• Picture bitcoin Part 5: how to concurrence gracefully?


    Note: for the sake of brevity, this article only deals with some key codes and structures. Recommended download source code, see the detailed implementation. 1.1 INTRODUCTION Part 1 completes the “handshake”, Part 2 completes the “heartbeat” information, Part 3 loads the matching file, and Part 4 completes the operation of the local database. Next, we […]

  • GitHub $1000 worth of wool detailed tutorial (verified)


    Origin As usual, eating instant noodles and brushing the circle of friends, I inadvertently saw several big men collecting GitHub accounts, saying that they were collecting wool, and the amount was still quite large, four figures The blogger, who is both handsome and intelligent, is just like me. In the spirit of curiosity (utilitarianism), I […]

  • How to add your token to the cloud encryption exchange


    This simple tutorial will guide you through the process of adding any standard erc20 token to the cloud encryption decentralized exchange. With cloud encryption exchanges, you can sell your tokens to investors who are interested in buying them without trust. If you want to watch the video guide, you can watch a short five minute […]

  • Picture bitcoin Part 6: Trading


    Note: for the sake of brevity, this article only deals with some key codes and structures. It is recommended to download the source code to see the detailed implementation. 1.1 INTRODUCTION As mentioned in the first article, the goal of this series is to complete the following features: Network connected to bitcoin (includingmainnet, testnet, simnet) […]

  • Contract wallet integration DAPP


    The conventional Ethereum account (EOA) has an unfortunate limitation. Each transaction from the EOA can only interact directly with a single address or contract. This often happens in DAPP interactions, such as “you must unlock x before you can get y”. Contract based accounts (contract wallets) are not subject to this restriction, and transactions can […]

  • Building a blockchain with go — Part 7: Network


    A series of translated articles I have put on GitHub:blockchain-tutorialAny subsequent updates will be on GitHub and may not be synchronized here. If you want to run the code directly, you can also run it in the SRC directory from the tutorial repository on clone GitHubmakeThat’s fine. introduction So far, our prototype has all the […]

  • A transaction is a transfer of ownership


    If you want to get to the top, start at the lowest level. When it comes to bitcoin, we hear various descriptions: “bitcoin is a database in which transactions are stored.” “Bitcoin is a virtual machine that can execute scripts.” “Bitcoin is a distributed ledger” and so on. In fact, when describing a new thing, […]

  • Analysis of bitcoin


    Welcome toTencent cloud + community, get more Tencent mass technology practice dry goods~ Author: Shen Xingfan, member fromCloud + community translation agency The purpose of this paper is to make readers have a perceptual understanding of the special currency, and do not require the technical level of the readers. The contents related to this paper […]

  • Building blockchain based on Java language (4) — transaction (utxo)


    The final content is subject to the original texthttps://wangwei.one/posts/9cf… introduction LastIn this paper, we realize the persistence of block data. This paper starts the implementation of transaction. Transaction is the most critical part of the whole bitcoin system, and the only purpose of blockchain is to store transaction information in a secure and trusted way […]

  • 1、 Creation of conflux web Wallet


    I believe that every new partner has a question: what is the decentralized wallet, how to have one’s own wallet, and how to use this wallet. I will explain how to create a wallet, import a wallet and use a wallet. 1、 Create Wallet First of all, you can enter the login page of the […]