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  • Cannot find package module sap/cds/common


    When I do SAP cloud application programming exercise, after executing the following two commands: cds init bookshop cds watch bookshop Encountered this error message: cannot find package module @sap/cds/common After NPM install, the problem is solved, and now the error disappears @SAP / CdS / common in node_ In the modules folder, the types of […]

  • Browse SAP cap database with visual studio code SQLite extension


    In SAP cloud application programming model, we can use the following command line to store entity data with persistent database. cds deploy –to sqlite:my.db cds deploy –to sqlite:my.dbfilling sap.capire.bookshop.Authors from db\data\sap.capire.bookshop-Authors.csvfilling sap.capire.bookshop.Books from db\data\sap.capire.bookshop-Books.csv/> successfully deployed to ./my.db /> updated ./package.json This command will generate a file under the project folder my.db Documents. . The […]

  • Generation time of NG reflect form attribute and its value in native HTML code of angular form control


    Simple component code: import { Component } from ‘@angular/core’; import { FormControl } from ‘@angular/forms’; @Component({ selector: ‘app-reactive-favorite-color’, template: ` Favorite Color: <input type=”text” [formControl]=”favoriteColorControl”> ` }) export class ReactFormComponent { favoriteColorControl = new FormControl(”); } As shown in the figure below: how is ng reflect form generated at runtime? Call in bootstrap_ loadComponent: Policy […]

  • Technology realization of integration of IOS and Wikipedia


    onCreate: After click log in and wait for a while: This will trigger constructor.Fetch service document and meta data in constructor. Asynchronous task: The trigger point is in thread 1. onSucceed: thread 17. Since service document is loaded, next step is to try to load meta data. This is a state machine. Service Document variable: […]

  • Local installation of groovy and configuration of Eclipse Plug-in


    Download the development kit from groovy’s website: https://groovy.apache.org/dow… Download to local, unzip: Add the unzipped folder path to the environment variable. Mainly grovy_ Add% glory to home and path_ Home% bin two records. If you directly input groovy and the file name in the command line, if it can be executed successfully, it means that […]

  • Code for reading local files with groovy


    The following packages have been imported by default and need not be imported explicitly again using import: java.io.* java.lang.* java.math.BigDecimal java.math.BigInteger java.net.* java.util.* groovy.lang.* groovy.util.* Runtime method call selection of groovy At runtime, groovy determines which method to execute according to the parameter type. In Java, on the contrary, the method to be called is […]

  • build.gradle Analysis of the principle of Maven central implementation of repository


    If the build.gradle What happens when Maven central is changed to Maven central 2? Error message: could not find method mavencentral2() for arguments [] on repository container of type org.gradle.api . internal.artifacts.dsl .DefaultRepositoryHandler. This defaultrepositoryhandler searches the gradle directory and finds the corresponding java file: DEFAULT_ MAVEN_ CENTRAL_ REPO_ The name constant is defined in […]

  • Using chrome developer tools to analyze the implementation principle of JavaScript garbage collector


    I use the following simple JavaScript code to illustrate: var JerryTestArray = []; (function(){ for( var i = 0; i < 100; i++){ JerryTestArray[i] = document.createElement(“div”); } })(); Create a new empty tab in your Chrome, and first create a snapshot with empty heap status by click “Take Snapshot” button: The Snapshot1 is generated. Now […]

  • How to use Chrome extension application postman to send SAP ui5 batch operation


    There is a standard Gateway client tool ( transaction code /IWFND/GW_CLIENT ) which allows us to launch odata request without browser for testing purpose. And there is another approach which can achieve the same result without using SAPGUI, that is Chrome extension: postman. For example, we are doing some test in Fiori application and we […]

  • Project and package problems of eclipse import folder


    When using eclipse, you sometimes need to work from an existing folder At this time, you need to first create a new Java project in eclipse, then File > Import > file system, and select the parent folder of the file to import However, at this time, the problem of “the declared package does not […]

  • Analysis of HTTP request error in SAP Fiori application


    Issue: When you try to create a new Opportunity in Fiori, you meet with the following error message in UI: Click “Show Details” hyperlink: Click F12 to open Chrome development tool, you could see more detail about this error. The exception has prefix “IWBEP” which indicates this exception occurred in the backend system. Log on […]

  • Display custom data with outlet in SAP Spartacus product details page


    First, create a new angular module and component Because this new module needs to use the outlet function, it needs to import the outlet refmodule from @ Spartacus / storefront and export our own myoutlescomponent for external consumption. Implementation of myoutletscomponent: Inject the currentproductservice into the constructor, call the getproduct method to read the current […]