• Java project: personal blog system (front and back end separation +java+vue+springboot+ssm+mysql+maven+redis)


    Source code access: blog home page “resources” to download! 1、 Project brief The functions of the system include: article display, popular articles, article classification, tag cloud user login comments, anonymous comment user comments, anonymous comment management, article publishing, article management, article data statistics, etc 2、 Project operation Environment configuration: jdkl 8 + Tomcats . 5 […]

  • The common methods of array objects in native JavaScript are filter(), sort(), join(), push(), pop(), unshift(), shift(), reverse(), concat()


    Today, when learning Vue, I operated on the array. I used filter (), sort (), which I haven’t used for a long time. I forgot to have this thing (- | – |). I took this opportunity to review the document again to learn and record the method of array.Data processing is generally operated by […]

  • node. JS deploy Vue code


    Technology: node JS + Express framework preface After the Vue code is packaged, the dist file is generated, and the index.exe in it is opened directly HTML, the page cannot be displayed normally So you need to deploy them with the server. Follow me to use node JS rapid deployment! Note: Vue packaging commandnpm run […]

  • Personal java learning route (individual)


    The smallest sail can sail far As long as you can’t learn to die, learn to die What you see from the angle you should stand is the scenery Your fearlessness comes from ignorance (you feel so strong when you don’t learn a skill, but that’s how you feel after learning) Personally, I like watching […]

  • Vue – search component


    step Split static components (omitted) Write API interface api/request.js //Secondary packaging of Axios import axios from “axios”; //Introduce progress bar nprogress and style (modifiable) and call star and done methods in request and response interceptors import nprogress from ‘nprogress’; import “nprogress/nprogress.css” //1. Use the create of Axios object to create an Axios instance //2. Request […]

  • The difference between Vue create and Vue init webpack


    It’s all because of Vue cliDifferent version numbersDifferent initialization methods betweenVue create is vue-cli3 Initialization mode of XOfficial website reference Vue init is vue-cli2 The initialization method of X can use some templates above GitHub to initialize the project. Webpack is the official recommended standard template name. 1. Steps for upgrading Vue cli2 to Vue […]

  • Development specification document


    Specification document Naming style Declaration and use of component Declaration and use of global components Declaration and use of props Naming of component name attribute Naming of attributes and methods in mixins Programming protocol It is forbidden to use $parent to make parent content calls Use of V-for, V-IF and key Attribute values on DOM […]

  • Terminal process startup failed: the path of shell executable “C: \ installspace \ git \ bin \ bash. Exe”


    ** Terminal process startup failed: the path of shell executable “C: \ installspace \ git \ bin \ bash. Exe” 1、 Settings – command panel 2、 Search – open settings (JSON) 3、 Configure settings json 4、 Replace the code inside with { “workbench.iconTheme”: “vscode-icons”, // “editor.fontFamily”: “Iosevka Term, Microsoft YaHei, Consolas, ‘Courier New’, monospace”, // […]

  • Use of SVG icon in Vue project


    Use of SVG icon in Vue project Install and use loader Modify webpack configuration Create svgicon component Import icons File Icon Global import Reference where required The following describes the use process of SVG icon icon in Vue project Install and use loader npm i –save-dev [email protected] Modify webpack configuration In Vue config. After modifying […]

  • Vue + openlayers build the first project


    Step 1: build a new Vue project Scaffold @ Vue / cli npm install -g @vue/cli When creating a project, eslint can not be used first, which is a bit of a hindrance vue init webpack vue-openlayers Open the project with development tools and run to see if there is a problem npm install npm […]

  • [Vue | hole mending | 22] vue2 monitoring data principle (array)


    Mentioned aboveObject.definePropertyUnable to monitor array changes, how does Vue solve this problem? 1. Principle fromVue2 monitoring data change principleAccording to this article,Object.definePropertyThere are two defects: The addition and deletion of object properties cannot be monitored Unable to monitor array data changes 2. Sample code   that is, directBy index valueModify the data of the array, […]

  • Yesun communication and component self call


    The component calls itself Parent component <template> <div> <detail-list :list=”categoryList”></detail-list> </div> </template> <script> import DetailList from ‘./detailList.vue’ export default { components: { DetailList }, data () { return { categoryList: [ { title: ‘1’, children: [ { title: ‘1-1’ }, { title: ‘1-2’ }, ] }, { title: ‘2’, children: [ { title: ‘2-1’ }, […]