• Explain the sync modifier of Vue


    catalogue 1. Instruction 2. Modifier 3. . sync modifier 4. Summary 1. Instruction Instructions are direct. Literally, I tell you what to do, that is, I send an instruction, and then the person receiving the instruction will do it. The instructions in Vue have a unified and easy to recognize format, that is, inv-The beginning […]

  • Explain Vue advanced construction properties in detail


    catalogue 1. Directive custom directive 2. Mix in 3. Extensions inheritance 4. Provide and inject 1. Directive custom directive In the code under the Vue framework, native DOM operations are rarely used because they are encapsulated into instructions in Vue. For example, the < div V text = “XXX” > < / div > instruction […]

  • How does Vue enable communication between components


    catalogue 1. Communication between father and son 1.1 parent component — > child component 1.2 child component — > parent component 2. Communication between grandparents and grandchildren 3. Communication between any components 3.1 EventBus 3.2 Vuex 1. Communication between father and son The most common is the communication between father and son, which is two-way […]

  • How to understand the store mode of Vue simple state management


    catalogue summary 1. Define store.js 2. The component uses store.js 3. Achieve results summary The implementation idea of the store state management mode is very simple. It is to define a store object. The object has the state attribute to store shared data, and the object also stores the methods to operate these shared data. […]

  • Interpreting Vue component registration


    catalogue summary 1. Global registration 2. Local registration 3. Local registration in module system summary The concept of component makes the front-end page development have a clearer structure. A component in a Vue is an instance object of a Vue. Therefore, the construction options of Vue components are the same as those of Vue instances […]

  • Explain the key uniqueness of V-for in Vue


    catalogue 1. DOM Diff 2. Add the key attribute for elements of the same type in the same layer 3. Key cannot be index subscript value 1. DOM Diff To truly understand the significance of the key attribute, we really need to start with DOM diff. we don’t need to deeply understand the principle of […]

  • Usage example of keep alive component in Vue


    Problem description (what is keep alive) Keep alive as the name suggests, stay active. Keep who active? First of all, we know that because Vue is component-based programming, a. Vue file is a component. Just like everything, there is a life cycle process from birth to death. Vue components also have their own life cycle, […]

  • Explain the three front-end technologies of react angular Vue in detail


    catalogue 1、 [react] Basic Usage Salient features Class component Virtual DOM Life cycle approach JSX JavaScript expression Beyond HTML architecture React Hooks Hooks rule Common terms Use of flux architecture history Common commands 2、 [angular] The difference between angular and angularjs history Componentization data management Common commands 3、 [Vue] summary history Componentization Template Reactive system […]

  • Several usages of v-bind binding implemented by class and style in Vue


    Adding / deleting classes to elements in project development is a very common behavior. For example, website navigation will add an active class to the selected items to distinguish the selected and unselected styles. In addition to navigation, this method is also used in many other places to deal with the selected and unselected styles. […]

  • Vue + thinkphp5.1 + Axios to upload files


    In this paper, an example is shared for you to upload files using thinkphp5.1 + Vue + Axios + for your reference. The specific contents are as follows preface Use thinkphp5.1 + Vue + Axios + to upload files 1、 Page code <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> < title > upload demo < / […]

  • Vue table implements addition and deletion


    This example shares the specific code for adding and deleting Vue table for your reference. The specific contents are as follows 1、 Code <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> < title > Vue table example < / Title > <style> .table_box { height: auto; width: 90%; margin: 5% auto; } .table { border-collapse: collapse; width: […]

  • Four methods for Vue to realize the dynamic effect of routing transition


    Vue routing transition is a quick and easy way to increase the personalized effect of Vue programs. It allows you to add smooth animation and transition between different pages of the program. If used properly, it can make your program more professional and enhance the user experience. This article will first introduce the basic knowledge […]