• 1、 Creation of conflux web Wallet


    I believe that every new partner has a question: what is the decentralized wallet, how to have one’s own wallet, and how to use this wallet. I will explain how to create a wallet, import a wallet and use a wallet. 1、 Create Wallet First of all, you can enter the login page of the […]

  • Bitcoin wallet address


    Bitcoin wallet address The address of the wallet is calculated according to the public key of the wallet. However, the calculation method on different chains is different, and the encoding method is also different. Ethereum uses the hexadecimal code, and eip-55 uses its case to verify the address.The address of bitcoin is encoded by base58check, […]

  • Digital RMB can be used instead of cash. Shenzhen pilot issue 10 million red packets


    Recently, Shenzhen has made a big move to take the lead in starting the pilot project of digital RMB and jointly issue 10 million digital red packets with the central bank. According to official sources in Shenzhen, a total of 10 million yuan of digital RMB red envelopes were issued, each with a total amount […]

  • 5、 Application of plug-in wallet based on conflux


    Installation and use of the conflux portal The application forms of blockchain are mainly web page side, DAPP side and a few server-side scenarios. This course will teach you how to create a wallet on the public link of the confix on Google Chrome browser. You need to download plug-ins, install plug-ins, create wallets through […]

  • Blockchain series tutorial 1: bitcoin wallet and transaction


    [toc] brief introduction What do wallets do in bitcoin? What are the characteristics of bitcoin trading? How can we forge bitcoin transactions? Today, let’s learn about bitcoin wallets and transactions. The foundation of bitcoin cryptography As we mentioned before, bitcoin is not a new technology, but a new and ingenious application of old technologies such […]

  • A big reward! Bitfinex will offer hackers a 25% reward to recover nearly 120000 stolen bitcoins


    Technical editor: Xu Jiuyi from: sinao editorial department Bitfinex, the top overseas exchange, recently issued a statement in the cryptocurrency community, hoping that they could help recover nearly 120000 bitcoins stolen by the exchange more than four years ago. The exchange said that if it could provide them with the contact information of the hackers, […]

  • Bytom DAPP Development Notes (1): Architecture Design


    brief introduction In addition, I have done some analysis on the original DAPP chain from the original DAPP to the original DAPP chain, and I have done some analysis on the original DAPP chain, and I have done some analysis on the original DAPP chain Architecture. DAPP architecture design This is the basis of all […]

  • Bytom DAPP Development Notes (2): development process


    brief introduction The content of this chapter analyzes in detail the whole development process of DAPP involving smart contract. Note that only contract is involved. If you only need some basic BTM functions, it is not of great significance. This content will supplement the official provided Compared with the original chain DAPP development process, the […]

  • How Android App generates Ethereum Wallet


    There is a lot of work to be done to generate the Ethereum wallet for Android applications, but if we go step by step, we should also be clear: 1. Inapp/build.gradleThe following dependencies are integrated in: compile (‘org.web3j:core-android:2.2.1’) Web3j core is the core class library used to download the data of Ethereum blockchain from the […]

  • Do well in fibos ecological portal – fo wallet v2.0.0 new version goes online


    Last week, the latest version of fibos’s fo wallet went online. Let’s see what changes have taken place. 1、 Visual optimization and home page shortcut deletion and addition At the beginning, when fo wallet went online, some design details were not polished well because it had to be synchronized with fibos. In this new version, […]

  • Enterprise app IPA package deployed to its own server


    preface:Recently, it has started to march into the pit of uni app mixed development, which has been mined countless, and its strength can be improved a little every time it crosses a pit. Now you need to deploy the enterprise app IPA package to your own server to download. All IPA packages deploy their own […]

  • HPB wallet and middleware interface


    In order to make it easier for developers to develop or use HPB wallets, HPB wallets developers have prepared a common API interface introduction. 1、 HPB version controller 1. Query version No describe: apply wallet to query version number. Request description: Request method: Post Request URL: :9888/HpbComponent/cms/version Call example: [ “1”,”0″ ] Request parameter […]