imagepullsecrets


    Image key warehouse creation method I docker login -u admin -p **** kubectl create secret generic harborsecret \ –from-file=.dockerconfigjson=/root/.docker/config.json \ –type=kubernetes.io/dockerconfigjson kubectl get secret harborsecret –output=yaml Create image warehouse key mode 2 kubectl create secret docker-registry harborsecret \ –docker-server= \ –docker-username=admin \ –docker-password=**** –[email protected] Imagepullsecrets is configured in the controller spec: containers: – name: […]

  • Installing and using docker under Ubuntu


    Docker is an open source application container engine based onGo languageAnd comply with Apache 2 0 protocol is open source. Docker allows developers to package their applications and dependency packages into a lightweight and portable container, and then publish them to any popular Linux machine. It can also realize virtualization. The container uses the sandbox […]

  • Git foundation uses North pointing


    Software is like sex: it’s better when it’s free. —— Linus Torvalds Previous information – O – Workflow The first thing to be clear is the workflow of GIT. When you use git, you use three different areas to manage your code.1.Workspace: These are the files you are currently writing code, specifically the project you […]

  • Image download container


    Image download container 1、 Library introduction Go container registry is a golang client library open source by Google for container mirroring. It provides an operation interface for mirroring. The resources behind this interface can be the remote resources of the mirroring warehouse, the mirrored tar package, or even the docker daemon process. It is mainly […]