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  • Guest interview: Wang Jian


    The Organizing Committee of PostgreSQL Asia Conference 2020 specially launched alicloud databaseGuest series online interviewIn the eighth issue, we invited Wang Jian, senior operation and maintenance engineer of alicloud database. He will bring PostgreSQL CDC best practices to share during 15:30-16:10 on November 17 in the Alibaba cloud database training session. Wang Jian, senior operation […]

  • Ten years: from 2009 to 2019, oceanbase won the first place in TPC-C world


    Ten years ago (2009) in September, I was ordered to set up the Taobao technical support department at that time. Then I started the technical budget work in 2010. When I first reported the budget to Dr. Wang Jian, then the group’s chief architect, I proudly said: “in 2010, Taobao will no longer buy minicomputers”, […]