• Update git version of CentOS (GIT 2. X)


    Because the GIT version of CentOS is too low, there will be problems such as timeout when connecting to the remote warehouse during use, so you need to upgrade the GIT version. Reference linkhttps://computingforgeeks.com… Check git version git –version** Delete Git yum remove git* Install the latest version yum -y install https://packages.endpoint.com/rhel/7/os/x86_64/endpoint-repo-1.7-1.x86_64.rpm yum install git

  • Use GitHub actions to continuously publish the shuttle app


    preface Github ActionsIt is a CI / CD service provided by GitHub. If your fluent application code is placed on GitHub, you can use this service to automate application testing, construction and release. First, let’s talk about some core concepts of GitHub actions. I feel it’s very easy to understand. I have to say that […]

  • How does oracle19c use benchmark SQL data exchange?


    oraclemyasm benchmarksql-5.0]$ export JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-Dfile.encoding=UTF8[oraclemyasm benchmarksql-5.0]$ antPicked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS: -Dfile.encoding=UTF8Buildfile: build.xmlinit:compile: [javac] Compiling 11 source files to /soft/tpcc/benchmarksql-5.0/build dist: [mkdir] Created dir: /soft/tpcc/benchmarksql-5.0/dist [jar] Building jar: /soft/tpcc/benchmarksql-5.0/dist/BenchmarkSQL-5.0.jar BUILD SUCCESSFULTotal time: 14 secondsdb=oracledriver=oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriveruser=mytestpassword=oraclewarehouses=10loadWorkers=4terminals=10//To run specified transactions per terminal- runMins must equal zerorunTxnsPerTerminal=0//To run for specified minutes- runTxnsPerTerminal must equal zerorunMins=10//Number of total transactions per minutelimitTxnsPerMin=300//Set to true […]

  • Introduction to git — from operation to theory (I)


    preface This article aims to help students who have not been exposed to git use the basic functions of GIT and GitHub, which is suitable for beginners. Since Git is a tool, a reasonable learning process should first know how to use it, and then understand the concepts of warehouse, branch, conflict and so on. […]

  • Several problems and solutions of GIT are summarized


    preface Originally, when I learned git, I only knew a few basic usages. When I encountered problems, I got confused. This time, I summarize several problems encountered in history and countermeasures. Clone error The first is a project that downloaded GitHub this week. The package error is shown in the figure above. The general meaning […]

  • Docker mind map


    Common related commands Container lifecycle management Docker run: create a new container and run a command Docker start: start one or more containers that have been stopped Docker stop: stops a running container Docker restart: restart the container Docker kill: kill a running container. Docker RM: Deletes one or more containers. Docker pause: pauses all […]

  • 7400 Star! A database operated with git command!


    [introduction]: the “child” of GIT and MYSQL, a database that can be operated using GIT. Recently, it has dominated the GitHub trend list for three consecutive days, adding 4K + star. brief introduction Dolt is an SQL database. We can use fork, clone, branch, merge, push, pull and other functions, just like operating a git […]

  • Nexus builds NPM dependency Library


    Install nexus It is said that this step is the most difficult. Post a websitehttps://help.sonatype.com/rep…I can’t download and load it directly. Anyway, I’m hard under Xunlei. It’s done!Version 3.28.1-01 Nexus section After installation, find the bin directory and start it first nexus.exe /runThe default port is 8081. The successful startup is as follows: The default […]

  • Fastposter released 1.4.3 cross language poster generator


    Fastposter released 1.4.3 cross language poster generator V1.4.3 add golang language support, optimize generator code and improve official documents I had a little drink yesterday ️⃣, The distribution is a little slow. future: Add golang language support Optimize generator code Improve official documents Add public network deployment Guide Font replacement guide Source code operation Replace […]

  • [GitHub] white whoring with me, GitHub pages as a personal site?


    What`s The GitHub Pages ? Websites for you and your projects.Hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live. In short, it provides a way to use GitHub’s warehouse as a site. We don’t need to provide our own server. We use GitHub pages for nothing. With its ability to […]

  • Empty GitHub repository instead of deleting and re creating


    Today, because I wanted to empty the GitHub warehouse and come back, I didn’t know how to solve it later, so I searched for information online and posted a blog by the way — Remove the history from (delete history from) rm -rf .git — recreate the repos from the current content only (recreate repository […]

  • Teach you to use GitHub to build a personal website


    GitHub source code sharing Wechat search: coder stayupHome address:https://gozhuyinglong.github.ioSource code sharing:https://github.com/gozhuyinglong/blog-demos 1. Create a code warehouse Log in to GitHub, click the + button in the upper right corner, and select new repository to open the create new warehouse page. Create ausername.github.ioIn whichusernameName your GitHub account.Note: ifusernameDoes not match your account name and will not […]