• Detailed explanation of Engineering steps of Vue cli creating Vue project


    Vue-cliNamely:Vue scaffold。 Official website:Vue cli official website This article takes the steps I often create Vue project as an example, and leads you to create a new Vue project step by step. The article will explain in detail the configuration items of each step of Vue scaffold creation project. However, there is one thing you […]

  • Case analysis of the usage of Vue CLI and vuex


    This paper describes the use of Vue CLI and vuex. For your reference, the details are as follows: 1. Creating a project through Vue cli Vue cli is a scaffolding tool used by Vue to create Vue projects. It can quickly help you create a file directory of Vue projects, making Vue development more convenient […]

  • Docker + daocloud to realize automatic construction and deployment of front-end projects


    The automation deployment of the project is more used in large companies or unicorns, which is more efficient than the manual deployment of the project. So this paper combines the knowledge points of docker and nginx learned before to simply realize the automatic deployment of vuejs project, which is similar to other projects. Operating environment […]

  • Build a mobile H5 development template of Vue cli


    brief introduction Vue mobile is a mobile H5 development template based on Vue cli. The basic development framework has been built to help you achieve rapid development. Technology stack: Vue + vux + Axios + less Source address: https://github.com/michael-lzg/vue-mobile function Build project directory Configure CSS preprocessor Configure UI component library vux Solve mobile adaptation Configure […]

  • @Building multi page application with Vue / cli + webpack


    vue-multi-pages This paper records the use [email protected]/cli+webpackAfter the project is built, it is configured as a multi page application process. Project address: https://github.com/mandyshen9 Global install [email protected]/cli npm install -g @vue/cli [email protected]/cli+webpackInitial project vue init webpack my-project After creation, the default is avueFor single page application, the directory structure is changed to the following form based […]

  • Gzip compresses HTTP resources, improves web browsing speed, and is suitable for optimizing the loading speed of the first screen


    In this paper, we will start with the example of our own test, let’s see the effect of optimization, and then introduce the concept of gizp 1、 Test cases The first picture is that gzip is not enabled. It took 3.11s to load JS file 3.6mThe second picture is to open the gzip effect. The […]

  • Skeleton screen


    What is a skeleton screen Skeleton screen is to show the general structure of the page to the user before the page is loaded, until the page requests data and then renders the page.The user experience of skeleton screen is better than that of loading. Implementation of skeleton screen 1. Install the plug-in npm install […]

  • Source code analysis of Vue cli scaffold (1)


    Some time ago, the react scaffold was rolled up. Now the new company uses Vue. Recently, it takes time to roll up Vue cli. After that, I will write a simplified version of CLI myself. The idea of looking at the scaffold is to follow the package.json file and see what file the bin field […]

  • Source code analysis of Vue cli scaffold (2)


    Preface: next to the previous article, this article focuses on create.js, which is the main file for creating a project. From top to bottom, line by line analysis. Look at the dependent files first Const FS = require (‘fs extra ‘) // this is the library for operating files. Many hacks need to be written […]

  • From 0 to 1, build Vue single page application


    Restart and complete the Vue project independently Preparation Node.js, Vue official document, ES6 Project construction Use the official scaffold (Vue CLI) provided by Vue directly, so the first step is to install the scaffold. You can install automatically by entering the following command on the command line or in the terminal window of webstorm: NPM […]

  • Boring farm – Vue games


    Interface Introduction to the game Address: boring farm Play method: the mouse moves to the land (white area) can plant! Ending: no ending Type: placement games Platform: PC Chrome browser (other browsers may be able to, without testing) Introduce: you go to work is old fish, old have nothing to do, that tries this. Reminder:The […]

  • How to load iView on demand in vue-cli3


    On the official document of iView, there is only one sentence for the project using the scaffold vue-cli3:“We provide the corresponding iView plug-in for the latest Vue cli 3. If you are using Vue cli 3, you can search for iView directly in the plug-in and install the plug-in to use it.”To be honest, the […]