• Vue solves the problem of route transition animation jitter


    preface Vue-RouterAsVueIt provides us with component-based routing configuration, routing parameters and other functions, making single page application easier to manage. Good routing management is particularly important, such as route interception, route lazy loading, routing permissions, etc. all play a crucial role in the development. At the same time, the routing also supports the view transition […]

  • Example code encapsulated by Vue for Axios get push put delete


    axios.js import axios from ‘axios’; import Qs from ‘qs’; import {Message} from ‘element-ui’; axios.defaults.baseURL = “/api”; //Set request timeout axios.defaults.timeout = 30000; //Set post request header axios.defaults.headers.post[‘Content-Type’] = ‘application/json;charset=UTF-8’; //Request interception axios.interceptors.request.use(config => { //What do you do to verify the token before sending the request return config; }, error => { //What to do […]

  • Using Vue to implement an example code of electronic signature component


    In our life, the place where we use the most electronic signature may be the bank, which will let you leave your name every time. Today we are going to use Vue to implement an electronic signature panel To make complaints about graphics, the first step is to make complaints about the use of canvas […]

  • Analysis of Vue router usage in Vue learning


    This paper introduces the usage of Vue router in Vue learning. For your reference, the details are as follows: Vue router is like a router. After mapping components to routes, you can render the corresponding components in < router View > by clicking < router link >. 1. How to use Vue router //1. Create […]

  • Case analysis of Axios in Vue learning


    This paper introduces the usage of Axios in Vue learning. For your reference, the details are as follows: Axios is a JavaScript library for web data requests, which can be used in web pages and node.js For creating xmlhttprequests, Vue officially supports using Axios instead of Vue — resource to implement network data requests. Before […]

  • Detailed explanation of component usage examples of Vue learning


    This paper introduces the component usage of Vue learning. For your reference, the details are as follows: The modular and reusable code blocks in Vue subdivide the page into functional components, and the components can be nested. Components are divided into global components and local components. Local components are registered in an instance and can […]

  • Detailed explanation of common instructions in Vue learning


    This paper describes Vue common instructions with examples. For your reference, the details are as follows: 1. Create a Vue instance One of the characteristics of Vue is the data-driven interface. Once the data in JS is modified, the data used in the interface will be changed immediately. In order to manipulate the interface, we […]

  • Implementation of deploying IIS in Vue front end project


    Background: Recently, we wrote a demo with Vue (not involving the call of background data), in order to give the sales team a better description of some features of products and general sensory knowledge to customers. They need to install their own projects on their laptops. As a sales person, they won’t know about NPM […]

  • Principle analysis of Vue in data control view


    This article mainly talks about a very important knowledge point of Vue, how to realize bidirectional data binding. At the beginning, I was confused when I read the content of this piece. I was confused in the following points: Where should this content start How data changes drive view level updates Making questions and deepening […]