• vue.js Example code of realizing V-model bidirectional data binding with custom component


    We all know that V-model is actually a syntax sugar of Vue, which is used to create two-way binding on form controls or components. //Using V-model on form control <template> <input type=”text” v-model=”name” /> <input type=”checkbox” v-model=”checked”/> <! — the effect of the above input and the following input implementation is the same — > […]

  • Docker + daocloud to realize automatic construction and deployment of front-end projects


    The automation deployment of the project is more used in large companies or unicorns, which is more efficient than the manual deployment of the project. So this paper combines the knowledge points of docker and nginx learned before to simply realize the automatic deployment of vuejs project, which is similar to other projects. Operating environment […]

  • be based on vue.js Realize shopping cart


    The example of this article is shared for you vue.js To realize the specific code of shopping cart for your reference, the specific content is as follows template <template> <div> <div> <span>Shopping cart</span> </div> <ul> <li> <input type=”checkbox” v-model=”checkedAll” @change=”checkedAllChange()”> <label for=”all”></label> Select all </li> <li>Commodity code</li> <li>Commodity name</li> <li>Unit price of goods</li> <li>Quantity of […]

  • Two implementation schemes of dynamic menu in front and back end separation development


    About the problem of permission handling in front and back end separation development, brother song wrote an article to talk about this problem: Spring boot + Vue front and back end separate development, a thought of rights management But recently, when learning the micro HR Project, some small partners still have questions about the dynamic […]

  • Using Django, Vue to build the project


    Written in front In order to solve the problem of lack of back-end staff and lack of recruitment, we decided to write the project in a way of front-end and back-end separation, so we tried to usedjango-rest-frameworkFollowVue.jsBuild a project. Refer to the following tutorial for the basic construction project. Use Django + vue.js to quickly […]

  • How to make an online compiler


    Before the article starts, I’ll show you my own online compilerJS-Encoder: Click here for a preview. About three or four months ago, I began to have the idea of making online compilers. Before that, I had contact with many online compilers, such as codepen, jsbin, jsfiddle, etc., which are very excellent and have a huge […]

  • Vue cli project development / production environment agent realizes cross domain request


    Cross domain in development environment The development address of the project created with Vue cli is localhost: 8080. You need to access the non local interface Access between different domain names requires cross domain to request correctly. There are many cross domain methods, which usually need background configuration. However, projects created by Vue cli […]

  • Zhengcaiyun front end tabloid No.47


    This issue starts in: zhengcaiyun front end tabloid No.47 For more on previous tabloids, please visit: weekly.zoo.team Implementation of web page recordingJavaScript Sometimes, when you don’t know the user’s specific operation, there is no way to reproduce this error. At this time, if there is an operation recording screen, you can clearly understand the user’s […]

  • Using docker compose to deploy Django and vue.js applications


    Preface The main content of this paper is to deploy the back-end Django rest framework and the front-end vue.js application by using the docker compose practice. Record some of the pits encountered and the solutions. Preparing the docker compose environment System: Ubuntu 16.04 (alicloud)User name in Code: Test Install Docker # install docker ## prepare […]

  • How to build an open source project with more than 10k micro personnel stars


    Look, wechat personnel (https://github.com/lend/vhr)… The number of stars is over 10K, and the first open-source project with tens of thousands of stars was born. Two years ago, almost at this time, SongGe’s company’s performance declined seriously. It was a foregone conclusion that the company closed down. Many colleagues were planning a new way out. SongGe […]

  • Pit encountered by introducing. Vue file in webpack


    Run program results after NPM install Vue Vue loader is executedI asked for a Vue template compile according to the error prompt, so I installed itimplementnpm install vue-template-compiler -DResult Where < span > Vue loader was used without the corresponding plugin. Make sure to include vueloaderplugin in your webpack config. < span >The error indicates […]

  • Vue shares the pit encountered in wechat


    Use Vue wechat to share on IOS During this time, I used Vue to make a wechat activity page, listing the pits encountered during the development. Wx related configuration Design activity sharing requires wxconfig configuration first. You don’t need to talk about anything. For details, see wechat development platform. Here is the configuration of wechat […]