• Case analysis of the usage of Vue CLI and vuex


    This paper describes the use of Vue CLI and vuex. For your reference, the details are as follows: 1. Creating a project through Vue cli Vue cli is a scaffolding tool used by Vue to create Vue projects. It can quickly help you create a file directory of Vue projects, making Vue development more convenient […]

  • 8 high frequency interview questions and answers of Vue


    Preface This paper introduces 8 high frequency interview questions and answers of Vue. Review the front-end interview knowledge, is to consolidate the front-end basic knowledge, the most important or the usual accumulation! Be careful: the questions of the article are separated by underscores. The answers are for reference only. The full version of the front-end […]

  • Handwritten Vue pop-up modal


    As the most popular front-end framework recently, Vue has the advantages of simple entry mode and powerful API. At the same time, because of the diversity and richness of its API, many of its development methods are different from all component-based react. If there is no comprehensive understanding of Vue’s API (some of which are […]

  • Vue high imitation Netease cloud music app (vue.js mobile terminal)


    Vue high imitation Netease cloud Music App I wrote a small project for learning Vue. I wrote the whole interface in the form of Netease cloud music mobile app. The project is still in constant improvement. GitHub addressIf you like, please give me a starProject presentation addressYou can try a little bit, slip, many places […]

  • [solved] failed solution when using Vue electron scaffold to assign value to vuex.


    1. Preliminary attempt I’ll try it firstmutation(COMMIT) pass parameters. Results the console reported an error: [Vuex Electron] Please, don’t use direct commit’s, use dispatch instead of this. Good and good. Then I’ll use it again.actionPass on the ginseng. Although the console did not report an error, it has been unable to assign a value! 2. […]

  • Case analysis of plug-in writing in vuex


    1、 Official documents 1. Step 1 const myPlugin = store => { // when the store is initialized, it will be called. store.subscribe((mutation, state) => { // after each mutation is called //The format of music is {type, payload} }); }; 2. Step 2 const store = new Vuex.Store({ // … plugins: [myPlugin] }); 2、 […]

  • Using typescript to build Vue application


    Using typescript to build Vue application 1、 Vue project initialization – introducing typescript Using typescript to build Vue application is the same as using JS, which is to initialize and create a Vue project through Vue cli, only when using typescript to buildTo check the typescript option during scaffold questionnaire operation。 2、 Typescript Vue project […]

  • Interview questions / knowledge points often asked in Vue interview (2019 improved version)


    On the basis of the first edition, some interview questions / knowledge points are added to describe some knowledge points more deeply. 1、 Understanding of MVVM? MVVM is the abbreviation of model view ViewModel.ModelRepresents the data model, and the business logic of data modification and operation can also be defined in the model.ViewRepresents the UI […]

  • Vue admin user defined background management system (2) creating front end project by vue-cli3


    Vue admin user defined background management system (2) creating front end project by vue-cli3 Install vue-cli3 Official Vue cli documentation Using vue-cli3 to create a Vue admin project After installing vue-cli3, please use ‘Vue — version’ to test whether the Vue version is version 3. X You can also use the Vue UI command to […]

  • Vuex 2.0 source code analysis


    Vuex 2.0 source code analysis In general, we generally use global event bus to solve the problems of global state sharing and component communication. When encountering large-scale applications, this way will make the code difficult to maintain. Vuex came into being. Next, I will analyze the whole implementation process of vuex from the perspective of […]

  • Vue design personal blog – login (start)


    Githup webpack configuration I. introducing bootstrap into webpack First, bootstrap depends on jQuery, so you need to install jQuery.1. After downloading jQuery, you need to introduce jQuery.In the webpack.base.conf.js module, using the webpack’s built-in module provideplugin, you can automatically load modules without using import and so on. const webpack = require(‘webpack’) plugins: [ new webpack.ProvidePlugin({ […]