• Learning journey of vue3 + typescript: Lenovo wallpaper library


    Blog original addresswww.yunmobai.cn/blog/14 Project demonstration Website Demo:bizhi.yunmobai.cn/ Website source code:gitee.com/baymaxsjj/by-vue-wallpap… Website back end: the back-end interface of this project comes from Lenovo computer manager, software store and wallpaper. Recommended downloadLenovo computer manager, this project is only for personal learning.Complete functions: Home rotation, classification, my wallpaper, wallpaper display, scroll loading, full screen display, add my favorite.Completion […]

  • How to change wallpaper? How to change wallpaper


    How to change the computer wallpaper, the following small series teach you how to change wallpaper, the following will be illustrated. step Click start in the lower left corner of the computer, as shown in the figure. Click to enter the control panel, as shown in the figure. Click personalization, as shown in the figure. […]

  • 45 off hours from entry to release of spatiotemporal wallpaper app


    What can I do after work???For developers, they are willing to learn some new knowledge. I tried to learn about MVP project. This is a plan that I always wanted to chew, but I always gave up. Finally, I had an opportunity to refer to an open source MVP project from GitHub, so I developed […]

  • As a designer, I have made a small app with stable passive income


    Brief comment: the original author has no idea to change the world, that is, to improve and optimize the existing solutions a little bit, with a passive income of 100000 yuan, which can be used for reference. He has a saying that is very good, many people are blind Bibi, even without trying to bring […]

  • Mac auto download switch wallpaper


    This is an article on the next blog. For the original, see MAC auto download and switch wallpaper. Share here for your reference. I also introduced the script to download the daily map of National Geographic before. Today, I will perfect and organize it into a small tutorial to let MAC automatically download wallpapers to […]

  • Website Collection


    Here are some websites that are commonly used. In fact, you can see that the favorites are getting larger and larger, and obsessive-compulsive disorder is happening again =, which will be continuously updated later. If there are websites that are easy to use or need anything, you are welcome to leave a message~ For how […]

  • How does the computer set video as dynamic wallpaper?


    Many people should have the idea of setting a video as a computer wallpaper. Generally, we will choose to use some third-party software to achieve this goal, but in fact, win7 system has its own function, but this function is generally hidden. Before using this function, you need to activate it. It should be said […]