• How to realize parent-child component communication with Vue


    catalogue 1、 Relationship composition of parent-child components 2、 Props 3、 $emit 4、 $parent 5、 Summary 1、 Relationship composition of parent-child components This article will summarize the communication between parent and child components in Vue. What is the relationship between parent and child components in Vue, or which component can be called parent component and which […]

  • Vue + element the whole process of developing a Google plug-in


    Simple function: click the plug-in icon in the upper right corner of the browser to pop up a small pop-up window, click settings to pop up the settings page, and replace the background image or color. start 1. Create a local folder testplugin and create a new manifest JSON file { “name”: “testPlugin”, “Description”: “this […]

  • How to debug Vue projects using webstorm and chrome


    catalogue preface 1、 New Vue project 2、 Webstorm configuration 1. Set debugger port 2. Add debug configuration 3、 Testing First step Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 preface In the project development, the debug mode is very necessary. The back-end is very convenient for the idea tool, but for the front-end webstorm, if the debug […]

  • Explain the difference between $route and $route in Vue


    We usually use routing in Vue projects, and Vue router is Vue JS official routing manager. this.$ Route: the information object of the currently active route. Each object is local and can obtain the path, name, params, query and other attributes of the current route. this.$ Router: global router instance. The router instance is injected […]

  • The application of mixing mixin in Vue is discussed


    Mixin provides a very flexible way to distribute reusable functionality in Vue components. A mixed object can contain any component option. When a component uses mixed objects, the options of all mixed objects will be “mixed” into the options of the component itself. That is, after introducing a component, mixin will merge the internal content […]

  • Explain in detail how Vue components transfer values to each other


    catalogue summary 1、 Parent component passes value to child component 2、 Child component passes value to parent component 1. The subcomponent binds an event through this$ Emit() to trigger 2. Through the callback function 3. Access the component instance through $parent / $children or $refs 3、 Value transfer between sibling components 1. Or through the […]

  • How to understand the difference between computed and watch in Vue


    catalogue summary Computed calculated attribute Watch listening properties summary summary We will use computed and watch more or less in Vue projects. Both seem to be able to monitor data, but there are still differences. So here’s a little chestnut to understand the difference between the two. Computed calculated attribute The calculation attribute is based […]

  • Explain Vue custom instructions and usage in detail


    catalogue 1、 What are instructions Some built-in v- instructions commonly used in Vue Comparison between V-IF and v-show 2、 Hook function of custom instruction 3、 Global instruction 4、 Local instruction 5、 Custom instruction with parameters 6、 Function abbreviation 7、 Application examples 1、 What are instructions When learning Vue, you will be exposed to instructions, so […]

  • How to use Vue filter


    catalogue summary Define filter Use of filters Custom global filter Local filter matters needing attention Example 1 (local filter) Example 2 (Global filter) summary In vue2 Before 0, there was a built-in filter. There was no built-in filter in 2.0, but we can customize the filter. The Vue filter is described in the official document […]

  • Summarize the problems encountered in the use of Vue element UI


    catalogue 1、 Datetimepicker date selection range is the current time and before the current time 2、 Datetimepicker split of date selection range array 3、 The value / label of the El select selector options is spliced 4、 When the parent and child components of El dialog pass values, an error occurs when El dialog is […]

  • How to use Axios requests in Vue projects


    catalogue 1. Installation 2. There are no problems with encapsulation 3. Create file 4. Request address configuration 5. Axios configuration, setting request header and response code processing 6. Use In actual projects, data interaction with the background is indispensable. I usually use the Axios library, so the following examples are encapsulated based on Axios. 1. […]

  • Explain Vue elementui manually upload Excel files to the server


    summary Specific demand scenarios are as follows: After selecting an excel file, you need to manually upload the imported excel file to the background server and display the statistical results after successful import. There are also examples of manual upload on the official website. The address is passed in through action = “URL”, but the […]