• Format of private key


    Format of private key The private key can be represented in many different formats, all of which correspond to the same 256 bit number. Table 4-2 shows three common formats of private keys.Table 4-2 private key representation (encoding format) type edition describe Hex None 64 hexadecimal digits WIF 5 Base58Check encoding: Base58 with version prefix […]

  • How to call PHP to realize Chia interaction [support XCH]


    Chia PHP supports the functions of obtaining the current blockchain information, obtaining the current height, obtaining the current network information, creating a new wallet, generating mnemonic words, initiating transactions, obtaining transaction records and so on. Chia PHP GitHub address:Fenguoz/chia-php Support method node Blockchain ✅ Current blockchain informationgetBlockchainState() ✅ adoptheader_hashGet complete blockgetBlock() ✅ Get complete block […]

  • Circlesubi analysis: why xdai?


    Founder of circlesubi: why xdai? Recently, my own human flesh has transferred almost 1000 addresses to xdai to activate circlesubi. Personally, circlesubi is wise to choose xdai. Although the operation is too complicated for most domestic users, it is also conducive to the development of the community – community builders can gain more trust by […]

  • Step by step guide: etgo


    Dappnode step by step guide Use the official Ethereum startup board to generate mnemonic and verifier keystore to verify Ethereum 2 on dappnode. Dappnode has existed as open source software since the end of 2017, and began selling pre installed hardware boxes in 2019 to make it easier to run nodes and DAPP. Users can […]

  • The DEX demonstration project gliaswap on nervos has been launched


    After two months of closed development, we are honored to announce:Gliaswap, a new cross chain DEX demo, is coming to nervos ecology. Gliaswap is a demonstration project based on nervos layer 2, demonstrating the great potential of nervos ecology and interoperability 2.0.This is an important step towards nervos defi infrastructure and decentralized exchanges,GliaswapIt can make […]

  • The US government is targeting cryptocurrency to expand the scope of its financial regulation


    The most watched news today is that ripple will defend the SEC lawsuit, which claims that the company sold bitcoin like digital assets called XRPViolation of investor protection law。 Before that, BTC and eth have been recognized as non securities by the SEC because of sufficient decentralization. However, the SEC is not prepared to let […]

  • Daily recommendation 08.25


    Share the popular excellent foreign designs and open your eyes every day; Four groups, accumulate a little every day to improve the design aesthetics# Applet #ui 01. Activity Tracker mobile app https://www.uplabs.com/posts/activity-tracker-mobile-app 02. Bitcoin wallet application mobile UI Suite https://www.uplabs.com/posts/bitcoin-wallet-app-mobile-ui-kit 03. E-commerce application UI suite Adobe XD https://www.uplabs.com/posts/e-commerce-app-ui-kit-adobe-xd 04. Login / registration page UI https://www.uplabs.com/posts/login-register-page-ui

  • Defi + NFT opening play: cross officially launched, heco for global public beta


    Defi + NFT opening play: cross officially launched, heco for global public beta Since January 2021, we have selected 80 KOL and community volunteers in the circle to conduct an internal test for 10 days, and adjusted the code and optimized the page according to the feedback. We are pleased to announce that cross was […]

  • The number of cross access addresses has exceeded 10000 within three weeks since it was launched


    According to the tracking statistics of hecoscan data, as of 22:00 on February 2, the number of wallet addresses accessed by cross, the decentralized NFT issuance and auction platform, which has been officially launched in heco for three weeks, has exceeded 10000. More than 10% of users have participated in NFT transactions, nearly 700 NFTs […]

  • Cross x heco hi enough red envelope week – go to cross to participate in the auction and divide up 20000 u equivalent HT


    ​ On the occasion of the Spring Festival, cross, the world’s first decentralized NFT issuance and auction platform, will jointly hold the official activity of “bid to win HT” with Huo coin ecological chain heco. It aims to enable more users to experience the fun of NFT auction and have a deeper understanding of cross […]