• The solution of canceling eslint verification code in vue-cli3


    I found all kinds of solutions on the Internet, but they didn’t solve the problem. After reading the following document, I solved the problem of closing vue-cli 3.0: eslint disable next line to ignore the next line resolvent: Find the file vue.config.js (note here I am vue-cli 3.0) and open the file Modify lintonsave to […]

  • The problem of source map viewing source code on browser in the development environment of vuecli3


    Problems encountered The old project is reconstructed and the Vue scaffold is updated to vue-cli3. After some configuration, it is found that compared with the previous vue-cli2, it is much more difficult to find the source code files when debugging. For example, looking at the login.vue page, a bunch of search results appear: Login.vue is […]

  • Based on vue-cli 3.0, the blank version of project engineering is rebuilt, which is ready to use


    Written in front When using the Vue framework for development, many people will choose the CLI scaffold provided by Vue official. The latest cli has been updated to 3.0 without configuration. It is convenient to use the project project project built by vuecli only by downloading, but the basic cli can not meet the normal […]

  • Notes on cross domain configuration of vue-cli3


    Vue-cli3 cross domain configuration:In the data request of Vue resource, we usually change the request mode get / post to the request mode of jsonp to realize cross domain.However, for APIs that only support get / post requests, if you modify jsonp, you will make an error. Cross domain configuration is required.(1)In the root directory […]

  • Vue-cli3. X basic installation and use


    The package name of Vue cli is determined byvue-cliChanged [email protected]/cli。 Uninstall the old version first,npm uninstall -g vue-cli Global installation:npm install -g @vue/clioryarn global add @vue/cli vue –versionCheck for successful installation and correct version (3. X): Create project, name cannot use hump namevue create hello-world Function:yarn serveornpm run serve Old version 2.xVue cli > = […]

  • Define the packaging path of CSS, JS and pictures in vue-cli 3.0


    Preface Sometimes, because of some special requirements, we may need to package JS / CSS / img and other resource files under the root path, but only in the path configuration of vue-cli 3.0 assetsDirThe configuration item can configure the folders where all the static files are located, and it can’t be set separately for […]

  • Implement a scaffold by hand according to Vue cli


    Story background As a small vegetable chicken in the front end of the entry-level for seven months, I met with Vue on the first day of my entry-level, and I still remember the feeling when I first used the command of Vue init webback to generate a template. When I thought, if I could write […]

  • Source code analysis of Vue cli scaffold (4)


    Recently, I have written Vue router and two-way binding. Now I borrow the content of the previous article. vue-cli-service When the scaffold helps us create the basic structure of the file, the next step is the Vue cli service command. Vue cli service serve / / local service webpack dev server Vue cli service build […]

  • Roll up a front scaffold of your own


    A lot of little friends have been struggling with what is scaffolding? In fact, the core function is to create the initial documents of the project. Then the question arises again. Is the scaffold on the market not enough? Why write it by yourself? When it comes to scaffolding, you think,vue-cli 、 create-react-app 、 dva-cli… […]

  • The vue-cli3 project shows the local Markdown file


    “Version” vue-cli3 [email protected] “Step” 1. Install the plug-in vue-markdown–loader npm i vue-markdown-loader -D This plug-in can load markdown files as vue components.Ps: since this plug-in is based on markdown-it, there is no need to install markdown-it separately. 2. Modify the vue.config.js configuration file (if not, create a new one in the project root directory) : […]

  • Use jQuery and bootstrap in Vue CLI3.0


    The methods of using jQuery and Bootstrap in Vue CLI3.0 are as follows: One, install depends on jQuery, bootstrap, popper.jsMany of the boostrap components rely on jQuery and popper.js npm install –save jquery bootstrap popper.js Note: bootstrap installs V4 by default, if you want to install V3, use [email protected] Configure main. Js//main.js import Vue from […]

  • Vue interview questions


    Recently, web front-end development engineers are always asking about Vue knowledge, so I sorted out the interview questions of vuejs here. I. how much do you know about Vue? What is vuex? Vuerouter? Vuex is state management, which centrally stores the state of all components of an application and can be understood as a global […]