• Access to Axios in Vue and Data Format in Ajax


    Yesterday, due to a project requirement, a colleague was asked to extract part of the existing code. After he changed Axios to ajax, he always passed the request.Can not reach the server. The code is as follows. var para = { pk_user:’98ca62e8-a82f-48b2-9b35-f2b268d11143′ }; //axios axios.post(“/url”, { para: para }) .then(function(data) { console.log(data); }); There is […]

  • Summary of Vue.js SSR Contents


    This article is just a summary of official SSR documents of Vue.js and personal learning of official Hacker News demo. Please forgive me for not being complete enough. This paper mainly analyses and summarizes the contents of Vue.js SSR from the following aspects Reasons for SSR Overall Principle of Vue.js SSR Data Prefetching in SSR […]

  • Open source H5 instant chat system spring-boot + netty + protobuf + vue~


    Preface Thoughts triggered by an article? Once I read the official Twitter, I found that an article was well written, which aroused curiosity. Why is it so complicated? “@ Shen Da. GitHub address He-vue to him–netty Psychological course In the first stage, just after reading the article, I was so excited that I started to […]

  • VS code – Front Configuration _022


    VS code-front-end configuration Chinese (Simplified) Language Pack for Visual Studio Code Simplified Chinese plug-ins will generally automatically identify your environment and automatically prompt if you need Simplified Chinese language packages. If there is no prompt, just extend the search. Settings Sync Settings Sync Use plug-ins to save the current configuration to GitHub, and then only […]

  • Write an app (2) with weexplus from 0 to 1 – page jumps, lists of articles, and details of articles


    Explain After several consecutive days of overtime work, the latest project finally came to an end. Today, I took some time to continue to write my long-delayed series of articles “Writing an app with weexplus from 0 to 1″. At the time of writing this article, the author of weexplus has reconstructed weexplus to package […]

  • Vue Source Step by Step – Watcher Things


    In the previous article, we learned the core idea of Vue’s implementation of MVVM. It mentioned that subscribers in subscription-publishing mode are mainly used to respond to update notifications of changes in data transmission. Of course, we can think that publishers in Vue may also be subscribers and can subscribe to other components from Vue. […]

  • Front-end development trampling record (in construction…)


    Recently, many pits have been trampled in the process of front-end development. First, record them and then sort them out. Routing instance update vue.jsEach time in the routing navigation, corresponding to the routingvue.jsComponents generate a new instance of VuevmIf you don’t pay attention to this point, you will fall into a hole. For example, in […]

  • Extended Binding Node and Displaying Method in Vue.js


    When using Vue. js, you can use the Vue. extend () method to create a subclass with an input parameter containing an object. Among them, data in extension and data in Vue instantiated objects are written differently. Following is an example to illustrate the operation as follows: The first step is to create a static […]

  • Vue father-son immediate response


    Problem Description The parent component a, the child component b, and the child component B are brought back by a bullet-box search. The parent a passes the variable value to the child b, and B displays different search results according to the value as the search condition. The initial value of value is 0. Change […]

  • El-select data overload more


    El-select data Overprocessing In daily projects, the use of el-select components is very high. When there is too much data, the rendering time is very long. Here are several ways to deal with it. Remote Search Components provide remote search, that is, matching options according to the results you enter. Load Load Load More Slowly […]

  • Detailed description of Vue server rendering


    Detailed description of Vue server rendering I. Server Rendering – Brief Introduction The so-called server-side rendering is to render the code to the server, which returns the rendered HTML string to the client and then displays it by the client. Advantages of server-side rendering It is good for SEO search engine optimization, because the server […]

  • Geek Time Selection Front-end Video Course Sharing


    Geek time programmers are technologically sophisticated, easy to learn and efficient to learn. I’m in the geek time community. I bought the front-end courses and shared them with you. I need to chat with you. After all, the password is too sensitive. Of course, you can also leave an email in the comments section below. […]